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Jack Clark - Grateful for Everything, Entitled to Nothing

Released Tuesday, 2nd March 2021
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My guest today is Jack Clark, head coach of the University of California Varsity Rugby team. Jack has one of the highest winning percentages not only at the collegiate level but in sports history, winning an incredible 90% of games since his start as a coach in 1984. That includes a 98 game winning streak from 1990 to 1996 and a 115 game winning streak from 2004 to 2009. In our conversation, we dive into how Jack builds high-performing teams, the shared vocabulary he creates across his organization, and his work with companies applying what he's learned on the field to operating businesses. Please enjoy this conversation with Jack Clark. 

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Show Notes
[00:03:44] - [First question] - Overview of his playing and coaching career
[00:06:02] - The importance of creating a set of values for a team
[00:07:53] - Why selflessness is such an important trait he looks for in teams
[00:09:20] - Examples of selflessness in the teams
[00:10:06] - The Winner Within: A Life Plan for Team Pla…
[00:10:24] - Lessons on gratitude and entitlement
[00:11:34] - Being a meritocracy on the team
[00:12:55] - Rewarding merit as a coach
[00:14:18] - Improving a team today, the power of the basics and fundamentals
[00:15:29] - Defining toughness for players and teams
[00:17:29] - Mark Bingham, the epitome of toughness
[00:18:33] - Why he created and how he uses a glossary
[00:22:09] - Creating a high rate of conversion in recruiting
[00:25:01] - What qualities did the teams that beat him share
[00:27:22] - Take on pride and something he is exceedingly proud of
[00:29:17] - Translating the concepts from the court into the business world
[00:32:20] - Where companies have room to improve
[00:33:16] - Changing a company culture
[00:34:21] - Coaches he has learned from 
[00:36:00] - The power of non-cognitive grit
[00:38:45] - Advice for companies creating a value set
[00:40:40] - Kindest thing anyone has done for him 
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