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HOW TO LIVE A PASSION-FILLED, PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE W/LIFE MAPPING! + Meditation! Elizabeth Murray | Career | Self-Help

Released Friday, 4th March 2016
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If you’ve ever wanted to find more purpose, meaning, or direction in your life, or to live a life in full bloom, then do we have the purposeful show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Elizabeth Murray, best know for her work tending Monet’s gardens for over 30 years and for the beautiful book Living Life in Full Bloom.

Today we’ll be talking with her about Life Mapping the process of matching your passions with your skills and talents to help you get on track and make a difference in your life, your families life, and in the world!

So today she’ll take you through the process, help you uncover your dreams, reignite your passions, and begin to see how you can get where you want to be!

That plus we’ll talk about bird feeders, binoculars, feather collections (yup, I’ve got one) and how in the world you might make bird-watching, or any other feathery habit a colorful part of your life!

Questions and Topics Include

  1. What is life-mapping?

  2. How do we live on purpose?

  3. Why working “hard” isn’t the answer

  4. What is life-mapping 101

  5. What are supplies for life-mapping?

  6. How do we discover our passions – and our talents

  7. What are the benefits of looking back at your childhood.

  8. Why you want to look at your skills and talents

  9. How you want to see how you can contribute in the world.

  10. What are some tips for introverts

  11. How to begin making a life-map

  12. What is your north star or your heart compass?

  13. Can life-mapping be done with teens or kids coming out of college?

  14. How to literally listen to our dreams to live the lives of our dreams

  15. How the Achuar in the Amazonian Jungle are a ‘dream people’

Elizabeth Murray Shares How Life Mapping Can Help You Discover Your Purpose, Focus On Your Dreams, And Build a Passion-Filled Purpose-Driven Life! Inspiration | Motivation | Spirituality | Business | Career | Health | Art | Self-Help | Inspire

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