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Have y’all heard of ‘leaning bars’? Apparently in 2017 the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in NYC installed leaning bars. Planks of wood bolted to walls for people to lean on; in the subway stations, getting rid of benches you can sit on. In part I imagine to eliminate places for homeless people to sleep, old news I know. But what struck me is this; we create terminology disguised as dishonest niceties to eliminate questions. ‘Leaning Bar’? What we should them are bars representing our inability to address economic and financial disparity which leads to the phenomenon of socially driven narratives causing realities of division. IE, elements contributing to the roots of racism. Speaking of New York...Brooklyn...Nets...Kyrie Irving; ‘Load Management’ is just a nice way of saying taking a paid day off and cheating your fans because it’s your birthday. Support this podcast
...And now in the red corner; hailing out of the West End in Vancouver, beautiful British Colombia...the one, the only, Andyyyyyyy...the Chief Hype Officer and Master of Time... Wonggggggg, Wong. Below the Belt is how the financial industry strikes and we are Gluttons for Punishment. All hail the mighty monopolies who through their advertisers censor us, (and BTW, censorship includes the the things we say as a result of what we cannot. We are On The Ropes, our repressers have killer instinct and we are Groggy. We are a bunch of Punch Drunk Palookas...Void of Pluck. Will We Throw in the Towel? Will we be Saved by the Bell? No, Let’s fight! Let’s Rope-a-Dope these Mother Fuckers... One Punch, one Hook, one a time. Support this podcast
Y’all think you’re fat because conglomerations indoctrinate you, us, the we. The garment industry sells skinny but we should be thankful. Technically you’d think larger clothing meaning more material would equate to costing more money. We don’t sell clothing by the pound, thankfully but by the pound we judge ourselves at the cost of self worth. I’ve been skinny my whole life long and so I chase those pounds at the cost of my self worth. Mo money, mo food, mo fat haters who say they wish they could eat like me (the hate beckons). If capitalism is fiat driven then fiat money is a bloody mechanism and we are at war with censorship and ill-intending hype as conglomerations drive the engines of advertisements, pumping diets and pumping pecs. I say, Riot don’t Diet. Support this podcast
The platitude of wooing for ‘approval’ is violent in our acceptance of its value. In the 12th grade I was so skinny you could see my heart beating through my chest; it was gross, I was so embarrassed and so I started working out. My dad had purchased a bench and a bunch of adjustable free weights. As the years passed, working out became a routine that I couldn’t live without. It was no longer about looking good, it was about how it made me feel. Alas we all learn the secret (don’t we?), ‘healthy mind - healthy body’ and vice a versa. In my late forties now, taking care of myself has become my full time occupation and looking a certain way is not so important. Not that I don’t secretly wish I had a significant butt, hefty quads, shapely hamstrings, thicker calves, a shorter more muscly neck with a furry chest of hair...but I wouldn’t change a thing because upon reflection; in my youth it was all about looking better, so people would ‘like me’ and so...fuck that. Support this podcast
This is ‘Acrostic Sentences’, brought to you by ADIDAS, All Day I Dream About SATS. Today’s acrostic sentence is, A.I.D. - T.H.E. - P.O.O.R. AID stands for: Autonomy Is Decentralized. THE: Taxation Heeds Equality (IE: Illicit subsidy taxes supporting over-fishing funded by governments). POOR: People Oblige Orders Recklessly. AID THE POOR is today’s acrostic sentence brought to you by ADIDAS, All Day I Dream About SATS. And don’t forget kids the liberation will not be facilitated with rifles. Because y’all a coupe d’etat is one idea one stretch too far. But a necessary solution to the evolution of Fiat driven pollution must include a zero dilution solution to the incumbent digital revolution. #Decentralize your economy. Keep your suit on son...the revolution is digital. Support this podcast
Imagine you’re super famous; like won an Oscar famous or like drinking a protein shake in a bikini in Tulum famous or like sex tape famous. Let’s say you make a sex tape and mint it as an NFT; a Non-Fungible-Token, a digital asset. Meaning, it’s hashed sitting on a blockchain as a time stamped verified original, ‘a one of a kind copy’. Based upon the Ethereum smart contract platform in the NFT marketplace you can math-in as the creator of that token that you receive 10% of sales each time that NFT is re-sold. IE; you sell it for a million bucks, next person sells it for two million, you get 10%, perpetually, you get paid. Now...having to pay to jerk off to a celebrity sex video seems to be a truer version of capitalism, doesn’t it? And getting paid for it accordingly seems fair…Humiliation digitally personified memorabilia straight into your crypto wallet. #Redefining Time, Money and Value. Support this podcast
...Your crosswords are... Slow moving Earth denizen? - Vancouver Pedestrians ✅ A.K.A Load Management? - Gag Reflex ✅ A.K.A Unceded Squamish? - Spaghetti Squash ❌ Huge dick, bad at math? - Me ❌ Lube up, bend over and wait? - Governments printing money frivolously ✅ Rise Up... Support this podcast
Who is currently the coolest Chinese guy on Earth? I don’t know, does he exist? I don’t pay attention to popular culture in China and or Hong Kong, I don’t Tik Tok, I have no idea. Seems the last coolest Chinese brother we had was Bruce Lee. But his mamma is half white, Eurasian. He’s like a Barrack, it doesn’t count. It’s strange we have yet to see a handsome Chinese lead actor score Scarlett Johansson in a Rom/Com. Hollywood does not value the Chinese market like the NBA does. So I ask, who among the Chinese brotherhood is cool enough to dry hump Zendaya in major Hollywood motion picture? Tonight, (I eat) Char Siu Fan and Wonton Mein! Support this podcast
“Hello, Gum Tin Gno...” 🥡 Hi there, I just wanna order some takeout but I got a few questions about one of your dishes, # 69, Garlic Prawns with Snow peas... “Ah...You wan 69?” Yeah just a few questions though, my partner she/her has a caveat towards gluten, GMO gluten I should say, I know you use flour for the finishing sauce, so can we just skip that all together please? Also, I take it your Snow peas aren’t local? Can we substitute for some local vegetable maybe like broccoli but not Chinese broccoli as it tends to come from Mexico these days. Also would you happen to know if your kitchen uses the pre-peeled bulk garlic you buy at Costco? If so can I request you use freshly peeled garlic? My partner she/her has an intolerance to the opposition of freshness. ”Ah Sir, why don you go fuck yourself?” Support this podcast
Did you dry hump her two nights in a row but couldn’t get it up? If so, you’re in the friend zone. You met her at a dinner party and showed her ‘fruit-porn’ on your phone and she thought it was, “Witty”. You in the friend zone. You’re at a bar tryin’ to pick her up and she refers to you as “Buddy” alI night long...guess what? You’re in the friend zone. Did she sleep over but nothin’ happened and she wakes up walking around your apartment in her underwear? If so, guess what? You’re in the friend zone. Did you lean in for a kiss and she pulls away and says, “I can’t, it’s not you, it’s me”? You’re in the friend zone. But guess what mother fuckers there ain’t nothing wrong with being in the friend zone. At least you in the game evolving relationships and developing connections. At least you’re in the jungle with potential to shoot down some big prize. Contrary to popular social beliefs ain’t nothing wrong with being in the friend zone. Support this podcast
So in Beautiful British Columbia we have Crown Corporations...we have government liquor stores. Why is that anyways? Yes, we have private beer and wine stores but ultimately everything is regulated by the government. Which is fine until it isn’t and the moment it isn’t fine is when you realize that the entire setup is awfully socialist in the worst way possible - right? Yes we are more socialist than democratic in BC, a given. You don’t have to be a historian or a political scientist or economist to see that. Beer, wine, liquor, spirits, weed, tobacco, energy are not free markets in BC; it’s the opposite, strictly regulated and controlled by the government. We often say that Canada is wonderful place to live...Why is that? Because it’s beautiful? Because it’s safe? It’s safe because we are overly regulated... BC is wack. Support this podcast
So...If we say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend then we subscribe to the mechanism of money as fatally capitalistic and hence, a fiat platform to purvey the notion that love is forever within a diamond. We should say...that decentralized love is perhaps Bitcoin as a tangible metaphor, as a lady’s newly evolved best friend / lover / equal partner in crime working towards autonomy as compressed personal value. Outside of course, the confines of commercialized, monopolized, censored archaic notions of Pagan ritual to bind person as property. AKA, love as a commodity. Will you be mine? Fuck You Mother Fucker, I belong to me...because Bitcoin is a girl’s best friend. Support this podcast
Drop the Inc. and create your flow. Reassess the value of your time, money and goals...and forget for just one second that once, we were blind (AKA, towin’ the line). Drop the Inc. and decentralize your glow. Re-establish an ideal revenue flow. It’s your money, it’s your time. Ain’t no room for funny business because fuck overt governance and corporate crime. Support this podcast
Spittin’ it in 60… ‘In a Minute’ is your sixty second exposition analyzing our personal values versus socially driven narratives in the context of governance and societal structures. In a Minute seeks to examine the line between policies to action and truth to power. Support this podcast
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