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BONUS GUIDED EMPOWERING SACRED ANIMAL MEDITATION (5 MIN) Bernie Siegel | Inspiration | Relaxation | Spirituality | Self-Help

Released Thursday, 5th November 2015
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Today we have a very special, short, yet empowering and healing animal protector meditation from our guest Dr. Bernie Siegel, best selling author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles, and his latest book, Love, Animals and Miracles.

You can do this meditation any time of the day, but I Iike it best first thing in the morning, to help me set the ton for a beautiful day ahead, and help give me strength for any challenges that may come my way. It’s a beautiful reminder for the special animal inside each and every one of us.

I’m part coyote or dog myself, and I may be a squirrel too. And I definitely love to run hills like a goat, and soar like an eagle!

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To check out Dr. Bernie Siegel’s interview on Love, Animals and Miracles, or to hear more meditations by me or our guests, check out our inspire nation show, or inspirenationshow.com.

I send love, I sent light, and many, many blessings your way.

Namaste. WOOF WOOF!

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