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HOW TO GET IN SHAPE THE LOW CARB WAY! Ben Greenfield | Health | Nutrition | Self-Help

Released Saturday, 23rd January 2016
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It’s the New Year, time we’re all thinking about our health, getting back in the gym, getting in shape, or getting ready for the season ahead, and loosing a few pounds. A big question is what’s your diet going to look like in the new year?

Will be it high fat, high carbs, high fruits and veggies, or low on everything?

So today we have a special guest, one of the top fitness trainers in the world, Ben Greenfield. He’s the New York Times best-selling author of Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health, & Life, and his latest book The Low-Carbohydrate Athlete.

Today we’ll talk about fueling the low-carb way. What it looks like. Why it may work, and why you may want to try it. And then I want to talk a bit of fitness, cardio, weights, what to do, what not to do, and how exercise may be aging you.

That plus how to poop 8 pounds and win a race.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How Ben started down the fitness road on hamburgers and cheeseburgers

  2. How Ben went from training for strength to training for endurance

  3. Why strength and endurance don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand

  4. How Ben shed dozens of pounds to switch from weight-lifting to an endurance athlete

  5. How did Ben go from a high-protein low-fat approach to a high fat, low-carb approach

  6. What the dangers are of a low fat diet.

  7. What it means to be skinny/fat

  8. Why Ben’s blood glucose levels were high, even as an athlete.

  9. Why an Atkins approach isn’t the way to go.

  10. How a low-carb approach differs from Paleo.

  11. How the low-carb pproach differs from a ketogenic (ketones) diet.

  12. How his wife ended acne through dietary changes

  13. Why high protein diets aren’t the way to go.

  14. How to keep your telomeres from getting harmed by a high protein diet

  15. Why fasting helps protect your telomeres

  16. Why boat loads of greens help when you’re on a paleo-type diet.

  17. Why timing is important for controlling the blood glucose response to carbohydrates

  18. Why Ben recommends fasting 365 days a year.

  19. Are all carbs created equal?

  20. How does one transition to a low-carb diet?

  21. Why Ben favors a Terry Wahl’s protocol type-diet

  22. Why you need to have lots of greens in your diet.

  23. How do we reboot the gut?

  24. How to poop 8 pounds and win a race!

  25. Why cardio training may not be as healthy for you as you’d like.

  26. Why you should hack your environment to trick your body into moving.

  27. Why you should pick up weights that slightly intimidate you, and pick them up with good form.

Ben Greenfield, One of the Top Fitness Trainers in the World Shows You How to Cut Carbs, Burn Fat, and Get In Great Shape - Plus the Science Behind It! Diet | Nutrition | Health | Low-Carb Athlete | Ketogenic | Paleo | Terry Wahls Protocol | Self-Help

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