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On the episode we'll discuss Working On Improving Important Aspects of Our Lives. As we become an adult we will have to manage different  aspects of life, and some are more important than others. So it's important to prioritize which ones matte
On this episode we'll be discussing The Mass Shootings in America. As you know the mass shootings in this country are at a all time high, and something needs to change. We shouldn't have to constantly hear about countless of innocent people bei
In this episode we'll discuss Being a Professional Bass Guitar Player and I'm joined by very special guest Mr. Donald Soloman King.  He has been a professional bass player for 30 plus years, and he's also a member of the band called LUV DOCTORS
In this episode we'll be discussing America's Broken Healthcare System. Millions of people each day in this  country go without the proper healthcare, either because its to expensive or its not accessible to them. An that is a major problem tha
In this episode we'll be discussing The Power of Karma. Each and everyday karma has a profound impact on our lives. That impact can positive or negative it all depends on the choices we make. So it's up to us to decide if we wanna be good peopl
In this episode we'll be discussing The Harmful Effects of Drug Addiction. This is a very important and personal subject to me,  and I'm sure to millions others as well. Drug abuse is a widespread problems that's affects people and their famili
In this episode I am joined by a special guest Mr. Jamaal Spivey,  and we'll be discussing Becoming a Entrepreneur and Starting Your Own Business. He has stared a new clothing company called The WOK Collective.  During this interview we will be
In this episode we'll be discussing Getting Help to Resolve Your Childhood Issues. Sometimes as a child you have to grow up in a not so safe environment, and you have to endure negative circumstances. Which can result in childhood trauma and ca
For this episode I am joined by a special guest my cousin Jarvis Tubbs aka "Donny Brook" who is a independent artist himself. During this session i will be interviewing him about his craft of making music. We'll  be going over what's it like fo
In this episode we'll be discussing Raising Minimum Wage. For far too long the men and woman in the country have been greatly under paid. Meanwhile the companies they work for are being paid millions of dollars a year. That lopsidedness and unf
In this episode we'll be discussing Police Brutality Towards Black Americans. As a black person this subject is near and dear to my heart, so i had to speak on it. We as black people are sick and tired of being harassed, hurt, and murdered by t
In this episode we'll be discussing The Importance of Getting a Yearly Check Up. Making sure you have a good bill of health is the best thing you can do for yourself in life. By doing so you can gauge if your bodies working and functioning prop
In this episode we'll be discussing Being a Good Role Model in Your Friends and Families Lives. Theirs  great value in showing the people we love how to be a good human being. Not only in what we say but how we act towards others. We have a cho
In the episode we'll be discussing Facing Your Fears and Not Letting Them Control Your Life. I know we all have our own set of fears that we deal with in life, but their are ways to overcome and conquer them fears. In this session we'll go over
In this episode I am joined once again by my co-host my amazing sister Candace Jackson, and we'll be discussing The Importance of Always Loving Yourself. It was necessary for us to speak on this topic because we've both been through times where
For this episode we'll be discussing The Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Everyday. If you are wondering how to maintain a healthy body weight, along with improving your overall health. Then drinking Apple Cider Vinegar will help you ac
For this episode we'll be discussing the importance of Reparations for Black Americans. As a black man in america, I've come to realize over the years that this country owes its black citizens compensation. This is not just a opinion of mine, t
In this episode i am  joined by a very special co-host my lovely sister Candace Jackson, and we're discussing Dealing with Systemic Racism in America. A very important topic that impacts millions of Black People everyday, and that includes us.
In this episode we'll discuss the importance of Remaining Patient and Optimistic when dealing with life's uncertainties. Taking this approach will help ensure that you have the right mindset to succeed and conquer any  obstacle in front of you.
For this episode we'll be discussing the Harsh Affects Racism has on Our Society as a Whole. As well as going over ways we can stand up against  Racism on a major scale. This has been a problem for centuries, especially for Black people, and it
Just wanted to say thank you to all my listeners! I really appreciate you all joining me on my Podcast journey. And I truly enjoy helping  people that's the reason i started this, and hopefully I've helped you in some shape or fashion. I hope t
Sometimes eating  right and exercising can be hard in life. But with a little bit of guidance and motivation it can be made easier. So in this episode we'll be discussing ways to help you get into a routine of eating healthy, as well working ou
In this episode we'll be discussing, Staying Mentally Strong When Dealing with Adversity in Life. We all go through trial and tribulations in our lifetime,  and it's up to us to remain mentally tough through the hardships. And I know that's eas
In this episode we'll discuss The Benefits of Living a More Vegan Lifestyle. If you're looking to lose weight or improve the way you think, then you should try a mostly plant base diet. It could potentially improve your quality of life, just by
For this episode we'll be discussing The Mental Effects That Occur From Constantly Being on Social Media. In this all digital world we now live in, we have to beware of the developing dangers that comes with always being Connected. Especially w
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