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Jaffe Juice #190 - Built to Suck Q&A with Serial Marketer's David Berkowitz
 I recently sat down with David Berkowitz AKA @seriamarketer.  David has set up a Serial Marketers Slack Channel - you can request access here. I was the first of his Zoom video interviews in collaboration with the community talking about Built to Suck.  Buy the book here. If you have any questions for me and/or about the book, just call in +1 (203) 689-8661 and leave a message. I'll play your voice recording and answer your question in a dedicated episode. You can download or listen live here or of course subscribe to the podcast via iTunes etc.    
Jaffe Juice #189 - Walk, Climb, Or Fly with Leigh Durst
 Congrats to Leigh Durst on publishing her first book!!! In this episode, Leigh and I sit down and discuss SxSW, similarities between Built to Suck and Walk, Climb, Or Fly and Spirit Animals. Buy the book here. You can become a part of this show, just call in +1 (203) 689-8661 and leave a message. You can download or listen live here or of course subscribe to the podcast via iTunes etc.    
Jaffe Juice #188 - Call me, Maybe?
In this episode, I respond to David Hachez's question about employees v customer prioritization. I also discuss Delta and Diet Coke's recent "creepy" kerfuffle inviting customers to hit on their "plane crush." Ewwwww. You can become a part of this show, just call in +1 (203) 689-8661 and leave a message. You can download or listen live here or of course subscribe to the podcast via iTunes etc.    
Jaffe Juice #187 - Fyre Sale
A Rant of the Week dedicated to the now infamous Fyre Festival that is doing its rounds on Netflix and Hulu with a pretty scathing documentary. In this episode, I really focus on the Influencer Marketing component of the fiasco. This week, it was announced that Supermodel "influencers" including Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski, Elsa Hosk and Kendall Jenner are going to be subpoenaed (as well as their agencies). What role did they play in promoting this debacle? Should they have done more due diligence? Where was the disclosure? Will this destroy influencer marketing as we know it (and is that a good thing)? I'll discuss this and cross-reference a post from Jim Tobin who gave his lessons learned. Listen direct here or subscribe here.
Jaffe Juice #186 - Egghead, Egglikes and Egglogos
Been a little quiet for the past month as it was holidays and all. Plus I started another podcast (a spiritual one) and most importantly, I've been in full-on editing mode for my new book, "Built to Suck" (March, 2019) Felt inspired to do a new show this morning and keeping to the format of one discussion topic (roughly 10 minutes) and then Winners and Losers, Rant of the Week, listener comments/questions etc. In this episode, I discuss the imminent Bezos divorce and what that will mean for both Jeff Bezos and the future of Amazon. In Winners & Losers, I give the American Egg Board the +1 for @world_record_egg's successful attempt at dethroning Kylie Jenner's most liked Instagram post ever. The irony of course is that they probably don't even know about it! My loser is Mastercard for their groundbreaking new logo and what this says about them and their future. Listen direct here or subscribe here.
Jaffe Juice #185 - Marketing is Finance is Business
Occasionally I'm going to pepper in an interview or two with fellow authors, influencers, opinion leaders, subject matter experts (you get the drift) and so in this episode, I am pleased to share my conversation with a real life marketer and business leader, Chris Burggraeve. Chris was the global CMO of ABInBev when I met him and over the course of several years, we had the pleasure of working together.  He's now a consultant, VC, educator, speculator, all around entrepreneur and now...author.  He's written a book called "Marketing is Finance is Business: How CMO, CFO and CEO cocreate iconic brands with sustainable pricing power in the new Galactic Age." It's a mouthful but that's intentional. This guy knows what he's talking about. He doesn't just talk. He's walked the talk and ultimately, brings a unique perspective you're not going to see/hear every day (or any day) So give it a listen and enjoy. More importantly, you can buy the book here. There's a textbook version. A kindle version. And coming soon, the Galactic version (hardcover). Love it. Or subscribe here.
Jaffe Juice #184 - General Motors gets out the car business
I'm not joking. GM just announced they're stopping production of 6 Sedans. Ford has done something similar. In this episode of Jaffe Juice - the New Marketing Podcast, I discuss.  There's also a dual winner and loser this week as I riff (or rant) on Wunderman Thompson - the convenient or inconvenient union between Wunderman and J. Walter Thompson (JWT). You can listen direct or download here and of course subscribe here. Remember, I'm only a phone call away so if you want to be on the next show, ask a question, make a comment, agree or disagree, build or tear apart by calling +1 (203) 689-8661 This week's show brought to you by Net Cohesion and Bhive Coworking.
Jaffe Juice #183 - Black in Business
I sure hope this works! After way too much time (I don't even want to calculate), I'm trying to get the ORIGINAL Jaffe Juice - the New Marketing Podcast back up and running. No author interviews. Just me. And you. The original format will reincarnate listener favorites, including - but not limited to the following: Winners & Losers Rant of the Week Listener Comments or Questions - all you have to do is call +1 (203) 689-8661 and leave a voice message which I will play and address In this week's episode, I talk about Black Friday in advance of the big day and big weekend.  You can download or listen live Jaffe Juice #183 or of course subscribe to the podcast via iTunes etc.    
The Beagle has Landed
I am thrilled to announce the official launch of my new consultancy, the HMS Beagle. For those of you who know your history, the HMS Beagle was laid down 200 years ago and on her second voyage, carried a rather conspicuous character by the name of Charles Darwin. It was on this voyage that he formulated many of his groundbreaking theories on Evolution (not Evol8tion but Evolution) Darwin has a great saying, "it is not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent; but rather the one which is the most adaptable to change." So that's where we come in. We help our clients navigate the journey to survival...because let's face it, we're all in the survival business nowadays. From small startups to large corporations; from an unsuccessful raise to death by a thousand budget cuts. If the first journey is the one to survival and the generation of a survival plan, then the next is the journey to "thrival" - in other words a growth plan (or a return to growth plan for many larger corporations who yearn for the day where they can grow through organic customer retention and referrals as opposed to buying growth through acquiring revenue) You'll notice I said, "we" and for the first time in my entrepreneurial career, I'm not going it alone. I have an equal partner in crime - Lynn Power. Lynn was most recently CEO of JWT in New York (I interviewed there when I came to the US in 1997) and before that, President of Arnold, New York. Lynn and I share the vision that brands today have got to adopt a survival mindset if they are to have any chances of being able to "future protect" themselves (often times, from themselves!) Being able to plan upstream, anticipate future disruption and be adept at pivoting their very value proposition are all part and parcel of the survival mindset. At the top of the stack is being open to these changes. There are no sacred cows when it comes to survival! You can find out more at www.thehmsbeagle.com which has a topline overview of our service lines: Brand Modernization - are you seaworthy? Talent Design - are you equipped with a stellar crew? Business Transformation - do you have a course mapped out? For now we're launching with a series of workshops, which we call voyages. We're able to drill down with any of the three service lines or combine them in our "Maiden Voyage." So are you ready to set sail? If so....all aboard and anchors aweigh. Admiral Jaffe PS The Press Release if you want to Download Jaffe and Power launch The HMS Beagle                
Jaffe Juice #181 - Up Periscope with Jaffe and Joel
My brother-from-another-mother, Mitch Joel (a 2-time best-selling author with 6 Pixels of Separation and Ctrl-Alt-Delete, as well as a successful entrepreneur, having recently sold his agency, Twist Image to WPP) get together once a month to do a healthy debate about the state of the agency business, creativity, innovation or whatever is on our mind. We put this out on our respective podcasts (Jaffe Juice and 6 Pixels of Separation.) In this episode we discuss live and streaming (they are not the same thing), the rise of Periscope (and fall of Meerkat) and a few zings on pundits and punditry to boot. Give it a listen by downloading or listening here. Or you can subscribe to the show here.
2 episodes of Jaffe Juice - The New Marketing Podcast on Tech, Talent and Creativity
Hello strangers... How about 2 episodes of Jaffe Juice - The New Marketing Podcast for the price of Z.E.R.O.? No actually, zero. Plus you get Mirum's Mitch Joel as value add. The first episode is #179 where we discuss the Wall Street Journal article, Tech Firms Pull Talent Away From Ad Agencies.  You can listen live by left clicking or download by right clicking here The second episode is #180 where we do an armchair quarterback deconstruction, unpacking, post-mortem of Cannes 2016. And yes, there is some bitterness, jealousy, cynicism and good old fashioned ranting as well.  You can listen live by left clicking or download by right clicking here Image credit 
3 doses of Jaffe Juice: on Millennials, Visual Story Telling and Word of Mouth
I know I have been long remiss in updating the podcast. So much so that Apple has removed "Across the Sound" from iTunes (ugggh) and I'm now trying to get the feed back up and running. In the interim, you certainly can download it / listen to it via the Jaffe Juice blog and newsletter, as well as subscribing to the Jaffe Juice feed, which will give you an aggregation of blog posts, audio podcasts and Jaffe Juice TV video content. So here are the 3 most recent: Jaffe Juice #176 - Mitch Joel and I discuss Millennials Photo credit Jaffe Juice #177 - Book interview with author of The Power of Visual Storytelling, Ekaterina Walter Buy the book here Also co-authored with Jessica Gioglio Jaffe Juice #178 - Book interview with author of fizz, Ted Wright Buy the book here
Jaffe Juice #175 - Jaffe, Joel and Miriam
I recently sat down with my brother from another mother, Mitch Joel, to discuss the Super Bowl, Life after the 30-second spot, the life, death, after life and rebirth of creativity. And Miriam. @mitchjoel and @jaffejuice It's another well spent hour of my life and I suspect it will be of yours as well. So give it a listen by downloading or listening here. Or you can subscribe to the show here. PS I apologize for Mitch's singing. Really I do. Profusely. PPS Mirum is now the agency formally known as Twist Image and Six Pixels of Separation Podcast, but it's still the same Mitch we all know and love.
Jaffe Juice #174 - The Internet is NOT the Answer with Andrew Keen
Andrew Keen is mad as hell...and he's not going to take it anymore. Actually he's just a big softy with a big brain and a big heart. Either way, he's not afraid to stick out his neck and have an intelligent conversation or debate about things he cares about...deeply. And in his new book, The Internet is NOT the Answer, he doesn't pull punches when he calls out certain greedy entrepreneurs, monopolies, plutocracies (I think that's the ruling power on Pluto) and Uberocracies. GIve him a piece of your mind (if you can spare it) at @ajkeen, but only after you listened to this podcast, which you can download here. And if you'd like to subscribe to this podcast, you can do so here.
Jaffe Juice #173 - Jaffe, Joel & Jerry (Seinfeld)
Mitch and I had a great conversation debate about creativity, the legitimacy and integrity of advertising, Jerry Seinfeld's zinger filled "acceptance speech" for winning an honarary Clio (you can read the full text here) and more. Personally I think the last 5-10 minutes are particularly powerful. Follow us @jaffejuice and @mitchjoel  Listen live or download here. Subscribe to the show via iTunes here Photo credit: qz.com Related articles Jerry Seinfeld Wins A Clio, Treats It Like A Lesser Emmy Jerry Seinfeld's Clio acceptance speech deserves its own award Jerry Seinfeld's CLIO acceptance speech is devastating to the ad industry [video] SPOS #431 - Jaffe And Joel #29 (Across The Sound 29.20) Watch Jerry Seinfeld Rip Advertising Industry In Awards Ceremony
Jaffe Juice #172 - Jaffe, Joel and Sorrell AKA The 3 Amigos
Mitch and I resume our monthly "debates" to discuss the agency world, including a very frank discussion about the recent acquisition of Twist Image by WPP. Congrats my friend! @jaffejuice and @mitchjoel  Listen live or download here. Subscribe to the show via iTunes here Photo credit: Ad Age Company credit: Sprinklr (for giving me back my baby)
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