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mistakesweremade reviewed this podcast 10 days ago
"I don't like very many audio dramas, but this one hooked me right away. Highly recommended."
malene_gitte reviewed this podcast on Mar 22nd, 2018
"Great, great show. It doesn´t get much better. What a storyline. But you have to pay attention. "
PodcastPlaylist reviewed this podcast on Aug 24th, 2017
"My favorite audio drama podcast. All star cast. Great editing. Intriguing storyline. "
highwaytomel reviewed this podcast on Jul 19th, 2017
"Familiar voices, great storyline and insteresting topic. Love the background noise as it makes you feel like you're with them as the story unfolds."
emilyboda reviewed this podcast on Jun 12th, 2017
"Great for binging on a long road trip"
rigard reviewed this podcast on Jun 11th, 2017
"Amazing story. Dramatic, emotive, compelling and captivating. The production quality was very high, and the actors were superb. I had to listen to the whole series twice."
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