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Episode from the podcastIncrease The Dosage with Chris J Snook

004 Courage to Do What’s Right Even When It’s Hard with Jacob “Jake” Jones

Released Wednesday, 10th July 2019
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01:06 – Introducing today’s guest, Jake Jones
02:27 – Jake’s nontraditional path to the private sector
04:27 – How the Eagle Scouts laid the foundation for Jake’s future business endeavors
06:11 – The decision to join the military
08:20 – Servant leadership
08:51 – Jake reflects on some of the highs from his business journey
10:25 – Jake’s experience in Special Ops
11:40 – What attracted Jake to Troops Direct
13:26 – Making the most with limited resources
15:54 – Jake speaks to the gamut of equipment that Troops Direct provides
19:29 – How troops find and contact Jake and his team at Troops Direct
21:13 – What makes Troops Direct effective and agile
23:15 – Quantifying the results
24:30 – Lessons Jake has learned from failures
28:49 – Jake talks about some successful events Troops Direct has held
31:31 – Jake recalls a time when brutal honesty was necessary to find a solution
33:25 – Building and expanding a network to the East Coast
35:25 – Jake’s commitment to being a steward of donations made to Troops Direct
37:33 – Doing what’s right
38:51 – Where listeners can support Jake and the Troops Direct organization
39:55 – Chris thanks Jake for joining the show
“The Boy Scouts kinda gave me that framework to be who I wanna be and to be basically the captain of yourself.” (05:39)
“I think from a very young age, that service above self, service to others is greater than one person and greater than you as an individual…I really believed that for me to be the greatest servant of my nation, I had to put on a uniform.” (07:19)
“I think the biggest thing for any leader, their proudest moment should be the successes of their subordinates. That means that you’re an effective leader.” (09:14)
“Our saying is, ‘We ship anything that doesn’t go boom or bang.’” (17:56)
“You just have to persevere. You’re not gonna succeed in every venture that you take. You gotta lick your wounds, realize that you’re a capable entrepreneur, you’re a capable businessperson. And, if you’re not, you need to seek counsel from those that you trust and then build a better business plan.” (26:48)
“What I’m focusing on now is attacking the East Coast to saturate the market with our mission and just grow awareness for our brand and get it out there.” (33:44)
“We have a saying in the military, ‘There’s the hard right or the easy wrong.’ And that’s where I’ve always kind of nested myself is making that hard right decision no matter what the cost.” (37:59)
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