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#190 How You Can Turn Addictive Behaviors into an Obsessive Focus | Dotsie Bausch on Impact Theory

Released Tuesday, 29th September 2020
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Addiction. Where does it originate from, what keeps us coming back to feed it, and how can we leverage it into a strength? On this episode of Impact Theory, Olympic silver-medalist Dotsie Bausch joins Tom Bilyeu to discuss such matters and explore the full depth of addictive habits to show how you can take control of your addictions and re-aim them towards new-productive outlets. They speak about the drive that suffering breeds, the other side of addiction and pain, how we are all addicted to something, how Dotsie re-aimed her addictive tendencies towards cycling, the impact therapy had on her life, why you shouldn’t be afraid to enter ‘the darkness,’ and how pushing yourself always leads to growth. This episode is brought to you by: KiwiCo: Get 30% off your first month plus FREE shipping on any crate line with code IMPACT at kiwico.com Indeed: Go to Indeed.com/IMPACT for a FREE $75 credit to boost your job post. SHOW NOTES:   Beginnings | Dotsie shares her story of first picking up cycling. [0:31] Suffering | Dotsie discusses body dysmorphia, anorexia, and how discipline ties in. [2:54] Sickness | Dotsie discusses how she pointed her pain towards hardcore Olympic training. [5:53] The Other Side | Dotsie shares how she overcame anorexia and ‘flipped the coin.’ [8:52] Addiction | Dotsie discusses how relinking the mind and body leads to powerful healing. [13:22] Fear | Dotsie shares how her addictions was her best friend and worst enemy. [16:42] Cycling | Dotsie discusses how she began to point her obsession towards cycling. [20:00] Miles | Dotsie shares how she went from inexperienced in cycling to ‘Olympic ready.’ [24:26] Go Harder | Dotsie discusses why she kept pushing herself in pursuit of greatness. [27:02] Compete | Dotsie discusses being competitive with oneself versus others. [30:25] The Darkness | Dotsie shares what it means to ‘go to a deep dark place.’ [32:55] Growth | Dotsie reveals how improvement is always the reward to pushing yourself. [36:56] Anger Stick | Dotsie shares her story of using an anger stick to release emotions. [37:59] Hindsight | Dotsie discusses how her story is filled with many times of not giving up. [42:46]   QUOTES:   “I just knew that I loved cycling and it was going to take suffering. I had learned that much, and so I was going to have to get good at suffering.” [28:22]   “When you think that you are broken and you couldn’t possibly go another step, you’re only 40% of the way there.” [33:46]   “I knew there was no way to getting better unless I got pretty damn uncomfortable almost every single time.” [35:46]   FOLLOW DOTSIE:   Nonprofit: switch4good.org Instagram: https://bit.ly/301JiWK