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Jazz doesn't always have to be hard. I swear. Sometimes one specific skill set can be broken down into 3 easy steps. I recently taught my special Accelerator Program students this easy 3 step process to thicken and fatten up their arrangements
When learning new tunes, it can often be tricky to know which notes to play over chords that are unfamiliar. By finding the home key and practicing improvising over chord progressions, you can be ready to play over chords to any tune. Follow al
There are usually a handful of things in life that REALLY help you make some serious progress. This goes for almost everything in life. Golf, painting, riding a bike...literally anything. If you find the right drill or exercise you can unlock A
It can be easy to get stuck using the same tired licks or sets of voicings. Here is a new way you can approach comping and improvising by incorporating the intervals of tenths and sixths. Sterling Cozza will show you in this lesson how to pract
Action creates reaction. If motivation and inspiration naturally found us, there would be millions of Monet's, da Vinci's and Oscar Peterson's in the world. Unfortunately, to spark creativity we need to do things that ignite it! In this podcast
There are just some things in jazz that are completely random and do not have a deep theory concept attached to them... but they sound freakin' great! And you want to know them. That's exactly what this episode will teach you in regards to comp
"Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" is a jazz standard written by pianist Joe Zawinul and made famous by Cannonball Adderly's Quintet. In this tutorial, you will learn how to play the tune using authentic gospel voicings which have a variety of applications.
Learning jazz takes you on MANY different paths. Trust me. I know from experience. It's like using a GPS, sometimes maps will take you 50 miles out of your way, where as if you had taken a diffferent route, it would have taken you 5 miles. This
The word itself can be cause a lot of resistance among students. This happened to me for years. Just hearing the word...MODE...cause me to freeze up and not want to learn jazz piano. But in this podcast I'll give you a COMPLETELY different spin
This podcast lesson is based on the education I taught for my brand new Accelerator program. It breaks down the piano into 3 different registers when playing solo piano and will tell you exactly what to do and play in each of them. This informa
This podcast lesson will show you how you can use to improve your improvisation over any tune in any key using this one simple exercise. By practicing improvising over 3-6-2-5 chord progressions in this manner, you will improve how quickly and
The #1 Solo Piano Mistake Happening Right Now
No matter how much you know, making simple improvisation sound great continues to be the name of the game. If you blow 8th notes for days, it's not music. It's an exercise. Making music is about development, texture, musicality and more. Learn
If you want to sound like Bill Evans, you have treat the “classical” end of the spectrum with equal respect and time as the jazz process. When you do this, You can learn to play from the same basic framework as Bill yet sound completely individ
The last live stream I did went so well that I had to turn it into a podcast. These 3 solo piano steps are an absolute must practice in order to play solo piano well. I also talk about the critical 2 categories you should group tunes into in or
When it comes to jazz piano, there is a myriad of techniques, voicings, and approaches which one can study. This doesn't mean that not everyone can play jazz piano! In this podcast, we've boiled it down to 3 functional techniques which you can
Bud Powell was one of the kings of bebop at the piano. In this podcast you'll learn 3 easy take aways for improvisation that Bud uses that you can implement TODAY to drastically elevate the sound of your improv. This will conclude my LONG serie
What does it mean when people talk about "finding your own voice," and how are you supposed to do it? Here is one idea for you which Sterling will teach in this week's podcast. In this lesson, he'll show you how to add a daily warmup to your pr
Bud Powell was a bebop genius and in this podcast I analyze a part of his solo and explain the simple elements he's using over and over and over again. After learning these elements, I guarantee you'll have a much better understanding of how to
There comes a time for exercises and a time to transform exercises into music. But what is the process? How do we go from bebop approach note improvisation exercises to USING bebop approaches in an actual musical solo? Find out in this episode!
Learning you bebop approaches is one thing...connecting them through 2-5-1's is the next step. That's exactly what I'll be showing you in this episode as well as how to spontaneously improvise with them as well.
If you feel like your LH has been fighting you while improvising or just want to improve your LH approach, this video is for you! Follow along with these 3 easy steps to improve your left hand comping.
In this podcast lesson we will explore various 5-note combinations of pentatonic voicings as seen in the classic modal jazz tune "So What." There are many variations on how to use these chords, and by the end of this lesson you will have severa
In this podcast lesson we will explore various 5-note combinations of pentatonic voicings as seen in the classic modal jazz tune "So What." There are many variations on how to use these chords, and by the end of this lesson you will have severa
Major 7th chords are the resolution to a 2-5-1 and with that comes new bebop lines and approaches. Learn how to utilize the major 7th in your improvisation and how to start picturing your bebop line from start to finish through a 2-5-1. Enjoy!
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