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In this Episode (115) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy opens the mic to a trio of hunters who just happen to be women.  Randy is deeply interested in the lens through which hunters who are women see the hunting world.  Joining in this conversation are Nicole Qualtieri, Sarah Keller, and Lindsey Mulcare.  Topics covered include how women are socialized away from hunting at younger ages, coming back to hunting, born into hunting or having to learn it, patronizing or pragmatic, crying is part of the deal, shrink it and pink it, huntress or hunter, OK to exclude men/women, and many other topics these three hunters find discussion-worthy for a male-dominated activity as is hunting.
On this episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy is joined again by Keith Balfourd, Marketing Director of the Boone & Crockett Club.  Keith is in charge of all media communications at B&C, the historic organization formed in 1887 and the first conservation organization in America.  Recently B&C started a new initiative titled Hunt Right/Hunt Fair Chase, in an effort to knock the dust of the ethos of American hunters and their reputation for fair chase pursuit and embracing the highest ethical standards while hunting.  Hunters, since they founded the conservation movement 130 years ago, based on a fair chase ethic that was not the norm for a time of market shooting, exploitation, and belief that the resources could never be depleted.  There was much resistance at that time to the notion of aspiring to a higher standard, the same as we find today when hunters have the important discussion of what is appropriate and what does society find acceptable.  Whether we want it be or not, in the instant media world, we are all hunting ambassadors.  Our every action, every motive, every message, is viewed by others who do not have a lifetime of hunting as context by which to view.  This podcast is a discussion of revitalizing the Hunt Fair Chase standard and discussing how it applies today when technology, communications, and hunting itself are changing at a rapid pace.
In this episode (070) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy and his camera guy, Michael Parente, are driving to eastern Montana for the annual deer hunt.  As part of the trip, the guys decide to do a Road Trip Podcast while driving down the road.  Topics covered are cold weather elk hunting, deer population cycles, what do we do with all the meat, rifle mule deer hunting during the rut, CWD, mule deer v. whitetails, glory tags, long-form hunting content, and lots more.
From the 2017 Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Rendezvous, Randy shares the mic with Greg Blascovich, Founder of the non-profit organization, and Board Member Randall Williams.  Each having a PhD in relevant topics of history and/or politics, Greg and Randall provide perspective of how public lands came to be and how politics formed America's interest in public lands.  Topics covered include the mission of KeepItPublic, skipping college graduation to go fishing, image of hunters over historical time, public lands as an issue to align unaligned groups, animated video how America got its Public Land, importance of 19th Century politicians to hunting and public lands, excerpts from "Hunting and the American Imagination," party-ism v. conservation, inform/educate/advocate, colonists' rejection of European hunting, tribalism as a natural human element, Americans as centrists v. their elected officials as partisans, did hunters really start the public land movement, voters as apologists, factors that influenced America's view of hunters, clean water as an example of political dichotomy, binary view of the world, political communications labs, abundance thinkers v. scarcity thinkers, public lands as an apolitical issue, history of how Americans form opinions on topics, challenge of keeping a non-profit with one focus and resisting engagement of other topics, the mission of KeepItPublic being to oppose the sale/transfer/degradation of America's Public Lands.  Make a donation at  #KeepItPublic
In this Episode (056) of Leupold’s Hunt Talk Radio, Randy shares the mic with two of the best hunters you never met, Buzz Hettick and Jeff Muratore, both Wyoming residents and public land activists who have an amazing mix of insight to hunting strategies, public lands, and hunting advocacy.  Topics covered include Wyoming as a generous place for non-resident hunters, residents helping non-residents, Wyoming as the best elk managers in the West, use resident draw odds when applying as a non-resident, be your own hunting consultant, it’s OK to disagree with fellow advocates, non-resident antelope hunting as a profit center, tragedy of dying with money that could have been spent on hunting, Wyoming non-resident wilderness bill, the rules are made by those who show up, why State Lands are different in the west, guerilla style advocacy, using social media for activism, policy makers want to hear from you, complaining on Facebook as a waste of time, state hunting access programs, backpack antelope hunting, why everyone should be a pronghorn hunter, put ‘em to bed and fill your tag the next morning, overlooked mule deer, CWD in mule deer versus elk, migration studies, conserving the most critical habitat, and topics that will have you applying in Wyoming for the rest of your hunting years.
In Episode 105 of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, we have a follow up to the recent "hunting & marriage" episode.  This is marital advice from married women; Hillary, Morgan, and Jen laying down the facts to Randy. Topics covered include men being clueless, hunting is a mistress, the thought does count, expectations, financial fairness, time budgets, I need a break from the kids, what women mean versus what they say, and many valuable "decodings" for the hunter who wants marital harmony.
In this Bonus Episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy gives a quick overview of the Montana drawing process and how non-residents can use Montana as a predictable state for their plan to hunt elk every year.  Topics covered include the Montana tag draw system, general tag, limited entry tags, long seasons, public land archery benefits, returned tags, deadlines, and enough other tips to get you well on your way to hunting elk in Montana. 
In this episode (072) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy catches up with Beau Baty, owner of Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas.  Earlier this season, Randy and his crew rented llamas from Beau.  Being the hunter he is, Beau demanded he join the crew on the hunt, which turned out to be a great thing.  Topics covered include, llamas, hunting with llamas, low maintenance backcountry pack animals, mule deer hunting in Idaho and Wyoming, 2016-17 mule deer winter kill, plans for next season, being a hunting ambassador while guiding tourists, and lots of other backcountry fun.
Our production schedule is so tight this time of year, the only time it seems we have time to record episodes of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio is when we are driving down the road between hunts.  Following our road trip to our Montana deer hunt, on this episode (071), we give an update on how that Montana hunt turned out.  Once that report is given, we give a recount of the Nevada Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt we just wrapped up.  Subjects covered are the amazing conservation story that is wild sheep conservation, feral horses, invasive plant species, road hunting for sheep, 101 days on the road, how cold does it get in Nevada, Montana deer hunting traditions and the impact on herd health, and poachers posing as hunting TV hosts.
In this Episode (EP 60) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy travels to scorching hot Las Vegas to discuss the many options you have to hunt the west every year, regardless of your luck.  Randy is sharing the mic with Lorenzo Sartini and Brady Miller of to explain how many hunts are available to the person who wants to go hunting every season.  Topics covered start with Nevada as the most overlooked western state, deer hunting Arizona every year, impartial gear testing, gear that works not what your paid, application strategies, swinging for the fences, lifetime licenses, what state to live for a hunter, Wyoming is the west's great hunting, foolish TV rule that you can't shoot animals in their bed, elk hunting Idaho and Colorado every year, sharing too much information, save a few secrets, figuring it out by yourself, burn your Arizona elk points, leftover tags in Nevada and Wyoming, sharing your harvest, thermals and unpredictability, retirement v. quiting, closet pronghorn hunters, buy two buck tags in Idaho, and then the conversation gets into some serious gear discussions about trekking poles or not, high altitude cooking stoves, lightweight sleeping pads, weight versus comfort, backpacks, water filtration systems, how much food, favorite Mountain House Meals, and lots of other gear issues that can be solved at the new Gear Shop created by
Randy and his TV crew, Marcus and Michael, take up the mics during a day when the blizzard chased them off the mountain and ruined a bear hunt.  This is a Q&A session, with all questions coming from listeners and viewers.  Topics include tactics for weekend warriors, scouting close to season opener, elk hunting success without being a gym rat, Randy's training regimen, replicating hiking elk country, Marcus' mountain relay team, how camera guys stay in shape, elk conditioning for urbanites, more fitness is "gooder," trekking poles are an elk hunter's tool, folly of shooting surprised game, complications of filming your hunt, gun safety above all else, elk is a glassing game, mental toughness grows with age, mind overcoming the body, diet and nutrition for an elk hunter, hunting with a bum liver, quality food input, home-cooked meals in camp, Super Size Me documentary, glassing techniques, gridding horizontally v. vertically, bino power choice, giving camera guys credit for spotting critters, camera guys who are hunters, public property posted as private, encountering other hunters on public land, meat care while on the road, Randy's passion for guttin' & gillin', satisfaction in processing game, best first hunt for an adult onset hunter, learning through success, assumptions by experienced hunters, Randy's favorite hunting books, YouTube replacing Randy's book deal, terrible high school haircuts, ideal tag drawing system, overlooked item in Randy's pack, easy public land advocacy, do we want dirtier air/water, hunters risking the claim as conservationists, corner crossing, and too many other question to list here.
In this episode (114) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio Randy is joined by Keith Balfourd, Marketing and Communications Director at Boone & Crockett Club.  Topics covered include the history and origin of Fair Chase, self-restraint as the foundation of species recovery, conservation founded on the Fair Chase principles, hunting image, codes, standards, behavior, why it matters, wise use of resources requires restraint, hunting in a diverse society, conservation through a single species lens, databases used for conservation, harvesting older or male species is conservation, and many other sticky hunting topics on which B&C is leading the discussion.
In this episode (130) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy shares a mic with two statewide primary election candidates in his home state of Montana.  We all have felt at some time that we voted for the lesser of two bad choices.  This podcast is focused on how you can engage in the Primary Election to hopefully improve the candidates you get to choose from.  Tim Fox and Jon Knokey are running on a strong public land and conservation platform.  Yet, if they lose the primary, their outdoor policies will not move forward.  Point being, in many states, the outcome is decided in the Primary Election.  If you vote for hunting, fishing, and public access issues, get those candidates through the primaries.
In this Episode (128) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio Randy shares the Pre-COVID mic with Tyler Sharp of Modern Huntsman. Topics covered include media platforms, new path for hunting print media, women leading hunting, being uncomfortable, worldwide perspectives in hunting, pushing boundaries, explaining hunting to non-hunters, learning by listening, common values make allies, food is the entry point, explaining why we hunt, reconciling the contrast, avoiding hypocrisy, leading is risky, valuing the experience, and many other topics related to hunting and media.
In this bonus episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy spends a half hour to cover the basics of applying for elk and deer in Montana, one of the most complicated application processes of all western state.  Topics covered include deadlines, point systems, license types, season dates, non-resident limits, idea of how to find your general hunting areas, and other information that will get you started in applying in Montana.
In this episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio (EP: 088), Randy Newberg and Remi Warren finally connect for a long-planned chat, albeit a shorter thannormal episode.  Topics covered include public lands in other countries, self-guided experiences in Australia and New Zealand,  buying one-way tickets, figure it out, being a lucky fool, is hunting really a job, cancellation lists, solo hunting/filming, digital media, and making success your only option.
In this episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk radio, Randy is joined by Jim Heffelfinger, wildlife science coordinator for Arizona Game & Fish.  Topics covered include migration corridors, science for wildlife management, mule deer issues, habitat versus predation,  Mexican wolves, ESA, restoring threatened and endangered species, coues deer, deer and more deer, Arizona opportunity hunts, and many topics related to science of game management.
In this Episode (92) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy is in Alaska with cameraman, Marcus Hockett, hunting Dall Sheep.  Also there was Tim Burnett of the SoloHunter who joined them for the last three days.  Topics covered include details of three intense Dall Sheep stalks, dreams fulfilled, mental versus physical stamina, satisfaction as a function of difficulty, outdoor media platforms, and a host of other topics relevant to a once-in-a-lifetime Alaska sheep hunt.
In this Episode (087) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy is joined by his production leader, Marcus Hockett, and two fanatic hunters who happen to be experts on raptors and hawking, Chris Parish and Leland Brown.  Topics discussed include Randy's excitement to hunt small game and birds with raptors, history of hawking, non-lead ammo, superior bullet performance, how to get lead out of the field, voluntary compliance is better than legal mandate, hawks, falcons, raptors, scavengers, hunting birds with birds of prey, small game hunting, bullet fragmentation, terminal performance of non-lead bullets, value of condor studies to hunting conservation, and lots of other cool ideas you want to hear.
In this episode (EP:076)of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy is joined by guest Lorenzo Sartini and Brady Miller of where they go into great detail about strategies for drawing western hunting tags.  All western states are covered, with deadlines, result dates, point systems, quirks and intricacies, tips for each states and each species, along with strategy ideas for your hunting plans in general and by strategies for short and long-term approach to drawing more tags.
In this Episode (122) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy and Marcus are on their way home from a tough late season Wyoming Elk hunt.  Topics covered include hunts that don't go well, weather challenges, closed public roads, risk of short hunts, difficult access, checkerboard areas, hunting small sections, know where you are, etiquette of shared hunting spots, "my spot," sharing public land, hunters helping others, and other issues that have been on our discussion list for a while.
In this Episode (129) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy shares the mic with Dean Krebs.  Dean and his fellow volunteers have started a program in his town of Alexandria, MN that has grown to be a huge one-day event to expose kids to the outdoors.  Youth Outdoor Activity Day has grown to over 2,000 attendees, supported by an entire community. Dean explains how it started, how it can be replicated, and offers his insight and perspective to how similar events can be pulled off, resulting in great opportunities to get kids interested in the outdoors.  Find Dean's even at
In this Bonus Episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy gives a very brief (20 minutes) overview of applying for big game tags in New Mexico.  With no point system, New Mexico is less complicated than other western states.  Topics covered include deadlines, using all three hunt code choices, season breakdowns, options for youth and mobility impaired, and a few other tidbits that apply to New Mexico.
In this bonus episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy gives a quick overview of the Utah elk tag drawing system as it applies to non-residents.  Topics include how the system works, why UT is a long-term plan, allocating time and money budgets, realistic expectations, bonus points, limited non-resident opportunity, great season dates, big bulls, lots of public land, and other high-level topics to get you started thinking about elk hunting in Utah.
From Missoula, MT Randy shares an early morning mic with Damon Bungard of Orion Coolers and Clay Hayes of Twisted Stave.  Topics covered include finding Sasquatch dens, traditional archery, building your own bow, #freezer function, Twisted Stave blog, elk hunts that become grouse hunts, what is a “self bow,” Orion Chronicles TV show, Appalachian backpack whitetail hunting, Backcountry College videos, broken “give a chit filter”, snake fears for fetish, antelope meat myths, hunting public land in the East, hunting jungles of Northern Idaho, Rocky Mountain Black Bear Trifecta, hunting in grizzly country, how NOT to behave when you have a bear encounter, bad hunting luck, stupid things we do while hunting, fearless black bears, elk hunting grouse stories, small game pleasures, whitetail winter range, tag filling pressures, multiple hunting motives, hunt for your own reasons, AOH Adult Onset Hunters, camping as the gateway drug, backcountry as a relative concept, high country rattlesnakes, planners v. free spirits, carving backcountry utensils, how long to hang meat in the backcountry, and a host of other campfire topics from Sasquatch Country.
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