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Brazil - I'm Always Up For Some Necrophilia #71
I did the thing! Sorry the episode is late. This will probably be a regular occurrence as I don't get paid at all for this and it takes about 10 hours of editing per episode. Woof. Really, It's my fault for learning more and more about audio editin…
Children Of Men - Penultimate Best Movie #70
Welcome back! Sorry for the super late episode. This one took a really long time to edit to where I was happy with it. It's done now though, so yay! Give us a listen!
Multiplicity - 4 Husbands, 1 Wife (GONE SEXUAL ! !) #68
Welcome back! We have another short episode! It's great stuff. We talk about wonderful and horrible and unrealistic things. Give it a check. Or a listen. I don't know. I'm just a lazy description.
Battlefied Earth - The Opposite Of A Kerbangero #67
We're back? We are! I don't sound like I am, but that's just because this movie sucked all the ass! Go read the book. Or better yet, go pirate the book so no proceeds go to the cult of Scientology or anyone related to it. It's a fantastic book that…
Bright - Execute Order #66
WE ARE BACK! HUZZAH! Honestly, I was in a slump and working way too much. This new move cost us a lot of money and I can't even look at school as an option until I am back on my feet. Yeah. It's harsh. We'll make it though. The reason I haven't be…
The Postman - Dirt World Revival #65
We are back! With something bad! Give it a listen and tell me what you think of the new editing style!
After Earth - Jaden Smith Cries Ever Tim #64
Yep. This was actually a wonderful episode and very over edited. Enjoy!
Next - Reliving The Moment #63
Hey there! I did a couple of things that were pretty great. I learned and grew as a person. I also did my ASMR voice the entire time. Sorry about that. Go check out my stream at twitch.tv/lordreverend and help me achieve my goal of becoming an affi…
Samurai Cop With Sean Faust From WDIM - Websites And Porn #62
Hey there! We are joined by Sean Faust for this one! Make sure to check out all of his stuff! He's on twitter @SeanFaust and @WDIMPodcast! It's a show I personally love listening to and would suggest to anyone wanting something real.
Turbo Kid - Pew Pewing Like It's 1997 #61
Hey yo. I'm traveling and without literally any of my things to do a podcast with. I also just got to my place after driving. Anyway, I'm sorry for what we did for this movie. It's a great one. I will be back home soon and we will do a better podca…
Ready Player One With Matt Alias From Geekend Warriors - Jack Me In #60
Hello! Welcome back! We have a wonderful guest for this episode. Matt from Geekend Warriors! We have fun! Go check his shit out!
Kingsman: The Secret Service - Balls To The Wall In Princesses # 58
Hey hey! We are trying some new stuff this time around! It's awesome! Just give it a listen!
Cloud Atlas - True True #56
Hello! Welcome to the description! This week, we watched Cloud Atlas! We did a thing. It wasn't perfect or good, but it was all right. Not much science, but we do talk about stuff. Go check out the things! And the stuff, too, if you feel so incl…
Minority Report - Not White Rappers #55
Whew lads. We got it out. I am going to be a bit honest with you guys. I am in a bit of a rut. I have made money from streaming. I have 15 followers at the time of writing this stuff. This is compared to the ~150 listens per week here and our 2,10…
Battle Royale - With Cheese #54
Welcome back! Back to our non-live (dead?) shows! Hooray! We got the episode done in time today! Talking points - Mostly just a lot of Hunger Games and PUBG jokes, man. As always, we are a part of the Ace Podcast Network! We have lots of amazing…
Roundhay Garden Scene - Maybe Live Show #2
Oh boy. We watched a video that was three seconds long. A movie. 1888. It wasn't bad. Pretty fun though. The live show wasn't bad. I guess. How about you watch it? Here it is! https://imgur.com/gallery/jpcKygX
Demolition Man - Hacking Your Sex Helmet #53
Welcome back! We have a live show this week! If you have figured out where Chupacabra is, go to the synonym for crossroads near the towers on a college campus at 1 pm this Saturday, February 10th and we will be there! Talking points - I channel m…
Alien With Rob From Gamma Radio - Rock The Cat Box #52
Welcome back! It is our second guest episode! We are joined today by Rob from Gamma Radio and we had a lot of fun! Thanks for joining us, Rob! Talking points - I get the god damned show on the road, more burrites, Rob joins the party and HippoGri…
I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore - Elijah Wood Birthday Special #2
Welcome back! IT’S ELIJAH WOOD’S BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy birthday, you beautiful man. I would have met you in real life but I couldn’t get $80 out of the ATM there. Next time, for sure! Talking points - IT’S ELIJAH WOOD’S BIRTHDAY AND GRIFFIN DOESN’T …
Weird Science - More Weird Than Science #51
Welcome back! We have a new worst movie... Oh my god. To the at least 8 people that told us to watch this, fuck you. Talking points - We talk about the movie for maybe 20 minutes and then fuck around for the last 30. It’s far better than if we t…
Real Genius - Getting Back Into #50
Welcome back! We are here again with I guess our 50th normal episode? I thought we did a thing for our 50th episode, but I guess those were bonus episodes and grovpologies included. Talking points - More clone shit, we shit on IMDb pro, shitty ta…
WarGames - Blast From The Past #49
Welcome back! It’s the New Year still maybe?!?! Hey! We are out of episodes that we totally didn’t do ahead of time! Also, I totally didn’t forget the order in which I was supposed to publish those episodes! Talking points - Consuming not just th…
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