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How to Re-Empower Your Life!!! CJ Liu | Health | Career | Inspiration | Motivation | Spirituality | Self-Help | Inspire

Released Thursday, 20th October 2016
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If you’ve ever felt disempowered or overwhelmed by the affirmations, afformations, meditations, law of attraction, journaling, chanting, automatic writing, tapping and more, when all you want to do is feel better, or head toward your dreams, then do we have the kind-and-easy self-help show for you!
Today we’ll talk about where to begin, how to start, and how to keep from getting on the self-help treadmill to nowhere, stuck chasing your cheese.
That plus we’ll talk about laying on the grass, enjoying the sun, the power of de-cluttering, little trips and dips, daily habits, and why Hawaii isn’t just a state of mind.
Empowering Self-Empowerment and Self-Help Topics Include:
  1. What anger may really mean
  2. What’s it mean to not trust the process
  3. Why you don’t want to give your power away
  4. What it means to give your power away to a medical practicioner and what Anita Moorjani has to say about it
  5. How can an inheritance be giving power away (or strings attached)
  6. What can you do to regain or retake your power
  7. What’s a prisoner mentality?
  8. What pain in the body, and in particular the back, can tell us
  9. What’s a redo or a reboot?
  10. Where do you go when you’re struggling or feel disempowered?
  11. What it means to step back and listen to the message
  12. What it means to slow down, and what it means to lay in the grass
  13. What running fast, or too fast, has to do with anything and how running can be a metaphor
  14. What’s the spiritual significance of ‘moving too fast’
  15. What we can learn from Mark Wolynn’s book, It Didn’t Start with You.
  16. What it means to have a lack of sensation in your body
  17. What affect traumas have epigenetically on you from your grandparents
  18. What uncontrollable tears can mean
  19. What we can learn about the Five Elements from Dondi Dahlin
  20. What’s the importance of getting yourself out into the sun
  21. What’s the power of the sun at sunrise and sunsets
  22. What’s the importance of SAD lamps
  23. What it means to bring the gentleness into the pace
  24. What’s the importance of self-care and spirituality of not taking things too seriously
  25. What’s the importance of decluttering
  26. What it means to change your Luna Sandals!
  27. What running with speed and flying along has to do with empowerment, spirituality, and our lives
  28. What we can learn from Joshua Becker, The More of Less
  29. Who is The Clutter Buster (Brooks Palmer)
  30. What’s the power of micro-habits
  31. What’s it mean to start with one – whether meditation, affirmation or anything else
  32. What’s a 29 day experiment and why is it important?
CJ Liu on How to Re-Empower Your Life, Take Control & Make Positive Changes! Health | Career | Fitness | Running | Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Meditation | Inspirational | Motivational | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire
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