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I HAD to say it

A weekly Society and Culture podcast featuring Aaron Deshotel
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So this week there is an update about the bill that I talked about last week, I touch briefly on that. There has also been a play to send immigrants to Martha's Vineyard. It went about how you'd expect, if you are a jaded individual like myself
I sat down with Josh, part of the Appleboys podcast and we had a nice little chat. We talked the service industry, high school, fitting in, football, electronics, and being yourself. It was a great talk and I hope you enjoy listening to it as m
So this bill was passed into law over a year and a half ago. It is just back in the news now because of two factors. 1.) This is a big election year, as most of the seats in the state are up for reelection. 2.) It goes into effect in a couple o
It's a short one this week folks. As we head into the last holiday of the season here in the US the politicians are doubling down on driving division in this country. Everyone is talking about how great this country is because of the blue colla
This episode was inspired by my ridiculous amount of time spent on my phone the last couple of weeks, and the general state of the world these days. It might still have a little of the ol' Rona Brain Ramble too but I think I get there eventuall
There is a lot of division in this world. I don't believe that is an accident. In this episode I am going to discuss how we can work against that pushed division, and the best way I can think of to try and bring people back around to a better w
A lot going on this week. And I'm under the weather. So yeah, take it for what it is worth. And say thanks. Also Thank you to my first Patron....Josh. Thanks for the support bud.
Don't say I didn't warn you. Leaked FBI documents basically stated that all of the "they are targeting us" people were right. They have a list of things that they consider possible flags for being a domestic terrorist. Things like believing in
Well, they did exactly what I said they were going to do, and denied the recession based on "that's not what means recession anymore" which got me thinking about the broader problem of how we as a society have decided that if a word doesn't mea
It's a short episode this week. There is only so much I can say at this point. The world governments are still treating the people like they are stupid, the people are still taking it. It's embarrassing. 
This week I talk about the difference between being nice, and being good.
Hey listeners, big news. I got a lot to tell you about things I want to do with the show going forward, and finally have the means to do so. Also I will talk about the state of the world a little bit and some of the implications of what I think
Hey listeners. I had a whole thing planned out on society and some things I am noticing happening and try to make it a more non US centric episode. But then some jack wagon decided to shoot up an Independence day parade, and it was relatively c
So the whole Roe V Wade thing is going on. I already made my feelings clear in a prior episode. It's there if you want to go listen to it. I do rehash it briefly then move on to the more pressing issue at hand. The way people react to it. Peopl
In the world today there is a lot of things that people are miserable about. And most of it is completely irrelevant to their actual lives. Yet we all get so twisted up in other people's garbage that we are ruining our own lives in the process.
Another fun week here in the US. Both sides are calling the other side all kinds of fools, liars, and degenerates. Meanwhile the powers that be continue to do what they please unchecked. It is like the worst dinner theater on the planet. There
I really wanted to run a positive show this week. Honestly. I wanted to do something light hearted and fun. Maybe tell a story or crack a few jokes. However there is just too much wrong for me to do that. The handcart to hell that we all seem t
What happened in Texas was truly terrible. There is no other way to say it. But what is worse to me the disgusting way the political machine on both sides of the aisle has pounced on it to start driving their agendas. Personally I am opposed to
Gas is expensive, we all know this. I am tired of the people trying to justify it to defend their poor choices in elected officials. I am tired of people pointing to other countries to try and justify what is happening here. I am tired of what
So there was another mass shooting, I talk about that some. I complain about the media trying to turn us against each other.  I complain about the incompetence of the government, and how I feel about that. So pretty much the usual. The feedback
Ok so I had to take a week off. I was sick and has some personal stuff going on. I explain it in the first part of the episode. Basically this episode I am on a tear about how we are being manipulated by a group of people who aren't even trying
There is finally another guest episode! This week I am joined by Kevin, host of The Jury Room, a true crime podcast. Kevin is a great guy and we had a really good conversation. We talked about entertainment, work, coming back to a semblance of
Ok so Elon has effectively bought Twitter. There are still steps to go through but more or less it's a done deal. Great. Meanwhile in coverage you have to dig for to find the food supply issues are getting worse. There is going to be a shift in
Your mind is just like a muscle. If you don't exercise it, it will be weak and fail you when you really need it. Unfortunately this is way too common these days. People prioritize feelings over thought and are severely lacking in the ability to
In this episode I touch on the new supreme court justice, my particular issues with her, and the way the woke left is trying to pull a gotcha moment with a bill by pointing out that it does EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS INTENEDED TO DO. Also a bit of bit
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