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Is there anything more intense than a glassy eyed 19 year old turtle neck enthusiast trying to sell you fake medical care? What about excommunicating an entire species from catholicism? Now THATS extreme. Join us this week for a deep dive into the mega failure that was "Theranos", along with the infamously silly ban on cats decreed by Pope Gregory IX. Rethink your investments, pet your local kitty, and stay horrified.
Who's more evil, Big Pharma, or Vh1? Thankfully, this week, you won't have to choose. We're covering the midcentury Thalidomide Disaster, in which thousands of lives were stolen and thousands more altered forever by an evil drug company, and to top it off we're also going to talk about "Rock of Love". Check your prescriptions, grab your remote, and be sure to stay horrified.
Today, Allie and Sam go on at length about two of their favorite topics. First up, Sam takes you on a nightmare ride through the Hapsburg family tree. Then, Allie is the girl with the passion for the girls with the passion for fashion. Marry a stranger, reapply your lip gloss, and Stay Horrified!
For episode 9, we've brought in data diva and marketing queen Alexis Clemons to dissect the topsy turvy world of Big Data. Mark Zuckerberg is in trouble and we need help finding out WHY. Join the three of us to explore ad groups, targeted marketing, and the fragile walls that separate your credit score from the dark web. Clear your cookies and stay horrified.
This week on I'm Horrified, we're diving deep into two topics you first heard about in Middle School: Mary Shelley and Toxic Shock Syndrome. Allie and Sam will lead the way on a journey that asks, "Why were so many cool women into fuccboi Percy Shelley?" and "What exactly am I shoving inside me once a month?" Grab your best friend, make her promise not to fall in love with your husband, and stay horrified.
This week, we're thrilled to have special guest Walt McGough with us to investigate a deeply un-special topic, Gamergate. A truly horrifying slice of recent internet history, Gamergate describes a string of targeted abuse leveled at people (mainly women, nonbinary folks, and POC) who dared to challenge the glaringly obvious veins of sexism running through the games industry. We cover figures such as Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, and Anita Sarkeesian, who endured levels of bullshit we can barely fathom to speak their minds. Update your social media passwords and get ready to stay horrified.
This episode, mommy issues abound as we attempt to tackle Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and Anakin Skywalker. Is there anything scarier than a mother preying on her own child? Could it possibly be Anakin's rat tail braid in Episode II: Attack of the Clones? Only one way to find out! Give us a listen and stay horrified! Follow us on twitter at @imhorrifiedpod
For this episode, the ladies delve into two shocking and morally abhorrent topics: The Magdalene Laundries and Bad Celebrity Tattoos. While one subject encompasses century long spans of crimes against women, the other makes us even MORE disappointed in Ben Affleck (was that even possible?). Brush up on your British Isles geography, rethink that ankle tattoo, and stay horrified.
This week, Sam and Allie cover two pressing topics that threaten our very freedom: Clearview AI and Chewing Gum. Get ready to regret your social media as you learn about all the horrible things facial recognition technology can do! Then, cower in terror of the true evil: Gum. Adjust your privacy settings, keep a wrapper nearby, and Stay Horrified!
This week, Allie and Sam tackle two topics that fall of the horrifying end of the spectrum. First, Allie deep dives into the causes and effects of America's Opioid Epidemic. Next, Sam talks about Gloria Vanderbilt, who went through a lot of horrifying stuff to live a pretty good life. Grab a comfort object, take a drink, and Stay Horrified. TW: This episode contains description of suicide.
Our very first minisode! We went to PodCon 2 in Seattle and had an incredible time. At out booth, we asked every person we met: what horrifies you? Here's what you said!
Why do frats still exist? Why do we embalm corpses? These are two questions Allie and Sam will try to answer this week, as they deep dive into Greek Life, quote Ask a Mortician, and ruminate on Sam's tiny hands. Every episode is a winding road, but as always Sam and Allie get a little bit closer, and hope you Stay Horrified! Content Warning: Hazing
This week we're getting all American up in here: after all, what's more American than war and Spanx? Join us as we dissect conscription as part of United States History, which has a long and winding road full of awfulness that should surprise no one. The same sentiment can be applied to shapewear, TBH. Suck in your tummies and stay horrified.
It's our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, so we're celebrating with an episode of "I'm Thrilled!", the podcast we always say we should have started, but never did. For this inaugural episode, we're talking about Dogs and Romance Novels. It's going to be awesome and lovely... we promise. no surprises. Stay Thrilled!
This week, Sam and Allie ask the important questions. Why do weddings have to cost so much? Why do people want to test the limits of their bodies? Will comparison culture be the downfall of our society? Would you rather drown to freeze? Allie and Sam won't answer any of these questions, but they sure will scream about them. Bundle up, find your perfect #WeddingHashtag and Stay Horrified!
Here comes episode 3 of our special series of Quarantine Content. When you take Obama out of the running finding a sexy president is way harder than expected.
And now for something a little lighter. Today we debate what the best animal is, but we agree that they are all very good boys.
While we do the right thing and stay inside, we talk about times we did the wrong thing with the clothes we were wearing. Join us for another special QuaranTeeny-sode!
It's time for the theatre nerds to jump out. Today we talk about adaptations of Shakespeare's canon, and why Jimmy Neutron may have done it best. Grab your complete works, admire the performance of Keanu Reeves, and Be Well!
This week, we're discussing the two most different people in the world, Dorothy Dandridge and The Sham Wow Guy. Dorothy was a wildly talented screen siren of hollywoods golden age, whose promising career was tragically beat down by the racism and sexism of her time. The Sham Wow Guy also sold Slap Chops and also was arrested for assault in 2009. So, yea, a lot of different ways to stay horrified this week folks.
Is there anyone in the world who hasn't, at one point, been disappointed by Ryan Murphy? Well we sure have and we're here to talk about it. Join us for a dissection of the 2009-2015 Fox TV series "Glee", a series that had an incredibly promising pilot but ultimately turned into a slow-moving exploitative car crash of media. Taking us on this journey is Raina Deerwater, queer media icon and host of "Theres Nothing Ironic About Show Choir", the preeminent podcast for all things Glee. Start your vocal warm ups now and stay horrified.
This week we're talking cults and medical malfeasance- oh my! To start off, we're investigating the 2015 scandal of double booked surgeries reported on by The Boston Globe Spotlight team, which brought to light the fact that prominent surgeons were scrubbing in and out of operating rooms to perform two surgeries... at the same time. We also cover the most famous Manson girl, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, and the time she spent enthralled by (and contributing to) the Manson Family. Double check your medical consent forms and stay horrified.
Here we go again!!! It's your favorite girls with two awful topics, ready to ruin your week. This episode we're discussing microplastics, the tiny little fragments of plastic that we are certainly ingesting, and possibly even breathing in! They could be nothing, or they could be killing us all- who knows?! No seriously, no one really knows. Also, we discuss and dissect the beloved/behated medium of modern theatre, the Jukebox Musical. Chiquitita, tell us you're horrified.
This episode may sound like a glamorous bachelorette party, what with its diamonds and glorious tans, but don't be fooled: its plenty HORRIFYING! This week Sam hits her old standard, historical sauciness, and discusses the Affair Of The Diamond Necklace. Also, we all kind of knew tanning was bad, but we get specific and maybe surprise you with new reasons. Sorry to ruin all your favorite things! But you probably expect that at this point! Throw out your bronzers and stay horrified.
This week, Sam does what she does best and recounts decade upon decade of Tudor-era history as we cover the War of the Roses. Family pitted against family, friend turned foe, and many people dying of dysentery- what more could you want? Also, Allie talks about New Coke, the branding scheme turned dumpster fire of the 1980's. Consider Pepsi next time and stay horrified.
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