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A Science and Medicine podcast featuring Alix Spiegel, Hanna Rosin and Lulu Miller
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veritylistens reviewed this podcast on Oct 8th, 2018
"A general psychology podcast with substantial, hour-long episodes. Lots of interviews, lots of dipping into multiple perspectives on any given topic. It's good fun to listen to, and doesn't feel drawn-out or long-winded. "
spenring reviewed this podcast on Aug 3rd, 2018
"I could hang with these women! They know how to tell a story and seem like a lot of fun. "
Ntust8 reviewed this podcast on Mar 29th, 2018
"As of writing, the first two seasons of this podcast have been absolutely phenomenal. Possibly my favorite podcast, only rivaled by Radiolab."
ArleneAndrews reviewed this podcast on Oct 3rd, 2017
"Small changes are what make us unique--this podcast helps show how some of these changes, and the people they have happened to, have made them memorable."
Dusse reviewed this podcast on Jul 1st, 2017
"There is hard to find anything to complain about with the storytelling, but for a show about science they play very fast and loose with the actual science far too often. The best episodes are those who heavily features scientists, but because otherwise they have a tendency to tread dangerously close to pseudoscience or indeed escape the realm of science at all. The best episodes are excellent, but a lot of listerners are going to come away with a erroneous understanding of subject as it's unreasonable for people without a background in science - at times even without a background in the specific field - to be able to tell the difference."
Elissa reviewed this podcast on Jun 13th, 2017
"This is one of my favourite podcasts. Never a dull episode."
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