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A Comedy podcast featuring Aaron Wong
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HollerQuest Acts II & III
After completing the editing of Act I the fearless gnome Blake went into his private dungeon to edit Acts II & III. Unfortunately, due to the many hours he spent slaving in the paper mills he has fallen behind, and now gives to you a double episode…
Holler!Quest Act I
Episode 20! Here comes the latest Holler! Experiments, and this time we decided to try our hand at a D & D campaign turned podcast. For the first session we were down Aaron. Join Adam & Brandon as they take on Game Master Mike and the villains he h…
Wikipedia-Lava Lamps
Episode 19! Hey everyone we have a short episode for you kicking off some Holler! Experiments. We're taking a break from conversational pods and mixing it up. And this episode we have our first Wikipedia-2500 episode. Give it a listen and be sure t…
Town Business
Welcome back to another episode of Holler! Presents, today we're catching up on girl scout cookies and fisticuffs.... ENJOY IT!
FKF: Pizza Pizza Pie
Welcome Back for another edition of Fat Kid Fights! We had so much fun discussing girl scout cookies we decided to tackle another popular food: Pizza (hopefully the title gave it away). Listen as Holler! tallies the totals, counts the points and de…
FKF: Cookie Wars
Episode 16! We are back with a fat kid fight, and this week we are fighting about the most current event we could think of: GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. We are ranking our favorite flavors today! Friendships were lost and renewed over this one. Be sure to g…
New Year! New Holler!
Welcome back for the 2018 season of Holler! Presents. Come listen to the first episode as the guys tie up some odds and ends from the end of 2017 and discuss some of their projects for 2018. As always remember to rate & review wherever you get you…
Two for Safety
Episode 14 is here, join the guys on another audio-adventure as they unpack their thoughts on super heroes, villains & other comic book related things. Also, Brandon shares a very personal story which is the theme of our title. Thank you all for ra…
Sketchy Conversations
Episode 13! Join the guys as they sit around the table and touch on several different topics including why some of your favorite board games are trash & the best sketches we've ever seen. Please remember to subscribe, rate & review on all your pod…
I've Run Out of Clever Titles
Episode 12!!! This is our first episode where we talk about things outside of a set theme. We touch on some of our favorite subjects like: TV, Film, Pop Culture & Dicks. We also introduce a new segment. So sit back and enjoy another hour of Holler!…
Happy HOLLER!-ween
Happy HOLLER!-Ween everyone! On this episode the guys deconstruct the spookiest season. Listen as they talk about candy, monsters, horror movies and all things related to All Hallows Eve!
The Movie Life
Episode 10 is here! Join the guys as they get back to their format of no format whatsoever as they bounce between subjects including: Fantasy Football, Tim Curry's career & more!!! As always please rate, review & subscribe on all your favorite pod…
Our Lovely Sack... of Mail pt 2
Episode 9! We're picking up right where the Episode 8 left off. Join the guys as they continue answering your questions. Please rate, review & subscribe as well
Our Lovely Sack... of Mail pt 1
Episode 8! You have questions we have answers! Join the Holler! Gang as they tackle some of your questions in part 1 of a 2 part episode. As always please rate & review us in your favorite podcast app. Also, tell your friends about the show, more l…
Bored Games: Bad Voters
Welcome to Episode 7! After getting compliments on Episode 4, we decided that we would play some other board games that were question based. And by play I mean ask the questions from the game and go off on wild tangents. As usual the gang gets side…
Tales of a Campfire Purge
Episode 6! Come join the crew as they discuss their thoughts on camping and other things. As always please rate & review on itunes, soundcloud or any other listening options. Or shoot us an e-mail to HollerPod@gmail.com. Thanks for Listening.
The Great Trouser Snake Debate
Episode 5! This episode is not for the faint of heart and those who listen with the volume up. In this episode Mike decided to provide an education to Aaron, Adam & Brandon regarding the inner and maybe outer beauty of the male anatomy. This episo…
Eff Chuck Klosterman
Welcome to Episode 4! In this episode our heroes take on the card game Hypertheticals. The gang each tried a question and went around the room answering them. Listen to the hilarious hijinks unfold on this episode of HOLLER! Presents:
Dietary Restrictions
Episode 3 of Holler Presents! Today we're taking a closer look at the personalities that make Holler! tick. Today we're starting with some lifestyle changes Aaron has recently undertook. Stick around for a bonus story about Adam's time in the Marin…
Birds n' Bees
Episode 2 is Live! Listen as Holler! has a conversation about adult subjects that evolves into a pitch meeting for future merch. Don't forget to e-mail us to HollerPod@gmail.com.
Surreal Cereal
Welcome to the first episode. We are Holler! a comedy group from Southern California, and we're starting a podcast. Take a listen!
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Jun 4th, 2017
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May 16th, 2018
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