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How many kids have gazed up into the sky and pondered what it’s like to be an astronaut or space traveler? How many adults, for that matter? There’s something about outer space, which we get a glimpse of through the night sky, that excites the
Our Cajun Creole heritage in south Louisiana is famous all over the world. People come here for food, music, and historic architecture they can t get anywhere else. And for those who can't get here, or who want a taste of Louisiana once they ge
In the age of Internet shopping, retail is an increasingly difficult way to make a living. When shoppers don't care if you're local and, no matter where they live, want current fashion and accessories at a fair price, how does a local business
Water is essential for life on earth and indeed water covers two-thirds of our planet. We literally cannot live with out it.  But living with it, managing it, trying to control it and make it do what we want it to do is an ever present challeng
Louisiana faces so many challenges. One in five residents lives below the federal poverty level and nearly half the population is considered  working poor. Our health outcomes are among the worst in the nation and so are our schools. How do we
Have you ever pondered the awesome power of the Internet and wondered, “How can I use this tool to come up with something that will revolutionize a certain sector of the economy?” If you were born before the internet era, like a lot of us, you
Although we live in a digital world today, most of us – both at home and at work – have too many pieces of paper still stored in file cabinets, boxes, and in piles that we have promised ourselves we’ll go through one day soon. But, as we all kn
It’s not unusual on Out to Lunch to have a guest who’s a star in their own world. Someone who’s well known and highly regarded in a particular field. It’s much less common for Stephanie to have lunch with someone who’s a real star. Someone whos
Louisiana, for all its man-made foibles and imperfections, is blessed with a lot of lush greenery, natural wildlife, and a temperate climate that allows for outdoor recreation. We also take our great outdoors for granted, and as a result, have
If you’ve been paying attention since the start of the pandemic, you might have noticed a lot more people riding bikes than usual. Indeed, with folks stuck at home, and many activities off limits during COVID-necessitated shutdowns, a lot of fo
One of the most exciting and interesting aspects of entrepreneurship is that there are so many niches, fields and areas of specialty that didn’t exist as recently as just 20 years ago but today provide opportunities for the creative and ambitio
We all lead such busy, distracted lives, and often forget to plan for those who will come after us and pick up where leave off. This is especially true in family-owned businesses, where you see things fall apart round about the third generation
The country these days seems increasingly divided into two groups: those who  look to government for all the answers and those who believe the private sector can provide the solutions. But neither is able to address the many problems facing our
The built environment and the way we design our buildings and green spaces help create our sense of place and determine our character as a community. But it’s not just as simple as putting down good plans on paper. It takes a comprehensive effo
We’ve all heard the alarming statistic: Louisiana loses a football field of coastline every 30 minutes. And we know a lot of money and resources is being put towards the problem. But, is it too late to really change the trajectory we’re on? And
Sometimes, the idea for a business comes from seeing a need and creating a product or service to fill it. Sometimes, it comes from just doing something you love because, well, you think it’s going to be fun. Although we often hear business advi
Have you checked out what happens when you Google Cure For Cancer? You get a lot of information about cancer treatment, but there's not a lot of information about who is working on an actual cure for cancer. On this edition of Out to Lunch Bato
Sometimes entrepreneurs find fame and fortune by inventing a new product or service that creates an entire new industry. Bill Gates, for example, invented the personal computer. Steve Jobs created Apple products. Elon Musk is building rockets a
It made a big splash in Baton Rouge! Just as everyone was emerging from a year-long pandemic, the Blue Zoo Aquarium opened in the Mall of Louisiana, of all places. This isn’t just any aquarium - it’s an attraction that has a fascinating back st
Daulat Shtankey is a leader of the Datta Temple, the only full-time Hindu Temple in Baton Rouge and the only temple of the Datta sect of Hinduism in all of North America, with nearly 1000 members from the entire region. This Datta Temple was f
During the COVID-19 pandemic, while many of us were working remotely through 2020 and perhaps felt like we were putting our lives on pause, ambitious entrepreneurs were plowing ahead with their hopes, dreams and business plans. In the case of S
There’s an old saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. That is certainly the case with the Beck family tree. John Beck Jr. is the president of The Assessment Company, a 25-year old firm based outside of Donaldsonville in tiny Bel
No matter how educated or open-minded you might be, we all have our own individual take on the world and to that extent we all blinders on that limit our perspective and our ability to see the reality of our world - -and beyond – for what it re
There’s a lot of focus these days on STEM professions—science, technology, engineering and math—but those who were born with an artistic or creative temperament, really have no choice but to follow their passion. How do you turn a creative spir
Over the next few years, the disaster management industry in the United States alone is expected to top $122 billion dollars, which points to a lot of problems with our climate, but also to the many opportunities that exist for companies able t
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