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Improvised D&D

A weekly Comedy, Games and Fiction podcast
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Episodes of Improvised D&D

Improvised D&D will be taking a short break, but we'll be back very soon with new adventures, new friends, new questionable quest successes, and plenty of reasons to say day saved! We hope to see you all very soon! Stay safe and adventure from
Quill, Caustic, and Guy make their way to a hallowed out and barred coral castle deep in the abyss, where they finally reunite with Malvolia! But why is she acting so weird? Did she always try to eat her friends' flesh like this? Can our heroes
We find Malvolia fighting for her life against hordes of fish demons in the layers of the Abyss, but a mysterious stranger intervenes! Will Malvolia be able to escape the abyss? Is this 100 armed demon friend or foe? Are you gonna eat that?! Fi
Guy and Quill awaken in Davy Jones' locker apparently having been killed while stopping the abyss portal's opening! They must join forces with resident undead murder hobo, and abyss expert, Caustic the Scathing, Lich Mage. Will they be able to
Our heroes speed towards the slippery slope where Scallywag Sally begins to open her Abyss portal, facing the treacherous ocean as well as their own feelings. Can the heroes drop their differences and pull together? Will Quill and Malvolia work
Quill, Guy, and Malvolia find the capsized ship of Scallywag Sally, but are met with a treacherous twist of fate! Will our heroes survive the powerfully musical fringle poisoning? Will Quill finally share his feelings with Malvolia? Wee woo wee
A backstabbing rogue, A tiefling on parole, and an aasimar intern all set sail to find and stop notorious pirate lord Scallywag Sally before she can unmake existence by opening a portal to to the dimension of the abyss. Will our heroes be able
Our three dads must now venture deep beneath the abbey of Saint Mercy of Torm and brave the bizarre and mysterious dangers that lie within to save the baby Toby! Will Toby be the same happy baby when they find him again? What’s become of the Fi
Dorabash, Brutus, and Barnabas find themselves locked outside the abbey at Saint Mercy of Torm by a suspicious presence. Will they manage to pierce its stone walls and get the child of Torm to the monks? What terrors await them within these wal
A privileged paladin, a paternally obsessed knight, and a barbarian with daddy issues all find themselves in charge of the demigod child of Torm, God of Righteousness! Will our new dads be able to ferry the child safely across deadly swamps? Wi
With the party split and in turmoil, the terror roams the halls of its mansion at the top of Murder Mountain. Friendships will be tested and old wounds re-opened. Also there's juggling. Will the mystery of the mountain's curse be unraveled? Wil
The party faces off with The Terror! The mutated beast that has been kidnapping townspeople in the dead of night! Tempers flare and old friends and enemies return from dark corners of the realm. What will Scout do with the return of their old f
An alcoholic tiefling, a radicalized goblin, and a turtle befriending Firbölg all make their way to the humble village in the tundra of the Black Empire to protect their yearly festival from mysterious forces! Will the party actually do their j
Our heroes make their way to the final trial of the Las Pegasus challenge, but strange forces seek to intervene! Who will get the coveted final prize of one wish? Which Torm is the real Torm? What mysterious final battle awaits them on the roof
Caustic, Guy, and Frox all make their way to the Rage Ring, a strip club colosseum where the only thing more dangerous than the combat are the sexy dances of a mysterious halfling bard. Will our heroes best the overtly sexual challenges that l
A chaotic lazy lich, an unscrupulous identity rogue, and a radicalized goblin assasin all make their way to the city of sin, Las Pegasus! They've all teamed up to attempt to best the Casino Council's wicked trials and win a single wish! Will th
Quill, Scout, and Caustic find themselves at the source of the apocalyptic disturbance, the location of the stolen remains of the heroes of old , the ivory tower! What ancient horrors await them within the fungal walls of this tower? Will Scou
Strange visions from psychic mushrooms lead Scout, Caustic, and Quill deeper into an increasingly inhospitable, and let's face it just plain rude, desert. Will Caustic be able to rangle two fungus addled party members? Will Scout ever get their
A Terrified Cleric, a chill AF Firbölg, and chaotic lazy lich make their way into the wasteland town of Smorgis, but are quickly greeted with a grim prophecy of doom and destruction. Will Scout be able to honor the scout masters before them? Wi
Malvolia reunites with Count Doog as they begin a tense face off against Barnabas in the midst of all out war! Will Malvolia succumb to the powers of darkness? Will Barnabas' faith be enough to withstand the power of the grand, infernal hell-fo
Malvolia, Jhoros, and Barnabas make their way deep into the twisting and winding paths of the undersea labyrinth, where Count Doog's 3 abominations await them! Will Mavolia get her groove back? Will Barnabas restore his faith in Torm? Will Jhor
A brand new adventure awaits! Mavolia, Jhoros BubbleBath, and Barnabas Starlight all find themselves tossed between an age old rivalry of royalty beneath the waves! Will the party save the princess Finnerina? Will Malvolia find love? Will Jhoro
Magnar, Neb, and Belfast enter the forest ruins in the Valley of the Soliders, but what awaits them?! Will Magnar be able to reach his son? How will Neb fair when face to face with another necromancer? Will Belfast actually make out with a tree
Magnar, Neb, and Belfast face off with the undead monstrosity Big Troll! They also find themselves tangled in an undersea death trap! Will Neb find Love? Will Magnar resolve his father son issues? Will Belfast ever stop getting shit for being o
A whole new adventuring party! Magnar, Neb, and Belfast McBelfast! A cryptic letter leading to an ancient battleground of a war long past? HR management issues? High School bullies? Sounds like we got a groovy mystery on our hands! Social Media
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