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It's a California invasion! Brian Kenny of Hearst Ranch, and long time HRN supporter, shares the latest news from the ranch, including the fact that Hearst was awarded supplier of the year for the Southern Pacific Region for Whole Foods Market. We're also joined by Katherine Spiers, the podcaster behind Smart Mouth. You can catch Katherine alongside Cathy Erway and Sari Kamin at the Food Writers' Workshop How to Make a Food Podcast panel. Our theme song is “Suns Out Guns Out” by Concord America. HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast
The host of All in the Industry joins us to talk about the upcoming HOST Summit. It's also Hannah's birthday!!HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast.
It's the season premiere of HRN Happy Hour! We ease into the new year by admitting that sometimes it’s really hard to be happy in the middle of winter. For many, January is a brutal mix of post-holiday exhaustion, New Year resolution pressure, terrible weather, and seasonal affective disorder. We welcome a guest who is always vocal about mental health and the perfect person to talk about self-care techniques during this often-difficult time of year: Kat Kinsman! Kat is the Senior Food and Drinks Editor at Time Inc.’s all-breakfast site Extra Crispy, the author of Hi, Anxiety: Life With a Bad Case of Nerves, a Certified Barbecue Judge, and a proud member of the Southern Foodways Alliance. She pulls up a chair and joins us for citrusy mocktails (it's Dry January after all), shares some of the latest news at Extra Crispy, and gives us her New Orleans food and drink playbook so we can look forward to warmer days ahead! HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast
This week on HRN Happy Hour, Kat and Caity are joined in-studio by two of our wonderful interns: Halley Crane and Hannah Fordin. They dish on what HRN is like behind-the-scenes and help us with HRN and food headlines. We also have Cynthia Cherish Malaran (aka DJ Cherish The Luv) in studio, who just returned from a "Music Missionary" trip to an orphanage in Ecuador. She tells us all about her trip and how she uses social media to raise awareness for causes and groups she feels passionate about. Instead of Kat's usual round of trivia, the interns take over and ask the hard questions of Kat and Caity this week!
Kat and Caity are back in action this week, with special guest co-host Matt Wang. Matt, who owns Metropolitan Plate & Flame, takes us deep into the world of restaurant consulting with guests Mitch Cynamon and William Shear. We've also got a quick preview of this weekend's Slow Food Nations festival in Denver (where we'll be interviewing everyone from a NASA engineer to a watermelon farmer). And, as usual, we'll wrap up with some hard-hitting trivia. The subject: restaurants, of course!
This week on HRN Happy Hour, special co-hosts Hannah Fordin and Dylan Heuer welcomed Erica Johnson and Jason LaValla of Casamara Club to the studio. Casamara Club is a line of non-alcoholic amaro sodas that bring the complex botanicals of amaro to the sparkling water market. Dylan and Hannah taste their four different flavor offerings and hear how this Detroit-based company got its start.HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast.
Agave brought together three unlikely friends: Lou Bank, Jay Schroeder, and Salvador “Chava” Peribán. While they don't always see eye-to-eye, these three amigos are working together to help educate mezcal lovers on the world of artisanal agave spirits. We find out about how their friendships blossomed – stories that involve glass blowing, cold-call visits, and complicated feelings about feet. This is a boisterous episode of HRN Happy Hour that you won't want to miss! Lou Bank is the Founder and Executive Director of SACRED, or Saving Agave for Culture, Recreation, Education and Development. Sacred is an American nonprofit organization that promotes a better quality of life for people who make artisanal agave spirits in Mexico. James (Jay) Schroeder is the author of Understanding Mezcal, a guide to starting your journey with the Mexican agave-based spirit that has seen explosive growth in the U.S. in the past few years. Salvador “Chava” Peribán develops strategies and processes to achieve sustainable, fair, and beautiful products, including agave spirits, tumblers, and adobe bricks. He has worked as director of R&D at Xaquixe, a Oaxaca-based glass-blowing studio, and as head distiller at Sombra, where he also helped reduce the distillery’s ecological footprint. He’s currently immersed in a yet-to-be-revealed agave project in Mexico City. HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast.
Rochelle Oliver is a food writer exploring the flavors that make island cuisine (and culture) so unique. She was recently a guest on A Taste of the Past, where she took host Linda Pelaccio all the way back to the 1500’s to learn about the origins of the favorite Jamaican food preparation – Jerk. We welcome Rochelle to talk about her upcoming projects and play some Caribbean-inspired celebrity and food trivia. Our theme song is “Suns Out Guns Out” by Concord America. Listen on Spotify | Purchase on Bandcamp HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast
All the way from St. Louis, we welcome the couple behind Clementine's Naughty and Nice Creamery, Tamara Keefe and Frank Uible! Tamara is the CEO, founder, chief dishwasher and flavor temptress at Clementine’s. You can also hear her on Meat and Three Episode 40 (link: where we dished on ice cream: scoops, secrets, and stabilizers. Frank Uible is the co-founder of Pi Pizzeria (4 St. Louis locations and 1 in Washington, D.C.), co-founder of Knife & Flag Survival Union (maker of aprons for makers and creators, serving the barbering, tattooing and hospitality communities), and the COO of Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery. Plus, we welecome Jacob Dean, food writer and psychologist to the show!HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast.  
Kate Cox and Joe Fassler join us to share the most recent food journalism produced by The New Food Economy, an award-winning non-profit newsroom using independent, deep, and unbiased reporting to investigate the forces shaping how and what we eat. In its reporting, The New Food Economy goes beyond the gustatory to tell the urgent, under-reported stories of a changing system no one can opt out of. HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast.
Are spirits and cannabis a match made in heaven? Chris Joseph is the founder/CEO of Portland-based Wild Roots Spirits and WYLD Canna. He joins the HRN Happy Hour team – ahead of the 420 holiday – to talk about his fruit-forward vodkas, edibles, and forthcoming CBD sparkling beverages. Photo via HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast.
We’re really excited to have on today’s guests! Joining us from all the way across the pond, Edd Kimber is an accomplished cookbook author, baker, food writer, TV personality and winner of the very first season of the Great British Bake Off! We also have on Brian Hart Hoffman, a former-airline-worker-turned-cookbook-author, President and Chief Creative Officer of Hoffman Media, as well as the creator and Editor-in-Chief of Bake From Scratch magazine! Our theme song is “Suns Out Guns Out” by Concord America. Listen on Spotify | Purchase on Bandcamp HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast
On today's show, Kat is joined by guest co-host Jordan Werner, our Julia Child Fellow, and Patrick Martins. Our in-studio guest is the Kate Brashares, Executive Director of Edible Schoolyard NYC, who kindly made time to pay us a visit in the midst of planning for ESYNYC's massive Spring Benefit. As always, we start with headlines and recent HRN news, and then we hear from Kate about ESY's mission and the upcoming benefit that features some of New York's most acclaimed chefs. We wrap up the episode by challenging Kate and Patrick to some trivia inspired by the NY neighborhoods that are home to Edible Schoolyard's gardens.
On this week's HRN Happy Hour, we are joined in-studio by Patrick Martins (HRN and Heritage Foods USA Founder), Emily Pontecorvo (HRN Intern), and Abe Shaw (Founder of Eating Tools). We swap weekend stories – from Kat's trip to KCBC for chamber music and beer pairings to Patrick's run-in with the law. Next up, a recap what's going on around the network: March 22 was World Water Day, and two shows focused on issues affecting water this week. On What Doesn't Kill You Episode 217, Katy Kieffer takes us to Des Moines Iowa, where the state Supreme Court just ruled against the local Water Utility in a pollution case. On Magnifeco Radio Episode 24, Kate Black speaks with Stiv Wilson about the dangers that microfibers pose to our oceans. Stiv championed the campaign to ban micro-beads and is now demanding that clothing companies take responsibility for microfiber pollution. On Eating Matters, Jenna Liut speaks with Dr. Reese Halter about the effects of our current agricultural system on bee health, including recent declines in the bee population, its devastating repercussions and what everyone can do to reverse this trend. Speaking of bees.... ICYMI, General Mills has temporarily removed “Buzz” the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee from their cereal boxes to raise awareness about colony collapse. They also launched a program, "Bring Back the Bees," in which they have sent more than 1.5 billion wildflower seeds around the U.S., aiming to build more bee-friendly habitat. There's just one problem: depending on where you are in the country, these seeds could be invasive species! To learn more about the complex relationship between wildflowers and bees (and other native pollinators), we speak to Miriam Goldberger, who runs Wildflower Farm in Coldwater, Ontario with her husband and partner Paul Jenkins. They grow, harvest and package wildflower and native grass seeds for online retail. She is also the author of the book Taming Wildflowers. After a quick break, Emily Pontecorvo fills us in on the latest bovine news. Americans are eating way less beef, and we find out from Patrick if he's seen any affects of this trend at Heritage Foods USA. Also, cattle farmers in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado are tragically losing their herds and property in the massive grass fires – it's so bad that they're calling it their Hurricane Katrina. This is a natural disaster in the heart of Trump country (83% voted for him in Clark County, Kansas), and he hasn’t even acknowledged it. Next up, Emily gives us the 411 on NY's 0x30 program, part of Mayor DiBlasio's commitment to send zero waste to landfills by 2030. The Department of Sanitation is expanding their organics collection program to serve every New Yorker by 2018. To date, over 23,000 tons of organics have been diverted from landfills in the city. Earlier in the day, Kathryn Garcia, the Commissioner of the Department of Sanitation in NYC, announced a new expansion of organics collection to several Brooklyn Neighborhoods. Emily plays us a clip of the announcement, which was made in a community garden in Williamsburg called La Casita Verde. Finally, we hear more from Abe Shaw about how he started Eating Tools and about the unique utensils and cooking tools they offer. Abe explains how anodized titanium makes the most colorful and strong chopsticks and what he looks for when choosing a knife to use in his home kitchen. We end the show by playing a round of "utensil trivia," and it's no surprise that Abe knows his stuff when it comes to eating tools! Our theme song is “Suns Out Guns Out” by Concord America.
Grace Weitz is a craft beer enthusiast and writer for Hop Culture Magazine. She recently completed the Food Studies Master Program at NYU, and she's one of the women behind Beers With(out) Beards, a celebration of women in the beer industry. The ticketed tasting festival will be held at The Well in Brooklyn, NY, on Saturday August 11th, and will feature 20+ women-owned breweries or breweries helmed by female brewers. Our theme song is “Suns Out Guns Out” by Concord America. HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast
Jordan Salcito is the founder of RAMONA and Bellus Wines and is the Director of Wine Special Projects at Momofuku. Today, she's sharing cans of RAMONA (lightly sparkling organic Sicilian wine blended with natural ruby red grapefruit) while we talk about her background in wine service and what's next in her mission to "free wine drinkers from rules, dinner tables, and bottle openers." JoAnn "Flash" Fleming is HRN's Accountant and Board Member, but neither of those titles do her justice. She formerly hosted the show Flash Talks Cash right here on HRN. She's a born and bred New Yorker and we could listen to her tell stories about growing up, living, and working in this city for hours on end. JoAnn is here to tell us one of her greatest hits: the epic tale of her Best. Day. Ever. Our theme song is “Suns Out Guns Out” by Concord America.
This week on Happy Hour, host Caity Moseman Wadler and guest host Hannah Fordin are joined by Lew Fidler. Lew is a practicing attorney and a veteran of the Brooklyn political landscape including representing Brooklyn's 46th district from 2002-2013 in City Council. On the show, we discuss the five year process that brought New York a city-wide ban on single-use styrofoam, Lew's history of environmental advocacy, and of course we play a special New York City themed round of trivia. HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast.
On this episode Caity and Hannah, along with special guest host, HRN’s Lead Engineer Matt Patterson, sit down with HRN Hall of Fame honoree Steve Palmer. They spoke about Steve’s newly released Memoir, Say Grace: How the Restaurant Business Saved My Life, as well as his work to make the hospitality industry a healthier more sustainable career path. Steve Palmer is the Managing Partner of Indigo Road, a restaurant group with twenty locations in the Southeast. He is also the founder of Ben’s Friends, a food and beverage industry support group offering hope, fellowship, and a path forward to professionals who struggle with substance abuse and addiction.The holiday season is all about food and community. There’s no better time to show your support for food radio by becoming a member! Lend your voice and help HRN continue to spreading the message of equitable, sustainable, and delicious food – together, we can change minds and build a better food system. Go to today to become a crucial part of the HRN community.HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast.  
In the studio we have Lou Bank—renowned agave spirits expert and founder of S.A.C.R.E.D., Saving Agave for Culture, Recreation, Education, and Development—and we also have Lukas Volger—food writer, recipe developer, and editor at Jarry Mag, a semiannual magazine exploring the intersection of food and queer culture. HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast
Frank Mentesana is the Founding-Director of EcoSpaces Education, a program that brings Food Literacy Education to inner city children through cooking, gardening, healthy eating and exercise. The EcoSpaces vision is for every child to have access to learning environments that connect food with education. Frank joins us to talk about working toward a future where all schools and families prioritize food literacy by giving kids the tools to understand where food comes from, how it nourishes us, and how it shapes our relationships. HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast.
In anticipation of next year's Charleston Wine & Food Festival, we welcome CHSWFF's Executive Director, Gillian Zettler to HRN Happy Hour. Gillian shares some of her favorite moments of the festival in years past and what new and exciting things we can look forward to in 2018! HRN will once again be broadcasting live from the Culinary Village during the first weekend in March. Join us in Charleston or listen live – from anywhere! HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast
This week on HRN Happy Hour, Kat & Caity are joined in-studio by Jordan Werner and Cynthia Malaran (AKA Reverend DJ Cherish the Luv). We recap a full week of season premieres here on the network, and then preview upcoming events including Food Book Fair, HRN On Tour in Charlotte, and the Bread Symposium. We speak to Peter Reinhart, renowned baker, author, two-time James Beard Award Winner, and Chef on Assignment at Johnson & Wales University about what we can expect and look forward to at the Bread Symposium, what's shaping up to be the "TED Talk of Bread." Then, we hear from Cynthia about her new show Wedding Cake here on HRN. As a resident wedding expert (she can DJ them, she can officiate them, she can even help you plan the perfect proposal), Cynthia tells us about the topics she's going to tackle all summer long with the help of other wedding industry pros. To wrap things up, Kat challenges Cynthia, Caity, and Jordan (both Caity and Jordan are brides-to-be) to a round of challenging wedding traditions trivia.
We covered a lot of ground in this week's HRN Happy Hour. Kat and Caity are joined by Jordan Werner, a delightful third wheel if there ever was one. First, we talk about what's going on around Heritage Radio Network: A Taste of The Past takes a close look at the question, "What is authentic Irish Food?" with Irish-American cookbook author Margaret Johnson. Lauren Singer of The Simply Co. stops by Radio Cherry Bombe with her story about fitting on years' worth of waste into a 16 oz mason jar. Phil Gilmour of The Main Course welcomed Chef Mike Lewis of YO! Sushi into the studio to tease the restaurants' opening, complete with a mini sushi conveyor belt. Next, Jordan tells us about all the action that went down at the Just Food Conference, where more than 1,000 community organizers, urban and rural farmers, CSA members, educators, and local food enthusiasts gathered for a full day of interactive workshops, policy discussions, and good food. We share some favorite memories about Lucky Peach Magazine, which is set to fold later this year – including the time Kat brought David Chang, Chris Ying, and Gabriele Stabile to the Iron Bowl, resulting in an article aptly titled "Insane." Other news worth discussing: the James Beard Award Nominees and Michelle Obama's guest appearance on Master Chef Jr. For our first guest, we welcome Larry Boukal on the phone. Larry is the General Manager of Cannonball Express Transportation, a refrigerated trucking company based in Omaha Nebrasaka. We find out what effect the winter storm had on his trucks (which are deployed to all 48 continental states). Speaking of trucks – we take a grammatical deep-dive into a legal battle between a group of truckers and Oakhurst Dairy about overtime pay that centers around the ever-controversial Oxford Comma. The state law that outlines what is not included in overtime pay reads as: The canning, processing, preserving, freezing, drying, marketing, storing, packing for shipment or distribution of: (1) Agricultural produce; (2) Meat and fish products; and (3) Perishable foods. After a quick break, we welcome John Lewis and Ben Garbee from Lewis BBQ in Charleston, SC to talk about how they got started smoking meats in the Holy City and what they have planned for their weekend in New York. To wrap up the show, we get schooled by Jimmy Carbone about the real meaning of St. Patrick's Day, and it has nothing to do with the mobs of tourists in green shirts!
This HRN Happy Hour gets artsy with guest, Peter Pioppo, a renowned food photographer with works featured in New York Magazine, Bon Appetit, Food Arts, and The New York Times. Through the magic of his lens, Peter’s art allows him to turn the most basic of foods into objects of desire. And his cooking videos on his website are not only beautiful, but also so whimsical and fun to watch! HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast
Jackie Zykan is the Master Taster for Old Forester in Lousville, Kentucky. Originally from St. Louis, Jackie's background is full of unique experiences (science, business, and bartending) that led her to this one-of-a-kind role. She sits down to talk to us about the winding road that led her to Old Forester, what a day of tasting 30-90 barrels of bourbon looks like, and how being a super-taster affects her palate and food choices.HRN Happy Hour is powered by Simplecast.  
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