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We wrap up our coverage of House of Cards season four today with a deep dive on the stunning finale, “Chapter 52”.  All out war has been declared, as it feels like 7 shoes have dropped on the Underwoods, and we’re waiting for the other 3.  We d
We’re nearing the home stretch.  Just one episode left to cover after this, and then the season re-cap.  But there is plenty of machinations left to unravel.  Frank uses national security, the death of a mother-in-law, and the inexperience and
It’s all out political war as Frank and Claire fight on all fronts, Islamic terror organizations, search engine snooping, the vice presidential nomination, Republican opposition, gun control, Supreme Court nominations, domestic surveillance… it
Jim and A.Ron are impressed with the strongest stretch of House of Cards in any a season.  With events both shocking and eminently watchable, we praise the opportunism of Claire as she waylays the entire government apparatus as a sort of auditi
Jim and A.Ron return to the seedy amoral world of “House of Cards”, taking in the first three episodes and finding it more nuanced and complex as it returns to the purer forms of politics from the first two seasons.  Frank is trying to prove th
It’s looking like Season Four of Netflix’s House of Cards is going to be Frank v. Claire, no holds barred. Are you ready?  Jim and A.Ron discuss the upcoming season, our coverage of same as well as our thoughts on Beau Willimon’s upcoming depar
Jim and A.Ron have seen the finale of House of Cards, episode 313, “Chapter Thirty Nine”, and are left wanting; like showing up to Freddy’s for a full rack of ribs and getting served a McRib, with not even a consolation slice of cornbread or si
Jim and A.Ron have been waiting for a breathless thrill ride these last few hours, but in episode 312, “Chapter 38”, what we’re getting is MacBeth. And maybe that’s okay?… Support Bald Move:  Amazon  |  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join
House of Cards episode 311, “Chapter Thirty Seven” finds yet another crisis in the Underwood administration… Support Bald Move:  Amazon  |  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twitter His
In this episode of House of Cards, number 310, “Chapter 36”, Thomas makes an indecent proposal, Fake Putin plays hard ball, Doug faces children for the first time of his life, and Gavin abandons his beloved guinea pig. Support Bald Move:  Amaz
In this episode of House of Cards, number 309 entitled “Chapter Thirty Five”, Russians die, threatening the fragile Middle Eastern peace, Remy gets a ticket, Frank gives a fateful order, and Doug buries his face in Frank’s crotch.  But in a tot
In this episode 308 of House of Cards, “Chapter Thirty Four”, Faith and AmWorks both fizzle, Jackie gets caught red handed, and an old friend visits the White House. Support Bald Move:  Amazon  |  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the di
Jim and A.Ron get philosophical and meditative in this episode 307 of House of Cards entitled “Chapter Thirty Three”… Support Bald Move:  Amazon  |  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twi
In this episode of House of Cards, episode 306, “Chapter Thirty Two”, international pressures mount as domestic issues simmer…. Support Bald Move:  Amazon  |  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebo
A.Ron and Jim are shocked at the post-Spitgate recovery House of Cards episode 305, “Chapter Thirty One” makes. Support Bald Move:  Amazon  |  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
In this episode 306 of House of Cards, “Chapter 30”, Jim and A.Ron are struggling with a seemingly and suddenly petty, spiteful, and surprisingly weak Underwood White House… Support Bald Move:  Amazon  |  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Joi
Jim and A.Ron come to dinner and bring an apetite talking about House of Cards episode 303, “Chapter Twenty Nine”… Support Bald Move:  Amazon  |  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twitte
On this podcast, covering Netflix’s House of Cards episode 302, “Chapter Twenty Eight”, Jim and A.Ron discuss egg motifs, grandstanding, sob sex, long memories, and non-entitled entitlements.  All this plus your feedback! Support Bald Move:  A
A.Ron and Jim begin their watch of Netflix’s House of Cards season 3, with episode 301 entitled “Chapter Twenty Seven”… Support Bald Move:  Amazon  |  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  T
A belated wrap up for Season Two of Netflix’s House of Cards, ready for your perusal.  We discuss a metric ton of feedback, ponder how we want season three to go down, and talk about things we’ve learned from our marathon coverage and how that
We’ve reached the end of our “House of Cards” marathon, and the end of season two.  Friends have been turned to enemies, the country has been plunged into foreign and economic crisis, and worst off all, Frank has lost his most dependable ally a
Frank faces exile, Tusk takes the fifth, Doug falls off the pussy wagon, as the Underwoods marshal all of their soldiers for one last assault.  One more podcast and our marathon is over! If you like our podcasts, please consider rating and rev
And now we arrive at the end of day two of our House of Cards season two marathon, with “Chapter Twenty Four”.  In which Stamper manages to get still creepier, Seth gets called up to the adult’s table, Claire’s faith in the poster child for her
While we’re not thrilled to be seeing the return of Gavin and his shitty electronica, there’s a lot of other good stuff going on in “Chapter Twenty Three” of “House of Cards”.  China rattles it’s sabres at Japan, causing an international crisis
This episode of “House of Cards”, “Chapter Twenty Two”, is one of the most tragic in the entire series.  Please join us in mourning the end of an era.  Other developments include the wrath of Claire, the passion of Frank, Stamper staking out hi
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