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WHY FOUR SECONDS IS ALL YOU NEED TO MAKE SMART DECISIONS FAST! Peter Bregman | Business| Career | Spirituality | Self-Help

Released Monday, 18th January 2016
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If you ever feel like you’re being squeezed, short on time, short on attention, and short on the bandwidth you need to make smart decisions, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Peter Bregman, best-selling author 18 Minutes: Find our Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done, and his latest award-winning book Four Seconds: All the Time You Need to Stop Counter-Productive Habits and Get the Results You Want!

Today we’ll talk about stopping the clock and finding the time to make smart decisions, how to take steps forward, and how to take the time to assess the situation, without taking so long the ship goes down.

We’ll also talk about Ted Talks, Ditching the Need to be Perfect, returning iPads, when a missing Rabbi’s a good thing, why an experience is better than a performance, why it’s so important to keep from being in Sea Kayaker magazine and why getting flipped upside, pinned, and spun out in the grand-canyon can actually help you relax.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How going through the “worst” can open you up and relax you.

  2. Why it’s useful to visualize failure (as well as success!)

  3. Why life isn’t about making things perfect

    1. What the difference is between performance and experience.

  4. What the importance is of four seconds and what it means to us.

  5. The importance of hitting the pause button before and after an event.

  6. Why Warren Buffet may make all of his wealth in 2-4 decisions a year.

  7. What’s our sweet spot, and why it’s so important to find.

  8. What the importance is of our sweet spot and why we need to find it.

  9. Why it’s not necessary to try and be liked to everyone, but why we should try and have compassion for everyone.

  10. What happened with Peter’s Ted Talk.

  11. How Peter learned to ditch the idea of being perfect.

  12. Why the world doesn’t reward perfection, it rewards productivity (and why productivity is the enemy of perfection).

  13. Why the combination of confidence and humility is so important and should be cultivated.

  14. Why questioning your own assumptions can be a great thing

  15. What the difference between confidence and arrogance is.

  16. How to begin cultivating a sense of confidence in yourself.

  17. What Peter’s meditation practice is, and why it’s so important.

  18. Why even a short meditation will help you stay grounded and in a special place.

  19. What the importance of a breath is.

  20. Why the most present moment in meditation is the moment you realize you’re not being very present.

  21. What’s the importance of being present

  22. What’s the importance of knowing the outcome of what you’re going for

  23. What’s the big picture goal of Four Seconds?

  24. We are not the people we are sometimes pretending to be.

  25. How it can help us to show up more as the person we are, rather than someone we’re pretending to be.

  26. Why fighting a parking ticket may not be the answer.

  27. And why arguing never works

  28. Why listening may be the answer

  29. Why there’s so much evidence that if you’re willing to give, it comes back to you.

  30. Why you should tune into the the upcoming Bregman Leadership Podcast!

Discover How Four Seconds Is All The Time You Need to Change Habits & Get Results! Learn How to Be Present, Mindful, Intelligent & Successful, By Using Time To Your Advantage! Business | Career | Spirituality | Success | Meditation | Health | Self-Help

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