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Hope with Depression - Episode 3 | Myths and Truths

Released Saturday, 8th February 2020
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Myths and Truths- Some of the prevailing ideas on depression are unhelpful at best, and downright damaging at worst.

(Lynn is the author of the book Hope With Depression that this podcast is based on), 

Today,Lynn and Sam Crilly mythbust. Hard.

Let's shatter some old dusty paradigms and let the light flood in.

I know you are bombarded daily online with various good causes vying for your attention and support but PLEASE share this with anyone you think may benefit.
It could potentially save a life. Just send them the link below.

The story is poignant and touching, it boils down to a mother’s love, and the grit, resilience, determination and commitment of a normal but extraordinary family. It could be any of us.
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 Contains small amounts of mild bad language



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