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Hanoi Hannah and the Women of the Viet Cong

Released Thursday, 1st October 2020
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We are so used to the narrative of the Vietnam War being told through a masculine lens; male politicians, sending male soldiers to Vietnam, movies about male soldiers and male historians writing all the textbooks. But there is a group whose perspective we don’t hear from very often, and that is the Vietnamese women who fought for the Viet Cong. Hanoi Hannah and the Perfume River Squad, it is time to hear to hear your stories.

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This episode is designed to go with a Senior Modern History unit on the Vietnam War.

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Reflection Questions

  1. Research the context of the 1960, what rights did women in your country not have at this time?
  2. Why do you think that women have not been allowed in combat roles in the armed forces for such a long time? What is the thinking behind these kinds of restrictions?
  3. Can you think of a reason why western textbooks do not generally include the role that women played in the Vietnam War?
  4. 50 years later, the former Perfume Rive Squad member explains “I wanted to liberate myself, liberate my homeland, and liberate other women.”  Explain her perspective on the Vietnam War and her motive for making the statement.
  5. What is the implicit and explicit meaning behind Hanoi Hannah’s announcement, “Do you miss your families and homes? They are questioning why you are here. In America there is no unity, there is violence, there are protests against you.”


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