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11. Mark Monchek, Founder of The Opportunity Lab, on Conscious Leadership, and Creating a Culture of Opportunity

Released Monday, 16th November 2020
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Mark Monchek is the Founder of The Opportunity Lab, a strategy consulting firm which empowers leaders focused on conscious and sustainable growth.

Mark is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Culture of Opportunity: How to Grow Your Business in an Age of Disruption, and he has worked with leaders from Google, Apple, Columbia University, Warby Parker, the United Nations, General Electric, NBC, The NYTimes, and others.

Mark has also been featured in Real Leaders Magazine, The LifeTime Network, Conscious Talk Radio, NewsDay, The San Francisco Chronicle and various other media publications and interviews.

How do we create great companies that make a difference? How do companies take an expanded view of their stakeholders and define mission statements that succeed in today’s shifting economy? What does it take for an organization to succeed and be sustainable over time? And how does one find opportunity amidst major life disruptions, like the pandemic, which has taken a major toll on the economy and small businesses?

In this episode, Mark Monchek shares how he went through a spiritual awakening at the time of the Great Recession, and experienced theft from his company which led to a depression resulting in him getting treatment and feeling a deep sense of gratitude and opportunity. As he recounts in his Amazon bestselling book, doing this reflection led him to notice what companies that succeeded during this time were doing differently. His strategic consulting firm offers a variety of tools to help businesses cope with disruption, adapt to changes, and succeed in any economy. 

Mark has spent a large part of his life supporting others, specifically companies that rebuilt after 9/11, university students and social enterprises.

Mark Monchek and Host Sean Riley discuss ShareLab, The Opportunity Community, his book Culture of Opportunity, SuccessDNA, and dive into the deeper layers behind his compassion, and generosity by discussing his personal side, adversity, upbringing and rapid fire questions.

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