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When a trip goes awry, something demonic emerges and convinces someone to make a fatal choice.. To celebrate the 50th episode(!) as well as mark the end of Season 1 of the Inner Monster Podcast, I take a look at Satan himself. I dive into both
I'm hiking through a foggy forest, when I encounter a patchwork creature that is very angry at humanity... We go literary this episode and dive into Mary Shelley's Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus, the origin for the pop culture icon of
I find myself bruised and battered, in a place altogether unfamiliar to me. And then a shocking discovery is made... This week's episode explores the Maori mythology of Matau, a giant, kidnapping, supernatural jerk and the aftermath of his murd
I'm finally on vacation, when a scuba adventure goes horribly, horribly wrong... This episode we're diving into deep underwater holes to explore the Caribbean mythological dragon-octopus creature known as the Lusca. I then explore the need for
In order to preserve any shreds of sanity I have left, I've recorded a bit of a new intro regarding why I'm taking a break from releasing a new episode this week, and also announcing my Friday the 13th art extravaganza. After the intro, dive b
I'm visiting a friend in Dublin, when I come across a woman in a green dress with bloodshot eyes, and she begins to wail... This week, we jump across the pond to the rolling green hills of Ireland and its own keening ghost, the banshee. I dive
I'm diving in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of Cambodia, when I discover something rather unexpected on the walls of a cave... This week, the Naga, the snake-people/dragons from Southeast Asia (and mortal enemy of the Garuda) makes their a
I'm swimming at the base of a waterfall, when something emerges from a cave, and something even more surprising comes from the sky.. This week, the Garuda, a giant bird-like creature from Hindu mythology swoops in and makes an appearance and in
I'm out on a scientific expedition in Greenland when I realize my research partner is missing. And then I find him... In this week's episode I bring the Inuit tale of the Disembowler to the podcast, a malevolent being that lives up to its name.
I'm in the desert of Utah on an archaeological dig, when I see someone emerge from a rocky outcropping... This week we'll look at two things from the Great Basin region of the United States, a dinosaur, and the cannibalistic monsters known as
I'm on vacation at a cabin rental when something completely unexpected flies out of the sky.. In this week's episode, I introduce the Flying Head, an evil spirit in the Iroquois and Wyandot mythology. It's a biter, and not in a good way, but it
The port's a mess, an whole fleet of government dogs are after me, and the only way out I can see is through the ritual... In this week's episode, experience a bad pirate accent as we dive into the hierarchy of Hell. I'll introduce you to the
Visiting a museum with a mummy, I notice something strange about the bandaged corpse, and then things get interesting.. This week I look at the Egyptian mummy monster myth, a true fact that's more horrific than the fiction, and the idea of what
I find myself chilling in my room in Tokyo, when a knock comes at my 7th floor window... This week I share with you the interesting story of the Nukekubi, another Japanese creature which is basically a flying vampire head. Wild! I talk about th
A swim in New Zealand takes a turn for the worst when something really, really big emerges from it's cave... This week's episode looks as Hotu-Puku, a supernatural giant lizard-like thing hailing from Maori mythology. After we talk about the my
I hear a noise in my son's bedroom, and find something very, very wrong... In this week's episode, I'll talk about the terrifying bogeyman from Portugal, El Coco (aka El Cuco and El Cucuy). This shifty creature, featured in HBO's The Outsider,
I'm on a nice hike in the English countryside, when a very upset cow decides it's angry with me... In this week's episode, we dive into the mythology behind the Dun Cow (cue how now brown cow jokes), a magical, milk-producing, rampaging beast.
I'm on the scene of a huge car crash, when something unexpected pops out of one of the cars... Today I'll introduce you to Uath Mac Imoman, a side-character in Irish mythology that has a very special power that a very well-known Arthurian story
I'm just trying to get home to eat my pizza when a garden-variety creature turns out not-so-garden-variety.. Big thanks to Greg Knox for the suggestion of doing an episode of Ratatoskr, the unicorn-like squirrel messenger hailing from Norse myt
Gather round the campfire, as I've got a story to tell that, cross my heart, is 100% true, and I barely lived to tell the tale... In this episode, I look at the fearsome critter known as the Hidebehind, which, no surprise here, hides behind thi
Someone killed my dog, and I've got a rifle and anger to deal with it. Then, I find who's to blame, and things get ugly.. In this episode, I dive into the Scottish mythology of the Nuckelavee, a terrifying horse-human hybrid from your nightmare
I'm wasted after my bachelor party, and my friend is filling up with gas when I hear something in the tree line.. I don't know why I'm drunk again in this episode's story, but today I explore a monster from the Philippines, the manananggal. It'
It's late, I'm drunk, and I'm lost in Greece when I stumble upon a stranger who looks a bit off.. This episode I explore the minotaur, the half-man, half-bull creature from Greek mythology fame. Not only do I dive into the myth and potential or
I'm out hiking in the forests of Japan, when I come across a BBQ that I don't want to be a part of.. This episode I take a peek at the stock villain from Japanese mythology, the oni. I think oni are generally misunderstood, which brings me to t
Exhausted from the concert, I drive my friends home on a deserted highway late at night when something appears in my headlights... This episode I share a true story about my run in with something mysterious, and we dive into the realm of uncert
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