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How many times in those younger years were you told to "be patient" when you really wanted something? This is really the way of life. Many today have been duped into thinking one can get what one desires at that moment when it is asked. This is
Hello Friend! In reaching your goal know that it will not be easy all the time. Expect to encounter the highs and lows in the journey as you push toward the goal. This informational episode is about knowing the grind never stops. That is what o
Life can and will always bring challenges so one must have the mindset to press through it instead of getting upset on their way to reaching a goal. The way one handles the challenge affects the length of enduring a challenge. In this podcast e
Wow! What a year it has been! Who would've thought the year would have played out as it has. Starting with the death of retired basketball star Kobe Bryant and ending with the COVID pandemic still in the news one would think we are living in th
Life's Journey can really make one think twice about living. Especially when one has to deal with challenges and then thinks he or she is the only one dealing with it. This is further from the truth. Every individual has to deal with what life
This time of year is important. Why? The time spent with Family heightens in anticipation of the holiday season. Loved ones begin to plan for extended family members to gather. This spurs on thoughts of being thankful and appreciative of life,
The COVID19 pandemic has impacted all of society today. Across the world, many have been impacted so much so as to adjust their lifestyle. Some have lost their jobs and others are now working from the confines of home. In spite of this many hav
Staying hydrated is important! Why? Because we enjoy a fun active lifestyle. An active lifestyle will require one to burn plenty of calories. This in turn may mean the loss of fluids. The loss of fluids will lead to dehydration which will bring
If you stop learning you will fall behind. Not a famous quote but a stern reminder of what one can expect if he/she refuses to continue learning. Learning helps to keep one energized and engaged. Think about it! When the banking industry decide
Life comes with plenty of surprises. Many of the surprises come with us not being prepared for them at all. It could be the hearing of a car accident, a bad health report, or even the questioning of your integrity. When these situations come on
Sometimes its good to not get in arguments for the simple fact that some can cause one to expend unnecessary physical energy both mentally and physically. This particular technique is used in professional boxing and proves to be helping in defe
Many times one can get impatient in pursuing their goals. It is easy to do. If one employs a few techniques the road to success can be made a little easier. Adopting patience is key. Envisioning the goal is first then walking in a path toward t
Every day one should expect to face a challenge. It could be anything from a co-worker spreading rumors or an argument with a sibling. The point is that one should accept the position that challenges will come so accept and learn from them. Thi
One at times can get overwhelmed by the circumstances faced in life so that's, why it is important, to adopt a mechanism to help stay in a positive mental state. Life can be cruel at times so one definitely has to stay charged and focused to pr
Sometimes we tend to give up while pressing on toward our goals. It can be easy to do when faced with challenges but when one makes up in their mind to press on regardless of what is faced a reward awaits them. I have heard it called Grit somet
One's perspective of life is important. Why? Because a perspective is the generally accepted practice by the individual. If one thinks the chicken came before the egg then everything in life is filtered through this perspective. This is sometim
The right perspective is key when dealing with situations. Just imagine looking at an unfolding circumstance and thinking it to turn out badly but in reality, it turned out totally opposite of what was thought. This happens more than often and
The events of the past few weeks are gripping for many. More than likely by now many have seen the video and are outraged. To see law enforcement who have sworn to protect and serve act in such a way that is opposite the oath was alarming. The
Sometimes one can get complacent in following the crowd when it comes to gathering information pertaining to issues. This can be a detriment to ones learning if time is not taken to read up on the topic personally. In today's world information
With so many distractions one can easily lose sight of being on track toward success. Staying focused is key when you have a goal in mind. Negative vibes are all around us and one has to exercise a few tools to keep them at bay. Adopting a "gri
One can easily get lured into the same routine day in and day out without looking to change. This is fine until that life event happens which seemingly throws us for a loop. What does one do? How can she be prepared? The answer may surprise you
Being a Boss can be difficult but when you understand the dynamics behind the responsibility and the impact of the position one can walk in authority and power. One has the right to take control of their life and be a Boss about it. Taking care
In all the hustle and bustle today it is good for one to settle down and be thankful. Busy schedules and demands will sometimes cause one to lose sight of the simple ways of enjoying life. Those fun moments with family and friends or those peac
Undervaluing ourselves seems to be the order of the day anytime we are faced with challenges. Why is that? Is it because of ones upbringing that he feels the need to act less of what he is worth? Well, I beg to differ! The fact that one is aliv
One should take advantage of those quiet times especially when alone. Today life centers around plenty of time constraints that could ultimately affect those quiet moments when we need to settle down and reflect. Learning when those times come
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