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118: Is your “To Do” list cutting it? by Nat Cartwright

Released Monday, 19th April 2021
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Today, we continue the conversation with the creator of TO DAY List: the product aimed at simplifying not only your day, but your life!  I say “Yes pls!” to that.  
Natalie Jane Cartwright had been in Corporate Strategy and Human Centered Design for over a decade and couldn’t let an idea that had been brewing for years go by the wayside… She saw a gap in the market where more and more technology was being created by the day to “simplify” our lives -  and yet, people seemed more frazzled and flustered than ever before.  So, she went to work, on designing a way to help people focus their energy and attention (amidst the constant barrage of tech whizzling all around them) and achieve balance and a sense of control in their lives. 
As a Mum and founder of two companies, she knew all too well that she too was in need of her own product!
She has created a Tribe of like-minded people which has allowed the TO DAY List to be more than a product but a way of life.
I can’t wait to get into some of the philosophy behind what Nat has created.  When the two of us first got chatting, we could have gone on for hours around FOCUS and our shared passion to help the world feel more productive by developing those healthy rituals and routines that leave them empowered and satisfied, rather than overwhelmed and like once again “they haven’t done enough”!

The Goods on Nat:
Natalie is a proud mum, Founder of two companies and self-proclaimed disruptor in the field of coaching. 
Over her many years as an Executive & Wellness Coach, Natalie identified a gap in the market and has made it her mission to solve this real world problem. 
Leveraging her experience in Corporate Strategy, Human Centered Design and Coaching Natalie was able to see the bigger picture and make sense of a complex situation. 
Natalie has created her own niche within the coaching market; playing her own game and by her own rules she founded To Day List.  A business built on the principles of; simplifying your day, boosting productivity and creating a sense of calm amidst the never-ending to-do List.
Natalie's vision is to create a Tribe of like-minded people, who focus their energy & attention each day on what matters most. She coaches Tribe members to define their personal brand, unlock their superpowers and achieve their goals.
To Day List is more than a product, it is a way of living, enhancing your day to day success.
In this busy world we live in, To Day List truly helps create positive rituals and routines that lead to a lifetime of balance and the best version of you. 

Contact Nat:
         Website: www.todaylist.biz/about
         Facebook: @TODAYLIST.BIZ/

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