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Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.


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Our Animal Instincts
Does living with animals really make us healthier? Why do we eat some animals and keep others as pets? This week on Hidden Brain, we talk with psychology professor Hal Herzog about the contradictions embedded in our relationships with animals.
Me, Myself, and IKEA
Are women named Virginia more likely to move to Virginia? Are people with the last name of Carpenter more likely to be carpenters? This week on Hidden Brain, we bring you a favorite 2017 episode about our preference for things that remind us of our…
People Like Us
Generations of Americans have struggled against segregation. Most of us believe in the ideal of a colorblind society. But what happens when that ideal come up against research that finds colorblindness sometimes leads to worse outcomes?


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Cleantech reviewed this podcast on Jun 16th, 2017
"I'm into behavioral psychology and this is among my top podcasts in that category. It's not deeply scientific (it is NPR after all) and the host's delivery is a little stiff, but the research is well presented and the guests are almost always interesting. "
Ryan Stock reviewed this podcast on Jul 4th, 2017
"The host's delivery and accent is a bit strange and difficult to get used to, but overall it's an enjoyable podcast. "

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