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About In an ISN/IPM exclusive, friend of the show and multiple award-winning SFF author Cat Valente returns! In her previous appearance we briefly discussed how the video game epic Mass Effect liberally borrows from Babylon 5, and so when the L
In this session of Necro­nau­tilus, our team of three Death Agent’s are de­ployed to in­ves­ti­gate a  po­ten­tial in­frac­tion of the laws of the blind god Death, as a despot­ic ruler at­tempts to ex­pand  their em­pire. Join Mis­tral, Rip, an
Content Warning This episode contains gun violence & gunshots. About Three Stories from the System This is the Blue Lady, greencast to all local, anybody in the neighborhood? It gets mighty lonely in the black. Every spacer knows that really, w
Dust Wardens is a Powered by the Apocalypse system which uses tarot cards instead of dice to determine outcomes. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where covens roam the land, bound to one another by a magic called limerence. In this story,
A collab for International Podcast Month 2021, starring Richard, Emily, Sero, Kyle, and Ariel, playing “Lobsters and Feelings” by Kreutz-Landry Games. Content Warning bullying, claustrophobia, animal death, embarrassment, cartoon violence, kidn
It’s just another day of silly office hijinks at the DMV… right? Content Warning Death, Food, Harsh Sounds (5:00-5:15), Disturbing Noises (23:50-24:05, 38:35-38:40, 1:31:20-1:31:25), Volume (23:55-24:05, 1:23:45-1:23:50, 1:27:10-1:27:15) , Body
When the world faces a subterranean threat, only 5 teens with attitude can save the day... Content Warning Violence About Tubular Teens with Titans is an episodic dramedy set in the mid 1990s about a group of teens who traverse real life dramas
An all-seeing Narrator turns the crystal ball’s gaze to Rion, an avoidant hero who’s always ready to help, who finds a little island on a big lake that seems to have a pest problem... Cast Mayor - Zoë Bujold; Spotacus - Tyson Fraleigh; Lad - Ez
A collab for International Podcast Month 2021, starring Evan Saft, Jazz Eisinger, Ryan Evans, Waffles, and Therin Stapp, playing “Gobs of Gobs” by Ethan Hudgens. Audio edited by Therin and Hazel Stapp. Transcribed by Therin Stapp. Cast This gam
For our first creator conversation, Cole sits down with RK Wilde to discuss making LBGTQIA+ content for all audiences, safety tools, and curating your online experience. Content Warning Discussions of racism Credits You can find RK Wilde on Twi
In the post-apocalypse, animals have turned the ruined husk of a cruise ship into a vacation hotspot. Hosts Natalie, Will, Elizabeth, and Mike tell four intertwining stories of gentrification, labor organizing, tourism, and environmental justic
Heroes of a foreign conflict sail homewards ready for their songs of victory to be sung when they become trapped in an island labyrinth. We follow Androula, Kallis and Thaxton as they face strife and divine favour to see who will have a dirge s
What Will Be Here is a sci-fi audio drama about living on a doomed earth and building things anyway. This 10-episode limited series launches on November 21. Find out more about the show at, and subscribe on your podcatcher
Jacq watches her interdimensional girlfriend Geneva playing “Portal.” Please note that there isn’t actually a video of this, it’s just a cute bit we did. Credits Jacq is played by Therin Stapp Geneva is played by Hazel Stapp Find more of Interf
After an unknown and unexplained event eighteen months ago, things in the forest began to change. Impossible landscapes, incomprehensible monsters—the Quarantine Zone began to spread, and it has not stopped. Hence Expedition Team Delta, hired b
The Woodland is caught in the midst of conflict and war, but a vagabond still has to get paid! Join Thic Tail, Vix, and Linden as they undertake a risky nighttime journey to smuggle goods for the Woodland Alliance. What challenges and strange a
Laura from the Library Laura Podcast talks about book recommendations, library love, and literary enthusiasm with three other members of the IPM community.  About & Credits Laura from the Library Laura Podcast talks about book recommendations,
Tess Cocchio, IPM Org Team Member, interviews Ella Watts. Ella Watts Follow Ella @GejWatts on Twitter Follow The Orphans @OrphansAudio on Twitter Find Ella's work online at: Editing Edited by Tess Cocchio @RPG_Casts on
Drinking And Screaming is a queer and feminist podcast about horror movies and cocktails. Join Char and Kelly as they dive into the slightly-dated-and-definitely-badly-marketed Jennifer’s Body (2009). This week’s horror movie discussion revolve
It has been 424 years since the Cataclysm that ended the Radiant Era. Well, it has been 424 years since anyone started counting years again, at least. In that time, humanity crawled back out of their bunkers and began to build a new world atop
Coming November 1st, 2020 For as long as people have inhabited the Philippines, there has been an evil spirit waiting just beyond the light, craving blood. This cryptid--for all its potential--has never made it far from the islands, and in many
Time passed, and as happens with some, the star and the mermaid fell in love. Content Warning Loss of senses, falling ComeOnInPod Creator and Storyteller: Shade Oyemakinwa Come On In, The Water’s Fine is a yearly fiction anthology made to celeb
Content Warning Violence The Game Beam Saber is a game about the pilots of powerful machines in a war that dominates every facet of life. They are trying to do their time and part and get out physically and mentally intact. The organizations th
Tess Cocchio, IPM Org Team Member, interviews Dania Ramos of Timestorm. Dania Ramos (Timestorm & Cocotazo Media) Follow Dania @DaniaDania on Twitter Follow Timestorm @TimestormPod on Twitter Follow Cocotazo Media @CocotazoMedia on Twitter Liste
It's a Super Hero night off at the roadside Carnival... or is it? Cast Landon Cornell (GM) Shadows of Saint Fleur Twitter Kyle Gould (Player) Tavern Tales & Tavern Tales Junior Twitter Grahame (Player) The Role Less Taken Twitter Alice (Player)
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