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When you’re looking for clients, there are a lot of ways to go about it. One of the simplest, most effective ways is to go to other people’s existing clients. If you can get someone else’s endorsement, their client base can become your client b
Everybody knows about return on investment, and everybody knows you need it. But not everybody knows about the different areas of ROI your client may be looking for. Being able to identify the right area for a given situation can mean the diffe
Everyone talks about the importance of developing your values, your purpose, and understanding your direction, etc. While it may not seem very important, having this understanding of your values is vital when you're developing a personal brand
Do you need to develop a new program over 9 months? We do need to workshop new products with clients, but many believe that the only way to perfect it is through working with those clients at a cheap rate for an exceptionally long period. Howev
Today marks the one-year anniversary of relaunching my Book Yourself Solid program. Therefore, I wanted to take a few minutes to celebrate our wins and take a look back at my 12-year journey with Book Yourself Solid. This is also a shout-out to
Do you have a list of things that should get done, but you never feel motivated to finish them? We like to spend time and money on things that we value, but even when we work on a personal project if there are no consequences for missing a dead
Do you have a coaching business or a coaching job? Everyone aspires to have a well-paid and stress-free job, but it's very rare to get both. If you have a business, specifically a coaching one, then that allows you the freedom to work as much o
90% of business problems are personal problems in disguise is a wonderful quote you've heard me use multiple times on this podcast by my business partner Michael Port. Most of our business problems are direct results of the amount of work we pu
Are you feeling overwhelmed? As coaches, we are usually running the coaching, sales, marketing, and every other aspect of our business. The amount of never-ending work can certainly feel overwhelming! While some people can motivate themselves t
Do you even need to send proposals? While they are important for the corporate markets that need everything on paper, I see proposals as a limiter on a coach's ability to sign new clients. In my ideal world, coaches would not use proposals, but
What is keeping you distracted from your work?  I'm not just talking about social media feeds or a shiny object in front of you, but there are so many distractions that just come from your mind in the form of ideas. Every idea seems like an opp
Why is selling someone else's product easier than selling your services? So many people approach me asking for advice about this particular problem. While I am no psychologist, I find that many people tend to have personal problems disguised as
Is the company you keep affecting your professional reputation? Business can be just like grade school in that you can be judged harshly by the people you associate with. If you hang out with business professionals who never deliver on their wo
Do you have a common enemy that your audience can rally behind? We often hear the term magnetic personality to describe someone that attracts all the clients, but no one seems to remember that magnetic personalities must also repel. If you are
Is there a point to joining a coaching program if all the information is freely accessible? It may seem that there is no need to pay a coach if all the information is freely available, but no one is paying for information. What truly makes a co
Do you really need to be on Clubhouse? Everyone is talking about how it's a must-have marketing tool. In fact, some people are already crushing it on Clubhouse, but that doesn't mean that this will be a great fit for your business. Having a gre
Are you in control of your money or is your money in control of you? Many people can maintain a balance sheet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know if they’re on track to hit their meeting their sales goals, or where their cash flow will
    Ruth Kudzi is a business coach who helps her clients leverage their leadership skills and build their resilience, so they have businesses that represent them. In addition to her own successful coaching business and as a former Deputy Head T
    Does this episode make you uncomfortable? Comfort is a dangerous place to be in your business. When coaches get comfortable, it makes it hard to accomplish the tasks they dislike which can halt the growth in their business. Even if you're n
    Is there a correlation between valuable and actionable content? Everyone is trying to provide content that provides value to everyone, but it's difficult to create it when everyone has a different set of values. Instead, I want you to focus
    Does your family support you and your business endeavors? Some entrepreneurs and coaches are fortunate to have spouses that support them 100% of the way, but that doesn't mean their family can’t pressures of finances, quality family time, a
    Have you figured out your business goals for 2021? The new year is right around the corner, so now's the perfect time to map out what you want to accomplish with your business in the next 365 days. It may seem daunting but by developing a p
    Are you counting your blessings? It has been a hard year for everyone, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to be grateful for. As coaches, we are very lucky that we can work for ourselves, and that sometimes are hardest struggle is
    Do you really need to “crush it” at your business? Aggressive language seems to be used more and more to try and convince everyone that they need to not just grow, but to dominate and get everyone into your program. Well, what if people don
    Didn't I just talk about being content free in the previous episode? I still stand by my previous statements that coaches shouldn't also be in the publishing business, but it's always good to have some content prepared because it is more th
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