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A Social SciencesScience and Medicine podcast featuring Shankar Vedantam
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Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.

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Today, more and more of us are living through the people on our screens and in our headphones. It's a world just beyond our reach, where we can get the ocean without the seaweed and sunsets without clouds. Where we can experience love without the risk of rejection. It's not real, but for many of us, it's close enough. This week, we explore the dangers, and the delights, of living vicariously.
This week, we search for the answer to a deceptively simple question: why is the brain divided? Psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist explains why popular distinctions between the "left brain" and "right brain" aren't supported by research. He argues that one hemisphere has come to shape Western society — to our detriment. For more information about this episode, please visit https://n.pr/2SxITco
What happens when we connect with people whose view of the world is very different from our own? In this month's Radio Replay, we bring you stories about the relationship between diversity, conflict, and creativity. This episode features reporting from our July 2018 podcast, "The Edge Effect," and from one of our 2016 shows, "Tribes and Traitors."

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Cleantech reviewed this podcast on Jun 16th, 2017
"I'm into behavioral psychology and this is among my top podcasts in that category. It's not deeply scientific (it is NPR after all) and the host's delivery is a little stiff, but the research is well presented and the guests are almost always interesting. "
ryan reviewed this podcast on Jul 4th, 2017
"The host's delivery and accent is a bit strange and difficult to get used to, but overall it's an enjoyable podcast. "

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