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Let's continue meeting the cast of Improv Tabletop! In this episode, we learn about McKenna Steel's semi-unlikely conversion to high geekery, her acting aspirations, how she's learned to trust herself and her abilities, and more. • • •  Twitter
Our heroes continue their attempt to rejoin their paths. In the lower ring, Amar and Ziah plot their best way to sabotage the Dai Li. Meanwhile, Je-Tsun and Lobsang share a somber breakfast pie as they wait for Tiya to escort them to King Jialu
Welcome to the blasted, post-apocalyptic wasteland of the planet Earth! Optimus Prime must be in that imposing coliseum just ahead, and Megatron is surely in there too. The planet has already fallen to chaos, but can a band of misfit Autobots s
Battered, muddy, and fatigued to the max, Amar and Ziah begin the long trudge back to Ba Sing Se in hopes of finding some refuge in the haunted Loongkau city block. Meanwhile, Je-Tsun has a surprising and emotional reunion with an old friend wh
With a duo of Decepticons put in their place, and a shiny, completely unsuspicious new body for their friend, our heroes infiltrate the rocket bound for Earth! But upon the rocket, dark secrets will be revealed, and dark motivations will grow..
While Je-Tsun sleeps quietly in the Middle Ring, awaiting the return of his allies, Amar and Ziah are in a rail car headed straight for Lake Laogai. They're one tricky duo, but are they tricky enough to sneak their way out of the hands of the D
Setting out across the debris dunes, our heroes are determined to reach the rocket in time to catch a ride to Earth and join their heroes! But it turns out they aren't the only intrepid souls braving the junk fields... • • • Twitter / Instagram
With the tournament behind them, our heroes decide to reconnect with their new contacts and see what information they can gather. Then, time to divide and conquer! Nothing bad ever happens when you split the party, right? Amar tries a new instr
When Cybertron needed heroes to find the All Spark cube, only the best and brightest were sent on the recovery mission. The rest... got left behind in the junkyard. But they still have dreams! Join Scorchguard, Freespin, and Dagger as they deci
Amar and Je-Tsun have managed to make it halfway through the pai sho tournament, ever closer to their audience with Earth King Jialun! But first, they'll have to defeat Tiya... And each other. Ziah causes name confusion. Amar starts a fan club.
The only thing that stands between our heroes and the salvation of the world is the terrible pirate lord Mustel the Stenchful. ...And his crew of buccaneers. ...And a beach full of crabs. ...And the moon falling from the sky. ...They'll figure
It's the day of the big pai sho tournament! Our heroes are prepared for a day of challenging fun, but they aren't prepared for the person who unexpectedly shows up at the tournament grounds... But with some luck, they'll gain some information,
Leaving their would-be assassins behind them, our heroes reach the river and begin their journey to the shore to face their smelly rival. But Mustel the Stenchful has far more terrifying servants than just a pair of cheesepushers! After all...
Finally inside the walls of Ba Sing Se, the Knowledge Seekers learn about a pai sho tournament that could be just the ticket they need to get an audience with Earth King Jialun! Amar and Ziah stick around in the Lower Ring for a bit while Je-Ts
Only three souls are brave enough to follow Lord Meles into the mists to face the dreaded pirate lord Mustel the Stenchful, but with the powers of the mists on their side, maybe they can pull through! But they aren't the only ones blessed with
With their cargo rescued, it's time for the Knowledge Seekers to head to Ba Sing Se! A long day of travel offers some opportunities for guidance and comforting before entering the home city of the Dai Li. Je-Tsun lives up to his role as the Pil
With their cargo rescued, it's time for the Knowledge Seekers to head to Ba Sing Se! A long day of travel offers some opportunities for guidance and comforting before entering the home city of the Dai Li. Je-Tsun lives up to his role as the Pil
The forest was beautiful and bounteous before the mists came rolling in. Now, the woodland critters struggle under the weight of this mystical fog. But these clouds have a silver lining—lactomancy, the ability to create magic by ingesting chees
After a night of rest, our heroes regroup with their new sandbender friends to head out to Si Wong Rock, home of the buzzard wasps who stole Tokushi's sand-sailer—and the missing books along with it! Amar learns about magnets. Je-Tsun gains som
Thanks to the wonderful response we've received from our listeners, we've decided that we're going to start releasing both of our shows every week! Our Fate campaigns will still be released every Wednesday as usual, but now our Avatar Legends e
Into the belly of the beast! After a long journey, it's time for our heroes to infiltrate Don Giovanni's barbaric teddiursa-baiting party, and stop him before he can evolve all those magikarp! • • • Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / TikTok: @Imp
With a new firebending companion at their side, Je-Tsun and Ziah finish their preparations for the upcoming trip. They'll need to stop at the Misty Palms Oasis on the way to Ba Sing Se, and hopefully locate a lost delivery along the way. Je-Tsu
The bat-filled caves behind them, and Don Giovanni's castle standing in the mountains before them, our heroes decide to follow the river on the way to their goal. But word has spread about these freedom fighters, for better and for worse! Who w
Time to meet the cast of Improv Tabletop! In this episode, we find out Caleb Anderton's dream voice acting role, what kind of bender he'd want to be, his take on being brave in the face of difficulty, and more. • • •  Twitter / Instagram / Face
Many important things have been lost. A collection of scrolls, a faithful companion, a lifetime of memories. Good thing we have a team of Knowledge Seekers on the case! Ziah and Je-Tsun return with heavy hearts after the capture of their frien
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