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A weekly Games, Hobbies and Education podcast featuring Travis Bonnough and Jordan Bonnough
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Episodes of Hook and Chance

Goblins get plenty of attention, and we love the classic chaotic little beasts. A lot of the time, they end up wherever a game master needs something to fight. But this episode is all about getting into a goblins head and figuring out what they
Halloween is creeping up like an Allip creeps through walls, and we are bringing you another monster episode that really fits the tone for your Halloween games. The Allip is an underused undead, and that's fair. They have so much potential, it
Continuing our Monster Month because elementals are monsters too! Elementals are very inspiring, but we find the details leave a lot to be desired from the perspectives of where do they live and what do they do? So, we figured out those answers
Some monsters are meant to merely distract a party of adventurers, and some are meant for the spotlight. This monster is the latter. It combines elements of some of the greatest horror classics like The Thing and Body Snatchers. Its abilities a
This episode gets real specific, then real broad. We started with the fact that meditation is unique to elves in the D&D world. and the most we've seen on the subject in our games has been "cool, I have four hours to kill every night while my p
Too often is this spell discussed only in relation to its conditions and mechanics. Immerse yourself in the inky blackness that is darkness, and make sure the next time you use shadow magic, it feels fantastic.
So here we are. You want to throw a combat at your party that's dynamic, overwhelming, strategic, and involves multiple waves of enemies that get increasingly harder. When pulled off properly, these moments can be among the most celebrated in y
Fighters are unique in that they dont necissarily come from a particular legend or source, like Druids or Bards. A fighter is... a fighter, someone who fights. The whole of human history we could draw inspiration from has fought. Like a menu wi
These creatures have so much potential as villainous foes. Almost too much! Evil entities from alien realms, hyper intelligent and terrifying in every way. All the detail and lore is great but it can be challenging to portray at the table, and
When creating your character, when was the last time you considered how they learned to fight with any real weight? If you've ever done it, congrats! You got us beat. That's why we've got an incredible guest on today to share how to add an onio
These creatures have so much potential as villainous foes. Almost too much! Evil entities from alien realms, hyper intelligent and terrifying in every way. All the detail and lore is great but it can be challenging to portray at the table, and
Want to capture that feeling when the game keeps picking up steam, the tension is rising, and everyone's in sync, almost instinctively knowing the flow of the game? Well, we wanna make it easier to get there, and we're going to do it by talking
Overlooked cantrips are some of our favorite places to look for creative gameplay opportunities. This one covers a lot of ground. Since it has so much potential, however, it's easy for it to become a game de-railer, whether you get an overcauti
In our third and final look at character arcs (for now), we look at morality arcs. These ones are particularly useful to consider for tabletop games like D&D, because we all know or have been the person who's built an amazingly interesting mora
Here's our second installment in the Character Arc series. This topic is one that appeals to us, because it's one that we struggled with for a long time as new players. Once it clicked, however, it made planning out our parts of the game so muc
Character arcs can be a dangerous topic in tabletop gaming. There's always the concern that if you are following an arc you could be railroading the story too much, and it can seem difficult to pull off with so many other characters and plots a
Creating a great paladin character that gets everyone else at the table excited is kinda tough. A bad reputation has been made, of people playing them strict, unwavering, and all conquering. As people that do not get along. That stop the game o
Trolls have the potential to be some of the most disturbing monsters out there, yet are unfortunately the easiest monster to let sit as a never-ending bag of hit points. A monster whacking slog to end all monster whacking slogs. If we examine t
Warforged have some serious potential for incredible storytelling. If we're worried about anything, it's that we won't do them justice. But there's a lot of angles you can take to play a compelling character with solid goals and a satisfying ar
As a knowledgeable spellcaster with a deep understanding of the arcane arts, you want to be able to pull out the right skills at the right time, like the rogue when they're picking locks, or the barbarian when they're cracking skulls. But magic
We always want our games to be more immersive, and jam packed with the drama and fun of our characters. Having goals and conquering foes is great, but in this episode we want to turn the focus to roleplaying out what it's like for your characte
The debate rages on in all corners of the TTRPG world. In one corner we have leveling with experience points, with all its precision and flexibility. In the other, milestone leveling, with its ease of use and story focused approach. Which is th
The power a druid wields is great. They are an incredibly flexible class, and can go in a wonderful amount of character directions. But the classic druid embodies nature and wisdom. The wisdom of nature, if you will. We want to dive into the de
Creating a world as a group, or by yourself, is a powerfully satisfying creative experience. When a whole bunch of great ideas come together, and you start twisting and mixing them in a unique way, you're gonna come up with something you want t
Owlbears can be a fun threat, a D&D roadside encounter classic, but as new DM's we had no idea how to effectively use them. Our encounters were barely a step up from Winnie the Pooh stumbling onto the road with a beak taped to his face, yelling
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