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Incrementum brings you a very powerful message for episode number 28. John Israel, otherwise known as Mr.Thank You, is on a mission to increase the world's gratitude.  On October 10th 2016, he started the journey of writing 5 Thank you cards per day, every day, for 365 days.  In total, it added up to 1825 handwritten notes in a year. He set out to "elevate the level of gratitude on the planet…by 1%”. 1% of 7.4 Billion people is 74 million.  Tune in to the episode to find out what being more appreciative and grateful has done for John, how his outlook on life has changed and why he believes we should be more grateful. Help John finish his mission by getting involved with the project: Check out his TedTalk. Other links Miracle Morning - Hal Elrod
For the 4th episode of the Incrementum podcast, I interview Daniel Wyb. Daniel is the Co-founder of Pepper Filters. Pepper Filters is a Snapchat Geofilter making service. Daniel and the Pepper Filters' Team recently hit the amazing accolade of having 150 million people see their filters worldwide and they signed a deal with "The Knot" one of the largest wedding planning services in America. Daniel does not have all his eggs in one basket. He partakes in Hackathon events where the goal is to build a product in 3/4 days or less and he is currently pursuing a new venture in the technology industry. Daniel quickly became my mentor after meeting him in San Francisco, educating me on Cryptocurrencies and the world of start ups, I wish him the best of luck in the future.
Welcome to the very first episode of the Incrementum Podcast. Incrementum is a Latin word which roughly translates to "growth" in English. The scope of the podcast is to interview inspirational individuals from a variety of backgrounds (sport, business, social media) and find out what drives their success, in the hopes that their stories empower you to pursue your passions. In this episode, we interview Rob Stevenson. A Durham University graduate and professional rugby player. We find out what keeps him motivated, what he means by "Trusting The Process" and his aspirations for the future.
In today's episode, I interview Matthew Voska. I met Matt during my time in San Francisco and quite quickly recognised this man would have a profound affect on my life. Matt has owned his own company, Flytenow, is a private pilot, was accepted into the most renowned start up accelerator in the world and was invited onto Shark Tank, the American version of Dragon's Den. Tune in to find out the qualities Matt believes makes a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and how he stays productive, focused and driven. Follow Matt on Twitter: @mattvoska LinkedIn:
In 1981 Yossi and a few companions found themselves lost in the Bolivian Amazon. 2 of the group never returned. Yossi was lost for 3-weeks in the Amazon before eventually being rescued. His story has been turned into a film staring Daniel Radcliffe. Yossi has also written a book on his story and his tales have been made into a documentary.   This is Yossi's story. We dive into his personal survival experiences. We also touch on the deeper learning he accrued from his time in the jungle. His insights consider the economics of the jungle and how we can apply these lessons to business practice.    Tune in to this riveting story!
Will Norris joins the show for this episode of Incrementum. Will is the Co-founder of a small events company in Bath, UK. He is also chairman of bath entrepreneurs, a society that was set up to inspire and enable entrepreneurship. I see Will as a facilitator. Without Will and the efforts of him and the Bath Entrepreneurs team, many budding entrepreneurs would not have had the opportunity to hear insights from some of the leading entrepreneurs in this day and age. They have also set up networking events to accelerate people's personal development and to reinforce the importance of building relationships and connections and they run an event known as the launchpad. The Launchpad is an event for creators and entrepreneurs. Small teams are made and the teams are given 24 hours to create a Minimum Viable Product for their idea. Will is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship and his work-ethic is second to none. Watch this space!
Today I interview Viktor Saghy, an Intuitive Coach. Viktor's passion revolves around informing people of "true self-improvement". In this interview, we discuss what he means by this. It is no longer looking for external or material things to make yourself feel complete. His purpose is to help people recognise that we are all innately whole.  Find out more about Viktor's views on this!  Check out his website: Youtube: Enjoy!
Henry Nathan - an exceptional photographer and cinematographer, founded the Instagram page @canon_photos which now has over 2 million followers. He created a place for other photographers and videographers to come and get inspired, to share their work and to build a community. @canon_photos propelled Henry's career as a content creator and since then he has Co-founded XPO Creatives. Henry and XPO Creatives now travel the world to produce content and have worked with some amazing clients such as Singapore Airlines, The Savoy London, Virgin Atlantic and more. Henry and the Team are also focusing on building up another aspect of their brand, CP Collectives. This episode is a must listen for anyone interested in social media, content and business. Henry's personal channels: Instagram - @henry.nathan Youtube -
Today I speak to Col Skinner. Col is a Digital Advertising Expert, providing services such as paid media audits and Youtube, Instagram, Facebook advertising consultancy. He is the founder of the Digital Consultancy Profoundry And the E-commerce website, Graft. In this interview we discuss the growing Gig Economy and what this means for current Freelancers. How you can stand out from the crowd as a freelancer and how you should prepare thoroughly before diving into the world of working for yourself. Sit back and listen and perhaps you will have an A-ha moment where you realise you too could be your own boss and live that lifestyle you have always wanted.
In this episode of Incrementum, I interview Parker Heuser from the content creation group High On Life. High On Life are a group of friends that have created a career for themselves by harnessing the power of social media and media outlets. They travel and create engaging content. High On Life was created to spread the message of how grateful we should feel for our lives and that we should get out and experience all the world has to offer. Parker is an advocate for seeking discomfort and throwing yourself into new scenarios to learn from these unknown endeavours. T he group believe that no road is too difficult to tread, they live by the mantra "If you can, you should" and want to share this way of living with as many people as they can. We could all learn a thing or two from Parker about pursuing your true passion and not settling for the traditional path as this is what society has commanded of us. High on Life Instagram: @highonlife Youtube: Parker Heuser Instagram: @parkerheuser
Simon is the founder and creative director behind Perception Studios. Perception Studios are a an award winning visual marketing agency, specialising in creating content to help you connect emotionally with your current and future customers. Simon and I discuss the power of live video, such as Facebook live and how important it is to repurpose your content. By this we mean, turning your blog into a video and then taking the audio and converting it into a podcast and so on. Simon gives out tonnes of free insights in his podcast:Perception Studios I hope you enjoy! 
This week we have Benjamin Dell on the show. Benjamin is the founder and CEO at Missing Lettr. Missing Lettr is a social marketing automation company that automatically creates 12 months worth of social content for each blog post you publish. Website: In this interview we discuss how including automation in your content marketing strategy can help boost your reach and therefore increase sales for your business. We also look at when automation becomes too much automation and you lose that personal touch. Finally, we discuss Missing Lettr in depth. It is a tool I have personally used myself and from my discussions with Benjamin, Missing Lettr is listening clearly to the demands of the consumer and adapting their technology accordingly. It is set to revolutionise the way podcasters, vloggers and the like promote their content.
Welcome back to another episode! Today we have Brandon Mendelson on the show. Brandon is a renowned speaker on topics such as the internet and social media. He is a published author, having written Social Media is Bullsh*t and Privacy: And How to Get it Back.  As you can tell from the title of the book, Brandon is not afraid to speak his mind and go against popular opinion on social media and it's benefits. We therefore discuss his thoughts on various platforms, his opinions on new "personal brand" experts eg. Gary Vaynerchuck, where he thinks social media will go in the future and how you can find your ideal audience. We then move on to discuss his book on internet privacy and his self-help new comic book. Check out Brandon's website: Text Brandon to receive a PDF copy of Social Media is Bullsh*t.    
It is my pleasure to introduce Omar Samra. Omar is an adventurer, founder, motivational speaker and much more. He has achieved some simply incredible feats such as:  Climbing the highest mountain in all 7 continents (including Mt.Everest) Skiing to the North & South Pole. He made the first ascent of a mountain in Antartica and named it after his family (Mount Samra) He is training to become an astronaut. And this is just the beginning.  It was fascinating hearing Omar tell his story, discuss his adventures and his future endeavours. Omar also gives some great insights on the way we should view and live life. We should strive for happiness! I urge you to check out his website: his company: his Instagram: @omarsamra Facebook: If you enjoy this interview, please do tell a friend and subscribe on iTunes. 
In the 5th episode of Incrementum, I interview Jorden Tually. Jorden is a graphic designer by trade but after graduating, he fell in love with travelling. Not just any type of travel but budget backpacking. He is on a mission to find out how he can maximise his time travelling whilst limiting the money he spends. Having spent only $15,000 and travelling for 3-years, Jorden certainly has a lot of tips. We also discuss how Jorden has used social media to create a personal brand and how it has benefited him in life. A personal brand centred around a Go pro and an orange hat sounds weird.....but it just works. Follow him on Instagram: @jordentually Youtube:
For the 11th episode of Incrementum, I interview Alex Galviz, otherwise known as Authentic Alex. Alex is a multipotentialite (explained in the podcast). She is a LinkedIn consultant that helps people and businesses to leverage the power of the professional network to grow their brands and achieve their goals. She also trains students and graduates and helps them develop their soft-skills through workshops and she is the Co-founder of the LinkedIn Local movement. LinkedIn Local is a new breed of social networking which allows people to take online connections offline. Finally, Alex was recognised as one of the 12 most influential writers in the UK on LinkedIn in 2017. An accolade she received alongside such individuals as Theo Paphitis, from Dragons Den. LinkedIn: Website:
A Personal Brand, everyone has one but what will you make of yours? Lauren Tickner has grown her personal brand to a following of over 170,000 through Instagram, YouTube and now through her podcast. Lauren and I discuss how you can find your unique voice and start establishing your brand, how you can transition from one niche to another and we also discuss the growth mindset.  You can find Lauren on Instagram at @laurentickner and through her website: Be sure to check out her podcast also, Business Meets Fitness
Daniel and I discuss everything to do with Digital Marketing, from where we see Content Marketing going in the future, to how you can use social media to develop your personal brand and create an engaged following around your business. Daniel is the Co-founder of KPS Digital Marketing, alongside his brother, Lloyd. In 2016, he was named the 12th most influential Digital Marketer on Twitter by Onalytica.  KPS Digital Marketing won Social Media Business of the Year 2016 at KITA Awards and so it is safe to say, Daniel knows his stuff. Check out his website: and follow him on Twitter:  
In this episode of Incrementum, I speak to Ollie Forsyth. Ollie is a serial entrepreneur who founded his first company in his early teenage years. His passion for entrepreneurship then grew as he started a new venture aged 16 and he is now the founder of the TBE Club, The Budding Entrepreneurs Club. The Budding Entrepreneurs Club is an application or invitation only community for the most ambitious, entrepreneurial individuals in the UK. Ollie has been recognised for his various pursuits and has been featured in Forbes, Fortune Magazine, The Huffington Post and more. He also received a prestigious award from The Times Magazine, where he was named the 3rd most influential teenager in the UK. If you are a budding entrepreneur, this is the podcast you need to listen to! Ollie's work-ethic will inspire and motivate you. Connect with him on LinkedIn:
Incrementum has introduced 15 minute, max-value episodes. This is the first 15 minute episode to air for Incrementum. In this episode, I am back speaking to Matt Voska (Silicon Valley Entrepreneur) and he shows me an interesting and relatively unheard of way to test an idea. He does this by have creating a website in less than 15 minutes and using Google Adwords to force traffic to the website. You may then analyse the results. Find out in more detail how to do this by downloading this episode! Matt Voska Twitter: LinkedIn:
We are back! The second season of Incrementum has now started.  For the 1st episode we welcome Jay Kali. Jay is a 2x published author, Iraq War veteran and established online fitness coach. His mission is to help women create a long lasting, healthy lifestyle within just 8 weeks that they can maintain for life. You seriously need to listen to this episode if you are in need of some positivity in your life. Jay has an amazing attitude and his positivity will certainly rub off on you.  Jay and I discuss his past, his ambitions, mentorship, how to generate leads for your online business and more. We also delve into a number of concepts to do with self-improvement such as the Kaizan Principle. If you would like to find out more about Jay, you can find more information here: Jay has also recommended a number of books that have influenced his life which you can find below: You too can be prosperous Boundaries The magic of thinking big Extreme Ownership The happiness advantage Psycho-cybernetics
Wes Schaeffer is a keynote speaker, author and sales coach. He is CEO of The Sales Whisperer and he is dedicated to helping small businesses develop their sales techniques and increase their sales.  In this interview, Wes gives heaps of value on how to upsell your customers, how to overcome hurdles that prevent businesses from making sales and how to disqualify prospects.  Check out Wes' website and services here:  
Episode 27 of Incrementum and for this edition I interview Stephanie Newport-Booth, the Co-founder of GoSweat. In this interview we discuss a variety of different topics such as the process of finding a suitable Co-founder for your company, transitioning from the corporate world to the life of an entrepreneur and focusing on Stephanie's passion, inspiring women to pursue their dreams and become a female founder.  According to Steph the time has never been better for women. The support available and the community provides an amazing experience for anyone delving into the world of entrepreneurship. Steph tells me that Ladies who Launch has been an incredible resource with lots of valuable insights. A great story and interesting topic. Hopefully it will inspire some of you to focus on your dreams.   
In this interview we discuss how Dillon managed to secure his dream internship at Ikonick by thinking outside the box and capturing the attention of Ikonick's Co-founders. Ikonik offers entrepreneur-inspired art and canvas prints. Gary Vaynerchuk And Scooter Braun are recent investors in the company. Dillon walks us through his master-plan - detailing how he managed to secure an internship through creative thinking and going against the status-quo.  We also discuss the Attention Economy and Platform Capitalism on this conversational episode. Dillon's Youtube: Dillon's Instagram: @dillonkay_ Enjoy!    
In this episode of Incrementum, you will learn the value of building relationships and connecting with people both online and offline. Kyle is an experienced career coach and his thoughts will dramatically change the way you consider your future job hunts. If you are struggling to land your ideal job, listen to this interview to found out Kyle's unique take on the job hunt.  You may have already seen Kyle's thoughts on LinkedIn, as he is somewhat of a LinkedIn Influencer. Kyle has also written for Forbes, Fast Company and The Muse. LinkedIn: Website:
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