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Episode from the podcastIncrease The Dosage with Chris J Snook

007 Anything But Cookie-Cutter with Trevor Martin

Released Wednesday, 31st July 2019
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00:56 – Introducing today’s guest, Trevor Martin
01:37 – Trevor talks about Noms Bake Shop
02:07 – The moment Trevor realized he wanted to be an entrepreneur
04:02 – Other business partners Trevor has worked with
06:21 – The inspiration to start Noms Bake Shop
08:40 – The intriguing story of how Trevor met his wife, Chelsea
12:31 – Why Chelsea left a steady income to work as an entrepreneur
15:19 – Struggles Trevor has faced on his entrepreneurial journey
18:53 – Trevor reflects on his philosophy of constantly building
22:21 – Quality control and production decisions
24:45 – Differing opinions within Trevor’s family
26:19 – Trevor discusses scaling his business
26:41 – Why Trevor’s business is actually two businesses
28:15 – Trevor shares his thoughts on figuring out the logistics of his business
30:06 – The Lionel Richie analogy
34:46 – Trevor speaks to the
35:22 – How Trevor addressed the challenge of working in a business that is seasonal and cyclical
37:35 – Serving the community of common interest
38:42 – Trevor’s thoughts on franchising his business
42:20 – Other options for Trevor’s business, including licensing
45:00 – Trevor speaks to the balance of working with family members
45:40 – Trevor shares with the audience what they can do to increase the dosage
47:18 – Where listeners can connect with Trevor
“Anybody that has started a business knows that your brain doesn’t shut off with ideas and building systems and business development after five pm, right?” (16:20)
“All the marketing arm does is say, ‘If you’re gonna give somebody a gift, give ‘em something that doesn’t suck. Give ‘em something that’s consumable. Give ‘em something in a pretty box with your logo on it. And give ‘em the best damn cookies they can eat.” (27:25)
“Holiday season is big for us. We do about sixty percent of our revenue in November and December. That’s been a huge battle is trying to figure out, ‘Ok, how do we bring recurring revenue throughout the rest of the year?” (35:03)
“I’m very good at separating emotion from logic.” (39:38)
“I can build a hundred million dollar company if you give me a hundred years. Anybody can, right? But it’s all about doing it in an efficient amount of time.” (43:08)
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