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The Bigger Picture of Value with Liz Wainger

Released Monday, 30th August 2021
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Liz Wainger is a communications strategist, author, serial connector - I help businesses and nonprofits clarify their messaging and purpose.
In this episode, Liz shares one tool she uses that helps her create a message that cuts through the noise, solely focused on your target audience and what truly resonates with them.

Why you have to check out today's podcast:
  • Learn how to create a messaging architecture that is customized but has an overarching message across all audiences
  • Find out a process of figuring out customer value statement
  • Discover what the most smart marketers mistakes are and learn how to create something that truly resonates with your audience
“Understand the emotional driver of the purchase, what they really want in the end, it's like Ted Levitt, who was a professor of marketing, says, "When people buy a drill, they don't want the drill. They want the hole."
- Liz Wainger

Topics Covered:
01:54 - Relating a story about his brother's death and the importance of the concept of value
04:48 - People pays for whatever they value
05:28 - What value does she offer
08:21 - What you need to look into for people to buy your product
10:30 - Figuring out customer value
14:14 - Using a triangle to create your positioning platform
17:34 - What is so special about creating 'three' pillar messages
20:17 - Leading the discussion with what is truly valuable to the customer
21:49 - Focusing on what you are targeting and leaving something out
22:18 - How to communicate something that genuinely resonate with your audience
24:25 - Turning your presentation into a sales pitch
26:11 - Asking probing and not threatening questions
27:24 - Liz's pricing advice that greatly impacts one's business

Key Takeaways:
"The way I do messaging is we use a triangle. Depending on where you customize and what is most interesting to your audience, you lead with different triangle points. But the underlying message about what makes this product tick, or why you want to use this should be true, according to all your audiences." - Liz Wainger
"We live in a world where we're over-communicating, we are getting so much information. So, the ability to cut through and really get to the core and simplify is so important. Because people have very short attention spans." - Liz Wainger
"At some point, there's what I call the porosity of information. So, you want to be consistent because it's the consistency that builds equity -- attention equity, brand equity, value equity over time." - Liz Wainger
"A big part of, and I think everybody should think about this, that no matter what your product is, or services, that you should be coming at it from the perspective of I want to help these people get better at whatever it is that they want to do. Not that I want to get the work." - Liz Wainger

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