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Trust me, you'll get it...eventually. TODAY ON THE SHOW: We want to know the weirdest thing YOU'VE seen at a funeral! TV TALK! 2nd DATE UPDATE! Your "Ted Lasso" moments! REMEMBER THE TIME, JJR DRUNK DIALS and so much more!!
Garrett met Amber on Tinder. They went back and forth for about three weeks until they finally went out. He thought it went great and even went for a kiss at the end! I mean, she didn't kiss back, but details...right??? Now, she's ghosting him
Yes, Johnjay is back in the studio...but that isn't who we're talking about. SUZETTE HAD HER BABY! Achilles is here and we're talking to Mr. Baby about all the details!TODAY ON THE SHOW: First world problems! Rich's best flub EVER! MISSED CONNE
Dude.... we had something else planned today, but stuff happened and this was an EMERGENCY. Dana met a guy this weekend at the iHeart Radio Music Festival and she thought they really hit it off! They hung out like all day on Saturday. Then, aft
Throw 'em a bone, you guys! Ha...haha...ha. TODAY ON THE SHOW: It's day two of Johnjay's quarantine! Is he getting used to it??? FORGIVE ME FRIDAY! We check in with Mr. Baby and play him some audio that's WILD! Grant hosts 4 SECOND RULE and sO
Shauna wants to apologize to her friend, Kirsten. They've been friends for five years, but Kirsten's 21st birthday is this weekend and Shauna has some news that may ruin it... So, we're going to see if Kirsten will forgive Shauna on our show!
Johnjay came in contact with someone with COVID. So, he did his portion of the show from home today! AND, guess what!? Nothing (really) screwed up! TODAY ON THE SHOW: Listener, Ronnie, wants to be a consultant! WAR of the ROSES! Rich's text mes
Kate and Vic are married. Kate's car broke down, so she had to use Vic's. She went to pick up her best friend, Alexis, and something weird happened. Alexis' Bluetooth automatically connected to the car's stereo... Now, Kate is thinking there's
Daddy gotta eat, son! Bring on that sweet-meat-heat! TODAY ON THE SHOW: Day THREE of BABY WATCH with Mr. Baby! COLLEGE CONFESSIONS! Kyle thinks she didn't leave a great first impression! We want to know how YOUR family embarrassed you! Plus, DR
Maggie is on the swim team at her college. She's friends and teammates with Rachel. She has something really tough she needs to tell Rachel about. She didn't know how to do it, so she asked for our help!
Dustin posted something on Facebook that he thought was innocent enough... (SPOILER: It wasn't.) TODAY ON THE SHOW: Payton got her Tarot Cards read! Kyle got her hair done! 2nd DATE UPDATE! More of your JJR DRUNK DIALS! Grant has ADD TRIVIA! PL
Tiana went on a date with Kendrick. She said it was great! FANTASTIC even! They were texting before and after the date and things were all pointing to a second date! Then, if you're judging by the name of this bit, it didn't happen. He's ghosti
Our precious Suzy is officially on maternity leave, but the show must go on! TODAY ON THE SHOW: Why is Payton SHOOK??? BREAKING BAD NEWS! Why Grant was MIA last week! A juicy DIRTY LITTLE SECRET! Johnjay discovers his own restaurant's menu! We
Nyla has bad news for her twin sister, Nadia. They're freshman in college and she thinks this could really change their relationship. Since it's easier to break bad news with other people, she asked if we could help. Of course, we obliged!
Listen, I have to be real with you. There really is no other excuse. TODAY ON THE SHOW: It's Suzette's last day before she goes on maternity leave and we have things planned! Baby games! Mr. Baby! Baby massage! Adult things, too! FORGIVE ME FRI
Clare and Presley were best friends. They haven't spoke in five years. Why? Clare did something TERRIBLE to Presley while they were in high school and, now, she wants to apologize. Will Clare earn forgiveness?!? Will Presley punch her through t
No judgment. Just an observation. TODAY ON THE SHOW: Johnjay's son pulls one on him! WAR of the ROSES! Suzette Googled WHAT?!? Our pal, Trevor, calls in with a suggestion for the show! Payton hosts CATEGORIES and SOmuchMORE!!
Jess and Desmond are boyfriend-girlfriend. They've been together for a long time. He's cheated before. Recently, he's been acting pretty suspect. Getting ALL kinds of calls and texts from unknown numbers. He says it's spam...she's not so sure.
I know that's a random sentence, but it'll make sense about 56 minutes in. TODAY ON THE SHOW: What's the best way to prepare placenta? HUMPDAY DUMPDAY! We want YOUR weird food combinations! Rich's new game, NAME THAT BABY! Suzette tells us sign
Leia and Eddie had been together for a year and a half. All of a sudden, out of the blue, Eddie texted her and broke up with her. He said he couldn't believe he'd wasted so much time on her and called her A not nice name. Anyway, sh
The game has changed and you haven't even started playing. TODAY ON THE SHOW: Kyle's gift to Johnjay was his favorite ever, but what was it?? 2nd DATE UPDATE! The baby countdown is ON! A new set of JJR DRUNK DIALS and so.much.more!!
Harvey and Ciara were hooked up by some mutual friends. Pretty simple date. They went to a nice restaurant and now? She's not responding. Let's find out why!
Hubba hubba. He's lookin' to get somebody pregnant! TODAY ON THE SHOW: We have some DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS that are going to blow you away! An ***EMERGENCY*** BREAKING BAD NEWS! Grant has (more) issues at his apartment! Rich has REMEMBER THE TIME
Liz and Jackie used to call our show all the time for horoscopes. They work together, they're best friends...but now, their relationship could change. Liz has some bad news she's got to break to Jackie and she wants to use our show to do it!
Especially if there's more than one. TODAY ON THE SHOW: Suzette's due date is later this month! So, we're doing a BABY BRACKET for baby boy's arrival date! WAR of the ROSES! Kyle hosts CELEBRITY WHO SAID THAT?!? We want YOUR random cravings tha
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