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Hope with Depression - Episode 1 | Welcome! And introduction.

Released Saturday, 25th January 2020
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Welcome to Hope With Depression, the Podcast.
 Lynn Crilly’s most detailed and powerful book of the same title, was released on the 20th January 2020.
I (Neil Long) thought it was so good, it needed a supporting podcast.
Why? Because depression is a big deal.
From the World Health Organisation Website….

Depression is a common mental disorder. Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression.”
So, to say this information is timely is an understatement.
I think it’s fair to say almost everyone has been affected by this illness at some point in their lives; either being a sufferer yourself or knowing a loved one or friend who has been affected.
And if you haven’t been please contact me, as I’d love to pick your healthy brain- seriously!

[email protected]
In Episode 1, we set the scene, what you can expect; we introduce you to Lynn Crilly, the author, and her daughter Samantha,  who are both a long way along their respective healing journeys, and tell you what we have in store for you in future episodes, like…

·       Types of Depression
·       How to recognise the sometimes not so obvious symptoms
·       Seeking the right treatment for you, including contributions from therapists, healers and more.
·       Stories from those who have recovered, or are in the process of.
·       Depression in the home
·       …. and in the classroom
·       …..and in the workplace.
·       Depression and social media

·       Depression and suicide risk and prevention

·       Guide to the different therapies and treatments.

I know you are bombarded daily online with various good causes vying for your attention and support but PLEASE share this with anyone you think may benefit.
It could potentially save a life. Just send them the link below.

 The story is poignant and touching, it boils down to a mother’s love, and the grit, resilience, determination and commitment of a normal but extraordinary family. It could be any of us.
 You can buy Lynn’s Book on Amazon HERE
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 Contains small amounts of mild bad language



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