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FDF Episode 031: Fitness, Thailand, & Philosophy with JC Deen

Released Thursday, 23rd January 2014
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In Episode 31 of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I chat with Fitness Writer & Personal Trainer JC Deen.

JC is the owner of JCD Fitness in Nashville, TN – and has taken the fitness world by the horns with his top notch writing.

JC is also a fantastic Personal Trainer, coach, & nutrition consultant. You’ll understand why he is so successful after listening to this interview.

JC has been able to see past the facade of trendy diets and exercise programs – and is now leaning more and more towards helping his clients develop new habits and mental strategies to achieve fitness.

We discuss JC’s recent trip to Thailand (and why the Thai people are able to stay thin), JC’s own personal workouts, our thoughts on life, and even a bit of philosophy. This episode is sure to entertain and educate!

More specifically in this episode you’ll find out:

  • How you can develop new habits to achieve fitness success.

  • Why enjoying the moment is of utmost importance in life.

  • The books JC is reading now to help him develop lasting life changes.

  • What JC’s typcial diet consists of, and how he prefers to train.

  • How JC “get’s inside” his clients heads to help them achieve their fitness goals.

  • How to “take the plunge” and finally go after your dreams!

  • How JC got into Fitness Writing.

  • How you can balance working out and your job/business.

  • How meditation can help you tap into your minds hidden potential.

  • And much, much more.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

JC’s Site – jcdfitness.com

The Power of Habits – Charles Duhigg

Anti-Fragile – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

My New CE-Fitness Online Personal Training

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