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Productivity, Overcoming Overwhelm & Prioritizing Yourself with Matthew Gaddy

Released Tuesday, 26th January 2021
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This week’s interview is with productivity expert, Matthew Gaddy. As a fellow time management nerd, I anticipated (and looked forward to) getting into the weeds on all things productivity - but there was so much more. 
Packed with tons of great tips this conversation also takes some unexpected twists that challenged how I thought about my time. As a husband, dad and entrepreneur, Matthew shares keen insight into common traps we all fall into, but more importantly, simple steps to get out. From managing stress and overwhelm to starting your day and making “me time”, I think you’ll take away some valuable insight from what I hope you will find to be a productive episode. 
Some of what we cover includes:
  • Study habits for all of us
  • Starting early and making “Me Time”
  • Giving yourself grace
  • 4 cornerstones of a good morning routine
  • Defining productivity and boundaries
  • The core principles of productivity
  • The most important hour of your day
  • Balancing High Performance Happiness
  • Being overwhelmed and how to manage it
  • The magic of microsteps
  • How to define a good week
  • Burnout and the importance of self-care

GUEST BIO: Michael Gaddy
Matthew Gaddy has been a student of productivity for over 8 years. His journey started in college with the desire to learn how to study effectively and get good grades. This first venture into learning about effective actions, goal setting and increasing productivity carried over into his first job working for the largest utility in Texas.
In this position, Matthew saw the need for productivity coaching, not as a way to add more to already crammed days, but to teach others how to identify the goals they want to achieve, select and prioritize the steps to achieve them, plan days that supported their productivity, and execute their actions to their best ability.
Matthew is on a mission not only to help engineers become more productive but to also do so in a way that lessens stress and fosters an environment to produce high-quality work. 

Website: https://matthewgaddy.com 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewgaddy/