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Podcast for Week Ending 6/8/18
(00:00:000- Jen tries stand up comedy! She plays audio of her routine and talks about what she learned. She also talks about why WWE will save the world.   (00:28:24)- Jen and Liv Harrison talk about how depression can lock you in a “prison of self.” They also detail plans for both of their families to share a 1-bedroom apartment in NYC.   (00:58:10)- Jen discusses Anthony Bourdain’s suicide and reminds people of faith that they are not alone if they’re experiencing depression.
Podcast for Week Ending 7/13/18
(00:00:00) - Jen tries to cancel her gym membership and gets caught in a web of lies. She also celebrates the rescue of the Thai soccer team trapped in the cave.   (00:27:46) - Fri 7/13 H1 S1 - Are you superstitious? Jen admits that she totally is, and speculates about what is at the root of that.   (00:52:17) - Wed 7/11 H1 S2 - Sarah Mackenzie joins the show to give custom book recommendations for children based on different ages and interests. (Jen was amazed at how many great recs she had!)
Podcast for Week Ending 7/20/18
(00:00:00) - Jen wants to know if this is a safe space to admit that Mr. Rogers’ show is weird. She also plays a clip that she was counseled not to play, and talks about what really matters in parenting.   (00:29:03) - Organizing expert Chappell Oats shares her step-by-step process for creating clean, organized spaces in your home. She also has a very surprising answer to the question, “Why are we afraid to let go of clutter?”
Podcast for Week Ending 3/2/18 (UPDATED)
(UPDATED - previous version had incorrect audio) (00:00)- Jen cracks up at jokes about Amazon’s Alexa device, and talks about how we can use insecurity and “imposter syndrome” to our advantage. (24:30) - Jen talks with Gin Stephens, author of “Delay, Don’t Deny” about how intermittent fasting changed her life. (1:03:41)- Dr. Jason Fung joins the show with a simple explanation of the medical benefits of fasting.
Podcast for Week Ending 9/8/17
- Jen talks about her exclusive interview with Cardinal Dolan in which he responded to Steve Bannon’s comments about immigrants. She then discusses the vile, racist hatemail that was sent to the home of football coach Kevin Sumlin.   - Jen talks about the quote that inspired her new book, One Beautiful Dream. She also discusses how, as an introvert, she’s always failing at fostering what Pope Francis calls “a culture of encounter.   - Jen has a fun, honest chat with Charlene Sumlin, wife of Texas A&M Aggies head football coach Kevin Sumlin, about keeping your sanity when a spouse has a high-pressure job.
Podcast for Week Ending 11/10/17
Jen talks about why she likes a social media movement to share the details of your day. She also discusses a unique medical clinic that serves women.   Jen has an amazing chat with Christian hiphop artist and battle rapper Th3 Saga about overcoming fear in battle rapping, and in life. She also expresses her awe at the fact that he publicly lists his number so fans can text or call him.
Podcast for Week Ending 12/8/17
Jen laughs at her St. Nicholas Day failure. She also had her team create a special commercial for Amazon Key, the service that lets delivery people walk right into your house. An adult film star recently took her own life and Jen is furious about the circumstances that led up to it. Some people feel overwhelmed by having to go to Mass twice in two days for Christmas this year…and Jen thinks that’s just fine.
Podcast for Week Ending 4/20/18
(00:00:00)- Jen talks about Joanna Gaines’ 40th birthday and her pregnancy. She also warns against environmentalism that has anti-human sentiment.   (00:24:55)- Jen and Liv Harrison hang out with callers and talk about songs that put us in great moods.   (00:59:46)- Tommy Tighe joins the show for the “Is it a Christian song?” segment, which completely unravels - in the best possible way.
Podcast for Week Ending 12/1/17
Jen apologizes for a Twitter post you can’t un-see and reviews some of her many Advent and Christmas fails.   Olivia Harrison stops by the show. In her usual, hilarious style, she opens up about the struggles she’s faced in her marriage and shocks Jen with her extrovert ideas about how to have a good time.   Listeners call in and offer their top tips for simple but meaningful ways to observe Advent.
Podcast for Week Ending 1/19/18
Taylor Schroll sings “Unpublished Worship Songs,” songs he wrote about Bible verses that never have hymns written about them.   A pornography site says they’re all about the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. and puts his face next to their logo. Jen has thoughts.   Jen’s callers share their favorite breakup songs - as motivation to “break up” with bad habits.
Brandon Vogt on Reaching Out to Atheists
Jennifer Fulwiler chats with Brandon Vogt, content Director for Fr. Robert Barron's Word on Fire Ministries, about how to reach out to friends or loved ones who don't believe in God. Brandon speaks with humor and compassion, and draws upon his experience dialoguing with hundreds of atheists, to talk about what works - and what doesn't - when it comes to explaining faith to nonbelievers.
Jen's Opening Monologue for 11/06
Jennifer Fulwiler expresses shock at how many "pro woman" organizations in the secular world know so little about women's bodies. Then she talks about the need she sees for Catholic women to get together simply to have fun (as she plays a clip of a homeschooling mother rapping to Flo Rida).
Podcast for Week Ending 4/12/19
(00:00:00) - Chrissy Metz from This Is Us stops by the show to talk to Jen about staying positive and the power of surrender.   (00:24:41)- Jen’s city is voted the best city in America and she wonders if they know about the scorpions.   (00:40:38)- Jen is deeply moved by Billy Ray Cyrus helping Lil Nas X.
Podcast for Week Ending 2/1/19
(00:00:00) - Jen is freaking out because she didn’t get a 5-star Uber passenger rating. An Uber driver unexpectedly calls in, and she talks about letting go of numbers when we value ourselves.   (00:19:53)- Ariana Grande got a tattoo that doesn’t mean what she thought it meant, and Jen reads the best text she’s ever received.   (00:32:11)- Leticia Ochoa Adams admits that she herself has a typo in one of her tattoos. She also has one that’s a Japanese character and she doesn’t know for sure that it means what she thinks it means.
Podcast for Week Ending 12/7/18
(00:00:00) - Jen highlights songs that show that people in our culture are crushingly lonely. But first she takes 15 minutes to go off on modern sexual morality so skip that part if you want to get to the songs.   (00:37:21) - Jen plays some of the funniest bits that have aired on the show in 2018.   (00:47:49) - Jen does her annual rant about the “Christmastime in Africa” song, the segment that generates more hatemail than anything else she does all year!
Podcast for Week Ending 11/30/18
(00:00:00) - Jen is enchanted with explorer Colin O’Brady’s current trek across Antarctica, and cracks up at the encouraging comments that his friends Lewis Howes and Jesse Itzler are leaving for him on Instagram.   (00:32:43)- Fri 11/30 H1 S3 - Jen and Joe have created fake IDs to get their kids a student discount at the symphony and now risk getting kicked out.   (00:44:35)- Thurs 11/29 H1 S1 - Callers call in with “Christmas Songs We Hate” and it’s one of the most popular call segments ever.
Jen talks relativism, driving your kids away from the Church, and Moschino Barbie
This week Jen covers... - Breaking Bad goes to the Smithsonian - Leticia Adams talks about how to drive your kids away from the Church - Moschino Barbie commercial and whether or not gender preferences are real
Jen Decorates with the Kids and Talks Marijuana in Halloween Candy
This week Jen discusses - Why she's not worried about the warning that people are putting marijuana in Halloween candy - What it sounded like when she decorated for Halloween with the six kids - The great speeches of history, translated to "woman in a meeting" speak   - Examples of how being Catholic has surrounded her with life and community    
What Harambe (the dead gorilla) teaches us about our culture
This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler show: - Experts say that kids playing video games ruin social skills. Jen has thoughts. - Jen talks about how using Natural Family Planning helped her resolve other health issues. - Harambe (the gorilla) became a meme. Jen finds a song related to it (that she wishes she could play over and over and over again) and gives her theory about why this meme took off and what it says about our culture.  - Kelly Mantoan discusses how we can have a strong, joyful faith, even when bad things happen to our children.
Jen has questions - lots of questions! - about the new sperm donor app
This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show: - Jen is deeply moved by a Radiohead fan's selflessness when he finally met the band - Jen shares her thoughts on the transgender child on Modern Family - Her daughter, Lucy, talks about the possibility of not getting into the choir - There's a new sperm donor app that's like Tinder, and Jen asks: "Why isn't Tinder considered a sperm donor app?" - Jen has another fun and lively conversation with show favorite Leticia Adams  
Jen gives up her baby furniture, ends up sobbing in the street
 This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show: - Hallie Lord talks about the revolutionary new diet that she and Jen are doing! - Jen gives up baby furniture and ends up sobbing on her curb - An Irish travel blogger couple have their plans entirely derailed by a flat tire, and Jen thinks about what we can learn from that situation about trusting God - Jen is delighted by a guy who volunteers to tell jokes to people standing in line at a food pantry
Jen talks women avoiding alcohol, the case for Jesus, and more!
This week Jennifer talks: - Catholic Groundhog Day (the Pope saw his shadow!) - "The Case for Jesus," an amazing new book by Dr. Brant Pitre - Cindy Crawford turning 50 and why women shouldn't worry about being hot - CDC's suggestion that women should use contraception if they're drinking alcohol
Podcast for week ending 2/16/2017
This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show: - John Paul II’s letter to artists and Playboy’s decision to bring back nudes - Jen talks with “The 10-Minute Novelist” about following your dreams in 10-minute increments - Jen talks about how she's getting headshots done for the back of her book. - Adele wins a Grammy for Album of the Year. She thanks Beyonce who was also up for the award for making good music. She shared the spotlight. 
Podcast for the week ending 2/24/2017
This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show: - Jennifer wonders if she sins in the realm of vanity. There's a difference from feeling good about yourself and overdoing it. - App used for Natural Family Planning. People complain about it and says it's encouraging young women to not protect yourself. - Jen talks with Shawn Smucker about the beautiful, moving #RideshareConfessional stories he encounters when he drives for Uber - Jen talks about pain and suffering in the world. She thinks this is a part of life. When we have suffering we shouldn't be able to end it because of discomfort.
Podcast for the Week Ending 4/14/17
This week on The Jennifer Fulwiler Show: - Jen chats with IF Gathering founder Jennie Allen about how we can take our lives to the next level by doing crazy things for God.
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