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Strong Roots - Guided Meditation - Muladhara Chakra

Released Saturday, 12th September 2020
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The base of vitality and inner strength.
Located at the base of the spinal column hovering above the perineal gland, just below the Kanda and the junction where Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadis meet. 

This is the Adhara Chakra, the support of your being and chakra system
The Bija Mantra - LAM 

Number of petals - four
Mantra on petals = SAM, VAM, SHAM, SHUM enscribed in gold
Lord Ganesha is the guiding deity of this chakra
The Muladhara Chakra corresponds to - Bhu Loka or Bhu Mandal, meaning the physical plane, The Earth element 
Bhuvah, Sva or Svarga, Maha, Jana, Tapa and Satsa Loka are located above this chakra
One can gain Darduri Siddhi, the power of levitation along with control over the Earth element. 
Brahma Granthi or the knot of Brahma is in this Chakra 
Feel the warm embrace of Mother Earth
You are becoming ONE with nature
Let the rhythm of the spirit of the Earthly element energise your being. Visualise your connection becoming stronger with the universal consciousness