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Learn to Hunt the Whitetail Deer - Wild Harvest

Released Monday, 29th June 2015
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Learning to Hunt Alone is Hard

In this episode of Homesteady, we discussed learning to hunt, and how many mistakes one can make when learning without a mentor.

Aust learned to hunt by trial and error for his first few years, spooking many a deer his first year.

One November afternoon, after still hunting for the good part of the morning, Aust sat down for lunch, making a rookie move of sitting on his butt, when suddenly a big buck arrived, catching him unprepared and off guard.

Lessons learned the hard way finally brought Aust to a point where now he harvests multiple deer each year, filling his freezers.

Venison is awesome

Deer hunting is challenging, but the rewards are great. Venison is a flavor filled meat, with a wide range of uses.

One deer can provide a hunter with






And when prepared right, venison can pass even the most anti hunters palate.

Wild Harvest: Whitetail Deer 101 Course

Homesteady is preparing to launch the Wild Harvest Whitetail Deer Course.

This course will teach the beginning hunter all the essential knowledge needed for a new hunter to prepare for, and succeed in his first year of hunting.

The course will cover:

Introduction to Whitetails and Hunting

Hunting and Treestand Safety 

Equipment - What do you really need to kill a deer?

Practice to Succeed

Land Acquisition- Tricks for gaining access to private land for hunting

Scouting and Strategy

Tracking and Recovery

Field Dressing, Butchering, and Preserving the Harvest

Cooking Delicious Meals 

This class will be a series of live webinars, with a Q and A at the end of each session.

Our goal is to be able to answer all of the questions you might have, so to make this possible, there will be limited availability.

The first day the course goes for sale there will be a early bird discount.

Sign up for the warning email list so that you can get first shot at the class and early bird discount before it sells out! 

Get The First Shot

Feed Your Family a Wild Harvest!

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