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Well well well, look at the pod, having one of the boys OF the pod ON THE CAST!! *celebrates enthusiastically* EVERYONE LET'S WELCOME BRYCE aka EXTRACT THE GHOST aka THE MAN THE MYTH THE HUSBAND. This week my v handsome husband and myself are t
Oh H A I! Two weeks in a row that I've uploaded on time!? Say W H A T!? Your girl is back again with another installment of my Conjuring series. This week we're going to dive into the first murder case in Brookfield, Connecticut history. It was
Oh hai homies! I’m back with my first solo episode and it’s a spooky good time! This week I tell the tale of the Enfield Poltergeist. It was 1977 when Peggy Hodgson’s house started feeling way too freaking crowded with sp00py visitors…well that
Well well well, it seems like the homies can't stay away from their favorite vacation spot, Pensacola, Florida. Sam is spending her spooky season telling us tales of murders blamed on witchcraft! and like...yes, please! Sam Sam takes us back to
LETS GET SPOOPY! This week our fav spooky homie starts her October series: the true stories behind the conjuring universe! Amanda dives into the Perron family's story head first. The Perron's found their dream home, or so they though. With a ga
Hey Homies Hey! This week the homies are still on a cult kick my dudes. Sammie June really knocks it outta the park this week. She connects us back to Israel Keyes and Tim tim mcfuckface. Let's dive into the Branch Davidians and W A C O! (...mo
Well well well, look what the podcast drug in, ANOTHER FUCKING CULT! This week Amanda breaks down the Children of God cult. Yet another cult founded by a pedophile white dude where he preyed on the innocent and ruined COUNTLESS lives. But what,
We're back with part two bby! This week Sam finishes telling us about what an absolute piece of garbage Robert Kelly was. The homies dive into trial after trial of the people who let the women around him in his life down repeatedly. Sam details
We're taking on the remix to cults this week and talking Robert Sylvester Kelly a.k.a R Kelly a.k.a. trash human. Sam starts by breaking down Aaliyah's rise to fame and the unfortunate circumstance that surrounded her teenage years. At only 15
Hold on to your space buns my dudes, Sam and Amanda are diving in to some culty shit! With titty talk in full swing this week, the homies break down the Heaven's Gate cult and Marshall Applewhite's life. The 70's were an absolutely wild time as
*peeks in* Oh hey! The homies are back from hiatus and ready to bring you another part to the insanity that has been the Israel Keyes saga. Our favorite not pigeon holed homie, brings us a story that sounds like it's almost too crazy to be true
Oh this week's episode, the homies go down a rabbit hole of insanity. Amanda takes us on the wild ride that is the disappearance of Lauren Spierer. It was 2011 when 20-year-old Lauren just like...vanished my dudes. After a night of basketball,
This week the homies take you to OKC baby, where apparently the good things are mostly food and botanical gardens. Samantha takes us back to 1995 when Timothy McVeigh decided his extreme racism and hatred of the government meant he got to take
On this weeks episode the homies wrap up the bullshit that was Israel Keyes. Amanda’s walks us through the highs and lows of trying to get Israel to talk about anything other than himself and really tries to paint a picture if this guy with her
This week the homies ACTUALLY record! HUZZAH! Back from their not so relaxing vacation, the homies try their hand at distance recording and who is their first true crime victim? Israel shit hole (official middle name) Keyes. One of the FBI's
On this week's episode, the homies cover a special request case. Erica was a fun loving 27 year old when her life was unexpectedly cut short by an alleged overdose...or was it? Amanda recounts the night Erica took her last breath and introduces
Buckle up, because this Homies and Homicide shit show is about to leave the station. On this week's episode, Sam takes us down the hill where she tells us all about the truly unfathomable murders of Liberty German and Abigale Williams (more com
On this week's episode, the homies finish telling the untimely tale of Kristin Smart's disappearance/murder. We pick up shortly after the shotty police at Cal Poly hand off their MEDIOCRE AT BEST investigation to the San Louis Obispo district a
One this week's episode, the homies take on Kristin Smart's case in part one of a two parter! Thanks to Lisa and the Your Own Backyard podcast, Amanda developed some what of a mild obsession with the super fucking sus circumstances surrounding
On this weeks episode, the homies take this shit show LIVE! In their first stream, Sam and Amanda showed the world the never ending titty talk that happens prior to a good old fashion mystery break down. This week Sam takes us to mother Russia,
This week on Homies & Homicide, the homies tackle an oldie but a...terrifyingly awful murder. After Amanda devoured the entire In Cold Blood book by Truman Capote and ate up Capote (2005), she decided it was time to celebrate the birth of an en
On this weeks episode, the homies travel back in time, both for story purposes and to revisit the reason Sam lost her V card and Amanda cried over cows. Sam tells us one of the craziest stories of any kidnapping every told. It is full of: 13 di
On this week's episode, the homies switch it up like Nintendo. In their first episode with a new format, Amanda takes the pod on a trip to California, where she breaks down the absolute insanity that was the disappearance for Bryce Laspisa. In
It's us, your girls, coming at you live and in color from THE FLOOR! (Sorry Tay Tay!) In this surprise episode we try and make up for deleting episode 1 by giving you the full run down of who and why we are the way we are. Disclaimer, Amanda va
Pigeon holed?! Never heard of her! This week Sam breaks out of the box that Scandelous Randelous made exclusively for her (...she's taking it personal, y'all!) and weaves us a tale of America in the 1970's. Sex, drugs, and planned bombings? Wel
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