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102: Follow Your Guiding Light as a Leader by Steve Foxwell

Released Monday, 21st September 2020
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Today, we continue the conversation with the General Manager of Isagenix ANZ.  Steve Foxwell slid into his position in the company in his usual humble way but his leadership has seen the company bolster results in the last 6 months that are simply astounding.
His belief in his team and allowing them to find their voice, be self-reliant and self-responsible is proving very effective.
And yet, it is the deeper balance cascading through Steve that really intrigues me.  His love of the ocean called him to Australia from his home in Wales, where he was adopted at an early age from Brazil.  His warrior spirit laps constantly in his fight for what’s right in people and for the survival of the planet; I think you’ll also get the sense that this handsome lad has a depth as deep as the ocean!
Thanks for taking a moment out of the hustle and bustle of the office to chat to our community of dreamers!
The Goods on Steve:
Wellbeing is: Simple, to me, it means loving yourself enough to take care of yourself.
A life of wellbeing to me: Is all about the great connections you make, not just with yourself but to all the things in life that bring you joy and happiness. 
Sharing his industry knowledge and Professional Experience: 
Steve has over 15 years of experience in the direct selling profession. As General Manager for Isagenix Australia & New Zealand, he oversees the overall sales and marketing strategies, field development, communications and product manufacturing. 
He has a real passion for driving the company forward, introducing new flagship wellness products with some of the latest science and technologies from around the world that assist in unlocking the human potential, and at the same time aggressively working towards our sustainability goal.  
“I have an amazing team around me. I try to encourage a spirit of adventure for my staff, but also to allow them to find creative ways to enhance the company and their careers. 
I aim to guide them towards the future vision of Isagenix so that they recognise the importance of being self-responsible and self-reliable. I don’t want them to be dependent on me.
I feel like the best gift I could give them is the freedom to grow and learn.”
Before he moved into his role at Isagenix, he spent a further seven years prior as the Director of Sales for a previous global direct sales organisation, sharing in the remarkable growth and success of that company.
At a young age, Steve was adopted into a beautiful, loving Welsh family before deciding to call Australia home. 
“Growing up on the land taught me the subtle ways of connecting and respecting nature.”   
Finding Balance 
As rewarding and demanding as his role is, Steve knows that life balance is crucial to serving at the level he does continually. 
“So, for me, the best way to recharge my energy bank is to spend as much time as possible in the ocean.
It’s my best friend, and nothing invigorates my soul more than connecting to the raw power and energy of the ocean.
It is my warrior spirit and my protecting guardian. It continually gifts me moments that nourish my soul.” 

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