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110: Having Purpose over Your Pain by Susan Sly

Released Monday, 16th November 2020
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Today, we continue the conversation with an octopus!!  I say that because Canadian-born Susan Sly needs that many arms to be a tech investor, a bestselling author, a speaker, a trainer, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an IronWoman, and a Mother to 5 kids!
She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, has built channel sales teams producing over $1.6B in sales, has completed the Boston Marathon 6X and still finds time to liberate girls from trafficking and invest in girls education around the globe!
I told you she was an octopus!
Oh, and by the way, she remains young, sexy, healthy, is doing an MIT course in AI to support her Silicon Valley company Radius AI…and more than all that, she’s “thoughtful and considerate” and has helped develop more than 47 millionaires in her network marketing business.
This is where Nat & I were embraced by Susan, in our much-loved company Isagenix almost 8yrs ago where she provided much of the nurture required for us to find a home in networking. 
All the way from Arizona…Susan…you ready for this

The Goods on Susan:
Susan Sly is a tech investor, best-selling author, speaker, trainer and entrepreneur.  She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Lifetime Television, The CBN, The Morning Show in Australia and been quoted in Forbes Magazine Online.  Susan is the author of 7 books.  Her book project with NY Times Best Selling Author, Jack Canfield, made six Amazon Best Selling lists.  Susan has built channel sales teams that have produced over $1.6 billion in sales.
She is currently the Co-CEO, and cofounder, of Radius AI – a Silicon Valley and Phoenix based AI company.  Susan is also currently studying part-time at MIT with a focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Susan has completed the Boston Marathon 6X and placed Top 10 in the Pro Division of the Ironman Triathlon in Malaysia.  Susan is passionate about philanthropy and has dedicated a significant amount of time and money working to liberate girls from trafficking and invest in education to support women and girls who have survived trauma and abuse both domestically and overseas.
Susan is the mother of five children and resides with her husband in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Find out more about Susan at www.susansly.com
Susan truly believes we can have it all.
Contact Susan:
         Website: www.susansly.com
         Facebook: @SusanSlyLive
         LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/susansly

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