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Surya Namaskar - Glorifying the sun

Released Sunday, 6th September 2020
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A warm welcome to how I start my day on a daily basis. The Surya Namaskar is a form of paying reverence and creating a resonance with the sun. There are many versions of this which use a range of Beej Mantras and postures. The one I have created this session of is for keeping your attention constantly on the Anahatta Chakra or Heart Chakra. The routine is usually done in multiples of 12 as there are 12 movements. I usually do 6 with the correct breathing and 6 with the 12 mantras which are all names of the sun. In the audio, I recite the names and meanings of the names. 

For me, this is a deeply spiritual practice and not an exercise. The sun teaches us the whole essence of life as it is He who is able to enlighten the whole solar system. The slower you can go and the more you open your heart chakra, the more resonance you will create with the sun. This day and age, humans are in desperate need to enhance their inner Yang or solar energy as we currently are too Yin or receiving too much. 

The Surya Namaskar will build your tolerance, strength, inner balance and much more. I pray you all feel the beauty and the ultimate force of Lord Surya Narayan. 

Love and light

Hari x