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Trivia and shouting both return to the Isle of Faces in equal measure as we return for some Sporcle Spectacular and the third iteration of an attempt to Forge the Five.   And THIS TIME, I actually got the video to work (supposedly), so if y
Here we are again, back for more sporcle fun to fill in the little break here on the Isle  (There may also be some brief exclamations over the NBA finals and the Olympics. I cannot confirm. Definitely not)   This time, there's Storm of Swords
This time round we ask and answer another ten questions for THREE WHOLE HOURS. How did we do it? With plenty of help from you fine folk. Emily and I make up our own Westerosi newspaper headlines, discuss the future of the far south, tick off a
Today I go head-to-head against ASOIAF sporcle. Using the trusty ole 'random' button, I try to beat the average score for four quizzes in a row. Finish below the average? Back to the beginning! No prisoners are taken in a Sporcle Spectacular.
Thus, the journey is complete! We return to the beginning as we head back to the Battle of Fire and a Meereen on the edge! This time it's through the eyes of everyone's favourite delusional moron: Victarion! And this time he's a moron with a pl
Emily and I are back for another 10 questions, and it's our biggest episodes yet. We've got secret plots, we've got hoped-for vengeance, the crumbling of the Wall (or not), and dead (or not) POVs!   Specifically, today's questions include: -
Back to the snow, back to the war, back to the north! Finally, after so long we return to our search for answers in the camp of Stannis Baratheon. How will his army survive? How will the battle for Winterfell continue? What was the aftermath o
Welcome back to game time! After a long ole gap from this type of episode we continue welcoming Emily to the Isle by having some fun with the gigantic quiz sight known as Sporcle! Our mission this time round?  Be given an opening sentence fro
Thunderbolts. Lightning. Very very...well you know the rest.   Actually, there's no thunderbolts or lightning in this chapter but there may as well be as we enter perhaps the darkest chapter in all ASOIAF. Down in the depths of shadow we reu
Emily and myself return for another ten questions blazing across the entire spectrum of The Winds of Winter! We've got sword names, we've got early exits, we've got the Vale, Stoneheart, and horny Tywin?? No thanks.   Specifically, today's qu
Today we come upon one of the most most wonderfully written chapters of well. As enchanting as it is chilling. As thrilling as it expansive. Finally, after far too long away, we return to Arya as she takes on her latest role. While we see he
Dorne? We don't need no stinking Dorne. Today we're going back to the Stormlands! In our second trip to Arianne land we get back to a long-forgotten kingdom, visit the Weeping Town, go caving, make contact with the Golden Company, re-meet Hald
Welcome to the 2nd century here on the Isle. Today we travel all the way back for long-awaited Dorne to chat about an even more awaited Arianne. Yes we return to southern and central Westeros to focus on one of the biggest storylines in Winds:
Well, here we are my fellow green chums. For the hundredth time, we step upon the Isle. Wowsers. But there'll have to be time for mind-blowing later. For now we kick off not only our new 100Qs series but we welcome new part-time co-host Emily
Returned from our break and ready for a new era comes this, the 99th episode of THE ISLE OF FACES. After long last, we return to our dearest Sansa. In our longest Winds preview chapter yet we are back in a Vale on the edge. Winter is held at ba
DAWN SHINES UPON OUR ISLE It is a new era on the Isle of Faces podcast. Today I expand on the big three announcements about our future. Where we are going, what we're doing, who we are doing it with. There are big, big projects in the works, a
On this, our big announcement day, we are also visiting the Winds preview chapters once more. We are sticking in Slaver's Bay for more Battle of Fire talk as Barristan Selmy first prepares for the coming battle, especially in the care of his y
The Isle of Faces is BACK! We return with a look through to the uncertain futures, the promises of plots and dramas and stories still to come, the drip feed on which we sustain ourselves as we look to the horizon. I refer of course to the pre-
Hello! Welcome back. Kinda. Before we actually get there, there's choices to be made. Where do you want the Isle of Faces to go next? What do you want covering? What do you NOT want covering? Now is the time to have your voice heard. Tune int
Well chums, we did it. Somehow, someway, we have come to the grand finale of this reread project, and what a time it's been! How do we note such an occasion? With a 5 hour podcast last week, and a 4.5 hour one this time. We're going out with a
FIVE HOURS! Five hours long! It is the biggest episode of the Isle of Faces EVER! BY MILES!! This is what the end of ADWD does to us, for today we have four of the final chapters of the books, three goodbyes to major POVS, and more big moments
The end begins in truth this week, and we welcome it with another 3-hour-plus corker for you all. Specifically, this week is Feast week as we wave goodbye to all four POVs amidst chapters full of horror, fanaticism, and cliffhangers a-plenty. F
This week, a breather. By which I mean we come in at just under three hours! The end of the Dance keeps coming as we hit double Meereen, have double returns, and one hell of a big event in the North. Today we start large as Jon Snow opens the W
How do you follow up the longest ever episode? By making the second longest ever episodes I guess! Yes it seems the end of Dance is really going to put us through our paces as the Isle has another three and a half hours of boogie time. And how
It's here! THE RECORD-BREAKER! Yes it is the longest-ever episode on the Isle of Faces with nearly FOUR HOURS of content for you to consume. And why so much chin-wagging? Because we've come to a major part of the book where we have not one but
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