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History of the Marine Corps

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Episodes of History of the Marine Corps

St Mihiel is the first U.S.-led offensive in WWI. Although the U.S. Army primarily fought this battle, the Marines played a considerable role in its outcome. We'll discuss some of the events leading up to the fight, look at how the Marine spent
After the first day of battle, the 5th Marine Regiment lost a significant part of its force. Both sides reorganized for the night. German General Baron Von Watter moved the 46th Division to the front lines, and the 6th Marines prepared to meet
Less than a month after Belleau Wood, the 5th and 6th Regiments made their way north. The Battle of Soissons was part of the Allied Aisne-Marne counter-offensive, and Marines who fought in both swore that Soissons was worse. This episode focuse
Marines had to cross 350 meters of open wheat field to reach the Germans, and many who witnessed the battlefield compared it to Confederate General Robert E. Lee's failed Pickett's Charge during the Battle of Gettysburg. We break down the posit
This episode introduces the Battle of Belleau Wood. We follow the Marines as they arrive in France and discuss some of the training and assignments given to Marines in 1917. Heading into 1918, we discuss events leading up to the famous battle,
This episode digs into how the Marine Corps prepared for war. We cover a lot and discuss recruit training, naval activity in Europe, early aviation, and introduce chaplains and corpsmen serving with Marines.
This episode continues the introduction of World War I. We spent some time reviewing the Schlieffen plan and discussing very high-level engagements happening in Europe. We also introduce a few events contributing to President Wilson's decision
This episode introduces many of the events leading up to WWI. We begin in the mid-1800s with the rise of nationalism in Europe. Empires started to crumble due to this movement, and the conflicts that took place during this time would result in
This episode jumps back to the 1800s and reviews Marine activity in China during the Boxer Rebellion. We introduce the events leading up to the decision to send troops to China and cover a few significant battles against the Boxers. A young Sme
After the Spanish-American War, Spain ceded the Philippines to the United States, but Filipinos refused to be controlled by another colonial ruler. They rebelled against the United States. We cover a few battles and a disastrous event where mul
This week's episode discusses the final years of the U.S. occupation in Haiti. We take a look at the transfer of power back to the Haitian government and the progress of the Gendarmerie force. We also briefly touch on some of the more atrocious
This week's episode heads next door to Haiti. We explore why the United States got involved in the first place, Smedley Butler's reconnaissance mission that gathered intelligence for Waller's aggressive campaign, and a heroic mission by two Mar
The United States spent eight years occupying the Dominican Republic, and the Marines were responsible for maintaining law and order. We discuss the challenges of US intervention and end the episode by reviewing a similar scenario taking place
We head back to Nicaragua to discuss some of the challenges Marines faced from Stimson’s conclusion and President Diaz's request to the United States. We end the episode by introducing the next intervention in our conversation – Dominican Repub
This episode continues to explore the decision to integrate women into the Marine Corps. From 1946 to 2021, women achieved significant milestones. Not only were more studies produced, but commands started to provide recommendations based on exp
With World War I around the corner, We're coming up on a significant milestone in the Marine Corps. The role women played during this war had a substantial impact on the success of the United States. With the anniversary of Opha May Johnson and
This episode continues our last conversation, and we dive into Marine's actions in Nicaragua. Rebel forces were rampant throughout the country, and the United States sent in troops to help protect American lives and property. Marines were taske
This episode reviews the Marines in Cuba. This operation was a massive undertaking for the Marine Corps. At the height of the Cuban Intervention, about a third of all Marines were on the island. Towards the end of the episode, we discuss the en
This episode discusses the Mexican Intervention and significant changes in the Marine Corps. We conclude by traveling back to 1899 and introduce the relationship between the United States and Cuba.
From the end of the Spanish-American War until WWI, US foreign policy became more aggressive. As a result, the Marines were sent to new destinations in Latin America, the Caribbean, China, and the Philippines. This was an important time for the
This episode digs into the Spanish American War. This conflict was short, and we will discuss the Marine's involvement in one episode, but some crucial milestones occurred during this time. We take a look at a couple of battles, some Marine Cor
This episode explores a few expeditions to South America, including the Panama Canal. We dive into some significant changes to the Marine Corps, including appointing John Phillip Sousa as the leader of the Marine Band and the formal adoption of
The Marine Corps experienced many changes during the Gilded Age - uniforms were updated to the ones we’re familiar with today, formal training was provided to officers, and additional weapons were added to the Marines arsenal.
This week's episode closes the chapter on the American Civil War. We discuss the Second Battle of Fort Fisher and summarize Lee and Grant's meeting at Appomattox. The episode ends with some statistics about the war and sets up the discussion on
This week's episode opens with a quick discussion about how the Secretary of the Navy selected the next Commandant. We also cover the Battle of Cherbourg and the Battle of Mobile Bay.
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